Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/19/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/19/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Lucas, Sami, Kate, Belle, Shawn, Bonnie, Julie, Mickey, Celeste, Hope, Bo, Marlena, John, Father Jansen

Lucas and Sami’s building:

Kate asks why Lucas was not at the funeral. Lucas says that Sami was sick. Kate calls Sami spoiled and bratty. Lucas is taking care of Sami and that is why Lucas wasn’t at the funeral. Kate does not approve. Kate thinks it was all a trick by Sami. Lucas walks in and Sami is on the floor. Kate does not care and would be happy if Sami was dead.

Outside the church:

Belle worries she’ll lose Shawn forever if he leaves Salem.

The country bar:

Julie is having second thoughts about coming. Mickey says that Bonnie has prepared a very nice lunch for everyone. Mickey wants Julie to join them. Julie and Mickey walk inside. Bonnie apologizes for missing the funeral. Celeste also walks in. Bonnie notices Celeste looks freaked. Celeste says the spirits are restless.

Outside Alice’s Country Bar:

Hope wants to get back to the station. Bo says he wants to avenge the deaths of Hope’s family. Bo wants to find out why Marlena is the killer.

Marlena’s hospital room:

Marlena asks John how to prove she’s innocent. John points out that Marlena cannot remember her killing. He says that it might be because she is possessed again.

Hope hates what is happening to Belle and Shawn. Bo takes Shawn’s side.

Belle asks where Shawn will go. Shawn says he doesn’t know. Shawn says that he needs time away from Salem. He says that his Dad did the same thing at his age. Belle asks Shawn to stay.

Marlena cannot believe what she’s hearing. John says Marlena cannot remember the times she was possessed. She did things when she was possessed that no one thought she could do. Marlena then has flashbacks of when she was possessed! She remembers getting John to make love to her. There is another vision of her in a black hood, but it was back when she was possessed. She says that can’t be what it is. John says that in order to find out there is a possibility that she could die.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas gets Sami her teddy bear and sets her on the couch. Sami is sick. Kate is upset that Sami is not dead. Kate cannot believe that Lucas missed his grandmother’s funeral for this. Kate says that since Sami is feeling faint and her stomach hurts Lucas must have gotten Sami pregnant. Lucas denies it and says it is ridiculous. Kate points out that Lucas did get Sami pregnant before. Sami remembers back to their time in the cave on the camping trip. Kate says that this could be the biggest mistake of his life. Lucas says that when he came over Sami was a wreck. Sami had been reading the newspaper headlines. Sami cried on Lucas’ shoulder. Sami accuses Kate of working with

Marlena denies being possessed again. She has flashbacks to levitating over her bed and being very cold. John says that she denied being possessed the last time too. John says that their love saved her. He promises to do whatever it takes. There is another flashback of John putting the cross on Marlena’s skin and MarDevil at John’s throat. It’s the flashback of MarDevil fighting John in the hospital and John asking for Marlena’s release.

Marlena worries that she might be possessed again. She says she would never be able to live with herself if she killed all those people. She starts crying and John comforts her. She says that she is scared. John promises that he’ll do whatever it takes and stand by her to the end. John tells her to get some rest. He puts her to bed and then leaves her alone. Marlena asks God to please not let it happen again.

Celeste tells Bonnie that it is serious. Celeste says that Alice predicted the death of another loved one.

Belle asks Shawn to remember the night on the hospital roof looking at the stars. Belle asks Shawn not to give up on them. Shawn says that it is not her fault, but his.

Mickey says that the food looks great. Bonnie hands out plates. Julie tastes the food. It is really spicy and she asks for water.

Bo says that Hope cannot protect Sawn anymore.

Belle says that she doesn’t understand how it is Shawn’s fault. Shawn says he failed Alice by letting something bad happen to her.

Sami points out that Kate already tried to frame her for Franco’s murder. Lucas points out that Sami has already freaked out. There is a flashback to when Sami pushes a reporter out her door. The reporter was asking if Sami would like to give some advice about going to death row since it seems that is where Marlena is going. Kate says she already heard about that episode in the Salem Intruder.

