Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/15/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/15/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Nicole, Brady, Bonnie, Mr. Morse, Belle, Shawn, Philip, John, Marlena, Julie, Mickey, Abby, Jennifer, Bo, Hope, Father Jansen, Patrick, strange man with Patrick, Jan, Rex, Mimi, Officer Pirelli

An auto garage:

Nicole hears sirens and gets scared. Then Brady shows up.

The Bonnie’s country bar:

Bonnie is in her restaurant. She says she should be at the funeral and asks Alice to forgive her. She asks Alice to put in a good word for her. A man appears in the doorway with bad news.

Outside in the bushes:

Patrick talks with a strange man. Patrick refuses to hurt Jennifer. The man says Patrick must do what he came for.

Outside the church:

Belle sees Shawn talking to s strange person. Belle wants to go talk to him. Philip stops her.

Shawn inquires about the strange lady (Jan in disguise). Jan has a flashback of talking to Shawn’s picture. Jan leaves and Shawn follows her. Belle goes after Shawn.

St. Luke’s:

John and Marlena show up at the funeral. Abby asks why Marlena is there. Jennifer leaves to call Lucas. Bo asks why Marlena is there too. Julie calls Marlena a murderess. Mickey tries to restrain Julie. Julie attacks Marlena!!

Nicole is at an auto repair shop with Brady. Both have car trouble. Nicole had a flat tire and Brady broke an axel. Brady offers to fix the tire if Nicole drives him to Alice and Doug’s funeral. Brady gets ready to work and explains that he was seeing someone to rebuild the opera house model that Nicole had burned. Nicole says that she cares about Brady. Brady says Nicole used him. Nicole says she’s ready to tell the truth.

Bonnie meets with Mr. Morse. He says that Bonnie has been denied a liquor license. It’s because Bonnie has had some shady dealings in the past. Bonnie’s record is not clean enough for a liquor license. Bonnie offers him a cup of coffee. Mr. Morse refuses the bribe.

Patrick meets with a strange man. He seemed angry about something Patrick had done. Rex comes up behind Patrick after the strange man leaves. The mysterious man watches from the bushes with a picture of Jennifer.

Philip brings Belle back inside to see the commotion.

They pull Julie off Marlena. Julie wishes Marlena dead. Bo is upset that John brought Marlena to the funeral. John says he is personally responsible for his wife. Marlena says she didn’t kill anyone. Marlena says she asked to be brought to the funeral to pay her respects. Belle comes in and says Marlena’s innocent and then hugs her.

Shawn follows Jan. Shawn apologizes for scaring off Jan. Jan replies in her old-lady voice that Alice was dear to her. Shawn says that she looks familiar and asks to see her face (which is veiled).

Nicole admits she set the model of the concert hall because she was jealous of Chloe. Nicole says that Chloe has people who love her. Brady says that they built their relationship on trust. Brady reminds Nicole that Chloe had a hard childhood too. Nicole recounts her own childhood with her abusive father. Nicole starts crying.

Patrick and Rex come to see Bonnie. Bonnie is crying over the fact that she couldn’t get a liquor license. Bonnie says she is trying to make a success out of the place. Bonnie has a tantrum about how nothing can ever go her way. Rex and Mimi have a phone conversation. Mimi says that the ceremony came to a halt. Rex says he’s with Bonnie. Mimi leaves the funeral to see Rex and Bonnie and asks Philip to watch Belle. Belle asks Philip if he’s seen Shawn. Philip says that Shawn didn’t have the courtesy to stay for the entire service.

Jan refuses to let Shawn see her face.

Belle says that she still believes in her mother. John says Marlena is innocent until proven guilty. Bo says that she is going to get the death sentence. Hope says Bo needs to chill because there are still some people who think Marlena’s innocent.

