Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/16/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/16/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Bonnie, Rex, Patrick, Mimi, Mickey, Julie, Celeste, Hope, Bo, John, Marlena, Nicole, Brady, Jan, Jennifer, Patrick, the mysterious man,

The future country bar:

Bonnie has some drinks with Rex. Bonnie enlists Rex’s help to get her liquor license. Rex says the Lockharts are lucky to have Bonnie in their family. Rex is going to help her. Bonnie is getting drunk and laughing a lot.

Mimi asks Patrick if he likes Jennifer. Mimi sees Bonnie talking with Rex and says it can’t be good.

Patrick leaves and has a flashback of the strange man telling him he needs to do what he came to Salem to do.

The cemetery:

Jennifer places some flowers at Jack’s grave. Jennifer is at Jack’s grave and asking for help. She asks Jack to keep the baby safe.

NBC news update

St. Luke’s:

Bo says to Hope that he will nail Marlena as the serial killer. Julie runs up to Bo panicked saying that the serial killer has struck again. They all follow Julie and find Celeste collapsed on the floor. Bo cannot find her pulse.

Rex says there is a way to get the license. Bonnie calls Rex a genius. Bonnie apologizes to Rex for giving him a hard time about Mimi. Mimi comes over and asks Rex if he found his watch yet. Rex goes to look in the kitchen.

Celeste wakes up. Bo asks if someone attacked her. They ask her what happened. Celeste says it was Alice. Belle walks by and asks what happened to Celeste. Hope sends Belle for a glass of water.

Outside the church:

Brady and Nicole are outside the church. Brady says he isn’t ready to leave yet.

Marlena appreciates John believing in her. John says he’s not ready to give up on Marlena.

Belle returns with the water and wonders where Shawn is.

Shawn is outside talking with Jan. Jan says that Alice would want him happy. Jan says that Shawn cannot leave Salem

Jennifer is at Jack’s grave crying and someone comes up behind her. It’s just Patrick. He asks how Jennifer and the baby are doing. Jennifer says the baby just kicked.

Mimi asks what is up with her mother. Mimi wonders why Bonnie changed her mind about Rex. Bonnie says that Rex has potential. Mimi thinks that Bonnie is just using Rex to get rich. Mimi wants her mother out of her life.

Patrick says he is sorry for scaring Jennifer.

Jan says that Shawn shouldn’t leave because he’s needed in Salem. Shawn says he has to go.

Celeste says that Alice was standing right next to her and she had news. Celeste says that the killings won’t stop.

Nicole wants to leave. Brady makes her stay since she’s his ride home and he wants to pay his respects. He also wants to know how Marlena got out of the hospital. Nicole didn’t even know Marlena was awake. Brady asks John why he and Marlena are there. John says that Marlena wanted to pay her respects to the Hortons. Nicole says that she and Brady were just leaving. Bo stops her and wants to ask her questions about Victor’s murder. John says that Marlena has an alibi for Victor’s murder. Bo says that either Marlena or Nicole could have gotten an accomplice. He says the police found a set of unknown fingerprints in the mansion, probably from the accomplice. He says they both had motive. He says Marlena could have killed Victor for knowing who the killer is and Nicole always wanted to get rid of Victor. Bo wonders who had the most to gain.

Bonnie wonders why her kids are always thinking she’s scheming. Rex says he found his watch in the kitchen. Bonnie admires Rex’s watch.

The mysterious man watches Patrick and Jennifer from the bushes.

Jan says that her country home is just the place for Shawn. Jan gives Shawn the information about her home and tells him not to reveal the location to anyone. Shawn says he’ll stop by.

Bo says that Nicole purposely handcuffed herself to Brady for an alibi. John says that there is still a killer out there. John thinks Nicole was responsible for Victor’s death. He says that by arresting Marlena they haven’t made Salem any safer because Victor’s killer is still out there.

Marlena tells Nicole that she remembers seeing her last night. Marlena says that she remembers Nicole with Jan Spears. Marlena asks Nicole why she’d be with Jan.

Hope says that Celeste needs to retell everything that Alice’s ghost told her. Celeste feels bad for putting such a burden on the Horton family. She says that before the suffering is over, one more death will come to Salem.