John returns to Marlena’s room with some soup. (Marlena as the Devil is from here on referred to as “MarDevil”) MarDevil spits pea soup all over John. Then she uses lasers from her eyes to burn through the handcuffs. John is shocked. MarDevil flies across the room and starts choking John!!

Belle and Shawn arrive at the country bar and see the news sign. Belle says that she doesn’t want to make Shawn’s day any harder. Shawn asks Belle if she understands why he needs to leave. Belle asks if Hope knows.

Bonnie says the food is a little spicy for city folk. They are all introduced to the chef. Belle talks with Hope. Belle says she doesn’t want Shawn to leave either. Belle apologizes again.

MarDevil is hovering about John on the floor laughing as she slowly morphs into some sort of demon thing. Marlena wakes up. It was all Marlena’s dream. John wakes her up with soup again. He asks to feed it to her. Marlena asks if it is split pea soup. John says it’s chicken noodle and asks if she’d rather have split pea. She says she has lost her appetite. Marlena asks what they will do if she’s possessed again. John says they will get through it together.

Sami looks at the article and then tells everyone to leave her alone. She runs into her room. Kate says that Lucas needs to leave Sami. Lucas refuses. Kate says that this is the perfect time for Lucas to get full custody of Will.

Lucas says that he will not take advantage of Sami’s situation to get custody of Will. Kate says that Sami is having a breakdown and she has been for years. Lucas says that Sami is just having a bad day. Kate says that Sami and Lucas are on the verge of having sex and that this relationship is not good for Lucas. Kate wants Lucas to get Sami out of his life. Sami overhears the conversation.

John says that possession would explain everything. Marlena says that it would be too hard for people to forgive her. She says that killing people in “her evil phase” is not a very good excuse. John says they must rely on their faith in God. John asks Marlena if she is willing to risk her life to find out if she’s possessed.

Celeste tastes the food and it is too spicy for her too. Bo gets a call about Marlena who is being moved. Bo asks why and then departs for the hospital.

Julie asks why John moved Marlena out of her hospital room. Bonnie says that John will probably be ok. Celeste says that if Marlena is possessed again then no one is safe. John brings Marlena to the chapel. Marlena asks if the Father took it all seriously. John said he took it very seriously. Bo bursts through the door with Hope behind him. Bo says that there were strict orders not to remove Marlena from her room because she is under arrest.

Outside the hospital chapel:

Belle is afraid it’s all happening again. She says she’s scared and Shawn hugs her.

Bo says that this could all be a trick by Marlena to prove she’s innocent. Bo says Marlena could just fake it. John says that they will be able to tell. Father Jansen says that the Lord will be able to tell too. Father Jansen asks Marlena how she is. Marlena says she’s nervous and asks if it could be possible. Father Jansen says that since she’s been possessed before her soul is vulnerable.

Sami asks how Lucas could take away from her. Kate says that Will would be much better off without Sami in his life. Kate says that Sami has no values that she could possible teach Will since Sami even lied about Will’s parentage. Lucas takes Sami’s side and points out that Kate has had kids taken away from her too. Sami says she could not live without Will since he is all the family that she has left. Sami pushes both Kate and Lucas out of her apartment and opens a bottle of liquor to drown her sorrows.

Kate warns that Sami will take Lucas down with her. Kate points out that Sami did it to Austin and Brandon too. Sami asks what she has to live for and continues drinking.

Celeste says that if Marlena has been taken over by evil it could explain the mixed messages. Bonnie asks if Celeste means that the Devil made Marlena do it. Celeste says that yes, Marlena could very well be an innocent victim.

John says that Belle should not be there. Bo says it could all be a set up and that even if she is possessed she is still guilty. Belle hugs Marlena. Marlena says they should get it over with. Father Jansen chants in Latin and then holds a cross to Marlena’s forehead and Marlena gasps shockingly!


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