Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/20/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/20/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Lucas, Sami, Kate, Belle, Shawn, Hope, Bo, Marlena, John, Father Jansen, Mimi, Rex, Philip, Bonnie, Mickey, Will

The future Alice’s country bar:

Bonnie talks to her reflection in her flask about the denial of her liquor license. Bonnie says that Rex hasn’t helped her yet. Rex shows up and says Alice’s will have a liquor license.

The loft:

Philip shows up at Mimi’s door. Mimi says it looks like the end of Belle and Shawn’s relationship.

Lucas and Sami’s building:

Kate looks at the article in the Intruder. Kate says that Lucas needs to use the situation to get full custody of Will. Kate says that Sami might be as crazy as Marlena. She thinks Sami could even kill Lucas and Will. Lucas says that nothing has been proven about Marlena. Lucas says that Sami is not capable of killing anyone. Kate says that she thought the same thing about Marlena. Kate says that it will soon and refuses to let Marlena take Lucas and Will down too.

Sami’s apartment:

Sami continues drinking and says she’s already lost so many people in her family. Sami worries about losing her mother. Sami begins to wonder if Will’s friends are right about her being crazy.

Hospital chapel:

Father Jansen holds the cross to Marlena’s forehead and Marlena gasps and pulls back. She freezes in place. Bo wonders what is going on. Hope is beginning to think that Marlena really could be possessed again. A cold wind blows through the room and extinguishes the candles. Marlena rattles her handcuffs and begins mumbling. John asks Father Jansen if the evil has returned to Salem. Father Jansen says that it is too soon to tell, but they both ask for help from God if it has.

Lucas says that he won’t kick Sami when she’s down. Lucas says that he and Kate need to help Sami though it. Lucas reminds Kate of her promise to Roman to take care of Sami.

John tells Father Jansen that they need to proceed. Father Jansen says the others should leave, but they all refuse. Father Jansen continues chanting and Marlena continues shaking. John tries to go to her. Father Jansen continues telling John to stay back. Marlena stops shaking and closes her eyes in a trance-like state. John asks for Marlena and Father Jansen hold him back again. This time Marlena opens her eyes and they are the Devil eyes.

Rex says to Bonnie that there are ways around the law. Rex tells Bonnie to appoint someone else as CEO without a criminal past and then she could get a liquor license. Rex says Mickey would be a good choice. Bonnie says yes, but then she’d have to tell him about her past. A mailman comes with a letter for Mickey and Bonnie signs for it. Bonnie looks for some money to give the deliveryman. She says all she has is a twenty and asks Rex to cover for her. Rex gives the man a dollar. Bonnie opens the letter and it is from Mr. Morse about Bonnie’s denied request for a liquor license.

Mimi and Philip talk about Shawn and Belle’s problems. Philip thinks that Shawn blaming Belle for one lie is ridiculous. Mimi asks Philip to help her get Shawn and Belle back together.

Kate says that it has been impossible to keep her promise to Roman. Lucas says that Roman would not have made her promise if it weren’t important. Lucas tells Kate to help out for Roman’s sake. Lucas knocks on the door. Sami tells him to go away. Lucas refuses to go until she opens the door. Sami lets him in. Sami gets a soda can out of the trash can and pours her drink into it. Sami asks why Kate is there. Sami accuses Kate again. Lucas tries to take Sami’s drink away from her. Sami and Lucas fight. Will walks in

MarDevil calls out to Belle for help. Belle runs over to Marlena and promises to protect her. Bo and Hope point their guns at Marlena. Father Jansen continues chanting. MarDevil says she’s going back to hell and taking Belle with her. She grabs Belle by the throat. Shawn wants to help but John holds him back. John begins talking to Marlena and saying that it is not like her, that she would never hurt their daughter. Father Jansen finishes the ritual and places the cross on MarDevil’s forehead and she goes back into a trance.

Bonnie starts to tamper with the letter. Rex points out that mail tampering is a felony. Bonnie says that Rex would make a good CEO. Rex says he learned not to do business with family. Bonnie says that they are not family yet. Rex says that if Bonnie is honest with Mickey he’ll love her even more. Mickey walks in and asks what they are talking about.

Mimi asks again for Philip’s help. Philip decides that they should not meddle in their relationship. Mimi says if they don’t help then Shawn and Belle will make a big mistake. Philip looks at Belle’s picture. Philip reluctantly agrees to help Mimi. They shake on it. Mimi leaves to go work on Shawn. After Mimi leaves, Philip says that some deals are meant to be broken.

Kate pulls Sami off. Will continues to yell at everyone to stop fighting. Sami yells at everyone to leave her alone. Sami runs out of the room. Will runs after her. Will accuses Lucas of drinking. Kate explains that Sami was the one drinking. Lucas just explains that Sami is going through a tough time. Lucas sends Will to Grandpa Shawn’s. Kate takes Will there. Lucas says he’s going to take care of Sami. Lucas calmly asks to talk with Sami. Sami opens the door.

Father Jansen called an evil force into Marlena’s body. He said that if she really was possessed then it would have battled the evil force already inside her. John says that could have killed her. Father Jansen concludes that Marlena is, nor was, possessed.

Bo says this means Marlena is guilty. John tells Marlena she is not possessed. He wants to take her back to her room. Bo says that if Marlena was strong enough to go through that then she could handle going to jail. John and Hope ask Bo to show a little mercy. Bo says that Marlena did not show any mercy killing her victims, so why should they. He begins reading her rights and her crimes. Belle runs out of the room.

Mickey says he just came back to chat. Bonnie gets rid of Rex. Mickey says that Bonnie has everything under control. The two of them sit down. Bonnie shows Mickey Mr. Morse’s letter. Mickey asks Bonnie what she did in her past. Bonnie says that when she first started out she didn’t have any money and had to steal food for her kids. Mickey agrees to help Bonnie out by putting his name on the license.

Shawn arrives at Belle and Mimi’s. Shawn says that Marlena has been arrested. Shawn just wants to know if Belle is all right. Mimi says this is not the time for him to turn his back on Belle because Belle must be a wreck right now.

The roof of the loft:

Belle looks at all the initials carved into the door. Belle finds a radio. She wonders why it is there. She turns it on and listens to music.

Shawn says that he just needs time to himself. Shawn hears the music that Belle turned on. Shawn goes off to follow the music.

Mimi says Philip did a good job.

Someone comes up behind Belle and it is not Shawn, but Philip.

Bonnie and Mickey share a kiss. Bonnie apologizes for getting so excited. Bonnie says she just wants Mickey and his mother to be proud. Bonnie says that opening a place like this has always been her dream. Bonnie asks Mickey for a dance. They dance away.

Outside the bar:

Rex gets a call from Mimi. Rex asks how everything went. Mimi says it looks like it’s working out.

Shawn finds Philip and Belle hugging and runs off angrily.

Lucas says that he cares about Sami. Sami accuses Lucas of just trying to get custody of Will. Sami says he might as well do it so her life can be completely ruined. Sami tries to take her liquor bottle back from Lucas, who refuses to give it to her. Sami and Lucas fight. Lucas slaps Sami at exactly the same moment that the police barge through the door. Apparently the neighbors had called about a domestic disturbance and they hold Lucas under arrest.

At the police station:

John asks for a moment alone with Marlena. Bo says he has to make it quick. Marlena hugs John and says she’s scared. John says he will try everything to prove her innocence. Marlena asks what will happen if she is not. Bo says that time is up and takes Marlena off to jail.


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