Mimi doesn’t want Rex to be a bartender for her mom. She says the problem is not Rex, it’s her mom. Rex says that if he works for Bonnie then he can win her over. Mimi says that accepting the job would only be a disaster.

Jennifer asks where Patrick is. Patrick tells the man to leave Jennifer alone. Patrick grabs the man by the collar. Jennifer sees.

Belle asks where Shawn has been. She asks who the strange woman was. Jan watches from the bushes. Shawn refuses to say. He says it’s nothing to worry about. Jan says that maybe Belle should worry now.

Julie says that she’ll kill Marlena herself. Mickey says that the justice system will take care of Marlena. Julie doesn’t have much faith in the justice system. Hope asks if Alice revealed the name of the victim. Celeste says the ghosts are not allowed to reveal that information. Celeste says that another loved one will die. Julie says she’s had enough and storms out of the building. Everyone follows. Julie tells Bo to lock Marlena up right away.

Rex says that everything will work up. Bonnie invites Rex and Mimi to dinner. She’s planning a buffet. Rex accepts the job. He says he would be happy to work with Bonnie. Mimi is none to happy.

Bo says that as soon as Lexie gives the go ahead Marlena will go to jail. Bo says that John did not have the authority to remove Marlena from the hospital. Marlena has to return to the hospital right away. Bo reminds Lexie that Marlena is a criminal and should be treated as such. As soon as she’s recovered, Bo says that Marlena will be arraigned and then sent to prison.

Belle says that Hope wanted her and Shawn to talk. Belle says that the ceremony was beautiful. Belle says she’s sorry for her mother showing up. Belle says that she doesn’t know how she’ll live with herself if Marlena turns out to be the killer because that means Belle is partially responsible. Shawn says that Alice was always the one to pull the family together. Shawn can’t even think about how Alice died.

Jan is watching Belle and Shawn fight. Jan wants Shawn to put Belle in her place. Nicole walks up behind Jan and takes off Jan’s hat.

The strange man tells Patrick to do what he came for then leaves. Jennifer says that Patrick has explaining to do.

Mimi asks Rex to take her home. Rex asks for a rain check on the dinner. Mimi asks Bonnie for Rex’s watch, which she stole. Bonnie says that she’s just trying to be a good mother. Mimi says that Bonnie’s going to end up in a cell right next to Marlena.

Marlena says that it was a mistake to go to the funeral. Marlena is asking John how she can prove she’s innocent. Marlena says she’s not even convinced herself that she’s innocent and says John is not either. John says the evidence is stacking up against her.

Hope wonders what will happen if Marlena’s innocent. Bo assures Julie that Marlena won’t hurt anyone else. Bo says that they will deal with Victor’s killer next.

Nicole tells Jan that Marlena is a threat to them. Nicole worries because Marlena remembers seeing her and Jan together. Jan doesn’t seem to care. All she cares about is the fact that Shawn is going to pay a visit to her country home.

Belle says that they shouldn’t be blaming each other. She wishes that they could figure out what is going on. Belle says that she knew Alice better than her own grandmother. Belle says that Alice was a wonderful person. Shawn says that this is about his family, not Belle’s. Belle wonders why Shawn cannot understand why she can’t accept her mother as a serial killer. Shawn says there is just too much evidence against her. Shawn says that he can’t talk about this now. Belle asks when. Shawn says they cannot talk.

Jennifer says that she saw Patrick talking with some man. She thought she heard her name. Patrick says that the guy is a friend of his mother. He says he was just telling the guy about Jennifer. Patrick says that he just hoped she and the baby would be safe.

Brady asks Celeste about her opinion on Nicole as a killer. Celeste can’t say if Nicole’s the killer, but she does say that Brady needs to watch out for Nicole. Celeste sees many lies around Nicole.

Mimi returns Rex’s watch to him. Rex is surprised he dropped his watch.

Belle says that surely Shawn must have a few minutes to talk to her. Shawn says that he’s leaving Salem.

Hope still cannot believe that Marlena is the killer.

Julie won’t rest until Marlena’s off the streets. Mickey asks Julie to lunch at Alice’s bar. Julie declines. Mickey asks Bo if he and Hope will be there. Bo says yes.

John says there is a way to prove Marlena’s innocent, but it is very risky. He says that she might end up signing her own death warrant. Marlena wants to know the truth.


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