Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/14/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/14/04

By Nicole
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Characters appearing: Jan, Nicole, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Mimi, Belle, Mickey, Julie, Jennifer, Lexie, Celeste, John, Marlena, Abby, Philip, Father Jansen and through flashbacks: Alice, Tom and Doug

Jan’s parent’s country home:

Jan says she will get Shawn. Nicole says there is the problem of getting Shawn to the cage. Nicole says that just keeping Shawn won’t make him love her. Nicole says Jan is crazy.

Shawn’s apartment:

Bo and Hope come to Shawn’s apartment. There are lots of boxes in the room because Shawn is moving out.

Belle’s loft:

Mimi looks at the article in the newspaper about Marlena being the serial killer. Mimi says that Belle needs sleep so she’ll be awake for the funeral. Belle says she’s not going because Shawn doesn’t want her there.

St. Luke’s:

Mickey, Julie, and Jennifer look at the altar with Doug and Alice’s pictures. Jennifer says she had a dream about Alice.

The hospital waiting area:

Lexie notices her mother looking worried. Celeste worries that she may be wrong and that Marlena might not be innocent.

Marlena’s hospital room:

Marlena is looking at the newspaper article too. Marlena says that she’s innocent and that everyone is really making a big mistake. John asks Marlena why she confessed to him before she fell off the terrace. John asks if he would have been the next victim.

Celeste says she made a mistake then she will blame herself. Lexie says Marlena is going to jail and if she’s the killer then she’ll probably be executed.

John asks Marlena if she would have killed him again. Marlena says she can’t remember any of that night. Marlena asks John what will happen now. John says if they can’t prove her innocence then she’ll probably be executed.

Mimi says that there is no way Marlena is the killer so it is not Belle’s fault Alice died. Belle is not so sure.

Shawn says he’s going to join the Merchant Marines. Hope says that Shawn cannot desert his family at such a hard time. Shawn says he’s leaving right after the funeral. Bo says that he understands Hope’s point of view, but he thinks that leaving Salem might be the best thing for Shawn at the moment.

Bo says they should give Shawn their blessing if he really wants to leave. Hope does not want Shawn to leave at all. She does not give him his blessing.

Jennifer says that in her dream Alice didn’t name her killer. Jennifer’s dream was of Alice telling them all to have faith. Julie says that Alice was the heart and soul of their family. Jennifer says that she doesn’t know what would’ve happened if she hadn’t moved in with Alice and Tom. She has a flashback of Alice telling her that grandmothers are the most understanding people. Jennifer says that the worst part is that Alice will never see her new great-grandchild.

John says that Sami is accusing him of being the killer and framing Marlena. Marlena says she doesn’t believe that and hopes John has the same faith in her. John says he can’t believe that Marlena could be a killer and promises to get to the bottom of it. John holds her hand and tells Marlena he loves her. Marlena asks John to take her to the funeral to say goodbye to Alice and Doug. Lexie appears in the door and says, “over my dead body”.

Belle says she cannot face Shawn or his family. Hope knocks on the door and Mimi answers. Hope says that she doesn’t blame Belle for Alice’s death. Hope says that Belle needs to come to the funeral because Shawn needs her and Alice adored her. Hope says that Belle has to fight for Shawn.

Shawn says that leaving is something he has to do. Bo understands and gives Shawn the keys to his motorcycle. Hope refuses to let Shawn leave.

Nicole says that Shawn will not love Jan right away. Jan is still determined and says nothing will get in her way. Jan is going to the funeral.

Lexie says it would be so inappropriate if Marlena went to the funeral. Marlena swears she didn’t kill anyone. Lexie says that she needs to examine Marlena and asks John to leave. John is hesitant, but Lexie says that Marlena is safe with her.

John talks to Celeste and asks her if she still feels Marlena is innocent. John asks if maybe she was picking up on Marlena’s belief that she’s innocent.

Marlena begs Lexie to find some way to get her to the funeral. She says she didn’t kill Abe or any of the victims. She starts crying. Lexie thinks the tears are false and that she’s just trying to get out of the hospital so she can kill again.

Hope cannot believe that Bo would give Shawn his motorcycle. Shawn tries to convince Hope that he needs to do something on his own outside of Salem. Shawn says that Alice would want to him to leave. Hope says that Alice wouldn’t want him to leave Salem without talking with Belle.

Lexie says that Marlena is in no condition to leave. Marlena says that she could sign herself out against her doctor’s orders. Lexie reminds Marlena that she’s under arrest. John returns and inquires about Marlena’s health. Lexie says she can’t go out and needs to regain her strength. Lexie says she’ll need it to survive her first night in prison. Marlena says she can’t go to prison and asks John to her prove her innocence.

Jan comes out dressed like an old woman so no one will recognize her. Jan refuse to listen to Nicole’s protests.

Hope says that Shawn needs to talk with Belle. Hope says Shawn may change his mind after the funeral, but Shawn doubts that. Belle says it doesn’t feel right to be here. Philip shows up. Philip says that he came to check on Belle and asks to sit with her. Abby walks by and asks why Belle is here because Marlena is the killer.

Father Jansen says they are ready to begin the service. Mickey says they will take their seats.

Marlena tells John that she needs to go to the funeral. Marlena says that she’ll release herself. Marlena says that John could convince the police to release her into his custody. John is unsure if it would be ok because everyone is convinced she’s the killer. Marlena begs, pleads, and cries.

Kate puts flowers on Roman’s grave and vows to make sure that Marlena is not buried next to him. Celeste comes up and tells Kate that no one knows for sure if Marlena is guilty or innocent.

Jennifer reminds Abby that everyone is innocent until proven guilty and that even if Marlena is guilty that still doesn’t make Belle responsible.

Belle wants to leave, but Philip and Mimi get her to sit back down.

Shawn can’t believe that Belle showed up. Shawn says he’s more convinced than ever that he needs to leave Salem. Shawn notices Jan in disguise.

Bo speaks about Doug. Bo says that he and Doug finally bonded over their love for Hope. Flashback: Bo enlists Alice’s help to free Roman from jail. They make donuts.

Hope says that Alice, Doug, and Julie raised her. She says she felt so much love from them. Flashbacks: Doug tells her about Addie learning how to knit a blanket. Doug gives Hope the blanket for Hope’s baby because Hope was very attached to it as a child. Alice gives Hope earrings for her wedding to Bo.

Alice appears as a ghost to Celeste. Alice has news for Celeste. Alice says that there will be one more death.

Jennifer says that no one will forget Alice’s kindness, grace or wisdom. Jennifer says Alice will live on in their hearts.

Philip takes Belle’s hand and Kate sees this, looking pleased. Belle says that she has to find a way to get Shawn back. Shawn goes up to Jan in disguise and asks her name.

John brings Marlena to the funeral. Everyone is shocked!!!


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