Bonnie starts sweeping. Patrick asks what is wrong. Bonnie says that if she got the bar up then they’d all be rich. Patrick says he needs money to leave town. Bonnie says that Patrick has it easy with Jennifer. Patrick says he will not take advantage of Jennifer.

Shawn says that Belle is the girl he’s been dating for years. Shawn says that Alice was looking forward to his wedding. Jan says that Alice told her a heartbreaking story about a girl in Puerto Rico. Shawn says that he and Jan were never a couple. Jan says that Shawn did such a nice thing for her. Jan tells Shawn that Alice always said he and Jan would make a good couple.

Hope tells Bo to stop for a minute and look at Marlena. Hope reminds him of how relieved they all were when they thought Hattie was the killer. Bo reminds her that Alice identified Marlena as the killer. John says that he believes Marlena to be innocent. John says that he will help Marlena prove it.

Nicole says that she shouldn’t have lied to Brady. Nicole hands Brady tools. Nicole swears she didn’t kill Victor. Brady points out that Nicole has lied about everything else, so why should he believe her this time.

Belle hugs John for standing up for Marlena. Marlena says family means everything to her.

Father Jansen says the ceremony will continue outside. He reminds them that it is a solemn occasion.

Belle asks Hope if she has seen Shawn. Hope says she’ll go find him and tells Belle to wait with Philip.

Shawn said he felt sorry for Jan, but he was never in love with her. Jan says that Alice had good instincts about such things. Hope walks up. Shawn wants hope to meet the old lady (Jan).

Shawn and Hope turn around and Jan has disappeared. Hope says that it is time for the burial. Father Jansen continues the service. Hope puts a rose on Doug’s coffin. Abby puts a bouquet on Alice’s grave. Julie quotes the song “Always” as she says goodbye to Doug. Shawn says that Alice took care of them all. John and Marlena stand alone off to the side.

Jennifer and Abby hug. Mickey comforts Julie. Abby says that she’ll take care of the baby. Hope says that this is no time for Shawn to be leaving because they need to keep the family together. Belle overhears and wants

Bo fires Pirelli, the officer guarding Marlena. Bo is still convinced Marlena is the serial killer and asks her if she gets some perverse pleasure out of seeing her victims buried. Marlena says that she can be the serial killer. Marlena says that she was in Colorado when Abe died. Bo says that they checked her alibi with Eric and found out that she left on an earlier flight. Bo says that is just more evidence that she’s the killer. Marlena looks confused.

Nicole notes that no money was taken out of her bank account to pay off a hit man. Brady says that is true. Nicole asks Brady how she could’ve convinced someone to kill Victor without money. Nicole says she thought Brady was a decent man, but not anymore.

Mimi is looking for Rex’s watch. Patrick asks how Mimi is. Patrick and Mimi hug. Mimi is worried that Bonnie will ruin her and Rex’s relationship. Mimi says that Bonnie always picked on Patrick. Mimi says that Rex wants to have Bonnie baby-sit for their kids when they have them. Bonnie enlists Rex to help her get her liquor license.

Patrick and Mimi make a pact not to let Bonnie interfere with the ones that they love. Bonnie says that she and Rex could help each other out. Bonnie asks Rex if he wants to help her out with the bar.

Brady says that if Nicole had someone to kill Victor the truth will come out sooner or later. Brady says that someone must have seen it. Nicole has a flashback to when she and Jan ran into Marlena outside of Belle’s apartment. Brady says that Tek found a new set of fingerprints and that he’s going to check them out. Brady says that if Nicole is lying then she is as good as dead.

Philip’s phone beeps. He has orders to return to the base. Philip hates to leave Belle. Belle says that she’ll be fine. Belle just thinks that she and Shawn need to talk. Philip says that if Belle ever needs anything that she should call him. Belle and Philip hug.

Marlena tells John that she was so sure she came back to Salem after Abe died. John says that Eric wouldn’t lie and neither would the airlines. Marlena begins to wonder if maybe she could be the killer.


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