Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/13/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/13/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Hattie, John, Bo, Bart, Lexie, Shawn, Belle, Hope, Jan, Nicole, Sami, Lucas, Marlena

Jan’s parents’ country home:

Jan talks to Shawn’s photo as she replaces it on the shelf. She then looks at the evidence on Nicole. Nicole calls Jan. Nicole says there’s trouble and that they need to meet.

The hospital rooftop:

Shawn and Belle say they don’t want to talk about the killings or Marlena’s alibis. They say they want to spend the rest of their lives together and that nothing will come between them.

Hospital waiting area:

Hattie proclaims her innocence. Shawn and Belle rejoin the group. Bart tries to help and Bo tells him to be quiet. Hattie says that if she had taken Marlena’s place, she would’ve divorced John and gone to Roman. Hattie says she did her whole transformation for Roman. She says again that she didn’t kill anyone and that she has proof.

Nicole comes to see Jan. Jan asks if Marlena said she saw he and Nicole outside of Belle’s. Nicole tells Jan that Tek found Jan’s fingerprints in the mansion. Nicole wants to make sure Jan doesn’t have a criminal record.

Bo asks John where he found Hattie. She was not at the DiMera mansion. Bart says no and Tony didn’t even know about her. Hope says that they should listen to Hattie. Hattie says she has airtight alibis.

Nicole finds out that Jan does have a criminal record. She asks what it was for. It was for putting Chloe’s naked pictures on the Internet. Jan was only 17 at the time, so this means that the records are sealed. Nicole says that maybe she and Jan should go their separate ways for a while. Nicole notices the picture of Shawn and Belle with Belle’s face replaced. Nicole thinks Jan is crazy. Jan says Nicole will never get her hands on the evidence for Colin’s murder.

Hattie says that she was in Europe having surgery. Hattie refers to Roman as “hers” and Sami gets angry. Hattie snaps back at Sami. Bo asks Bart to confirm Hattie’s whereabouts. Bart says he can give all the names and numbers. John says that they could have paid off the doctors who worked on Hattie to lie. Hattie says that she came back only to be put in the hospital for an infection and more work. She was in the hospital from Halloween to Thanksgiving. Bart can confirm this too. Bart says there is one more piece of evidence to prove Hattie is not the killer. Hattie warns Bart not to go down that road.

Nicole says that she and Jan should work as a team. Nicole is worried the cops will catch on to them. Nicole says that Jan needs to leave Salem. Jan refuses.

Bart tells everyone that Hattie was in jail for all the murders from Roman’s on. Hattie just got out of jail tonight, so she couldn’t be the killer. She was in jail for shoplifting. John says it can’t be true. Sami says that Hattie must still be the killer. Shawn says that if Hattie isn’t the killer then they’ll be back where they were a few hours ago. Belle says that there is no way her mother could be guilty. Bo checks out Hattie’s story and finds that she’s telling the truth. Hattie apologizes to Lexie about the way Abe died. She says he was a good tipper. Bo says that if Hattie isn’t the killer then John pretty much proved that Marlena is. Sami objects.

Jan says that she’d only leave if she can take Shawn with her. Jan asks Nicole’s help. She wants Nicole to help fix up Shawn’s room so it will look good when he arrives. Nicole refuses at first, but later agrees when Jan threatens to send the evidence.

Bo says that it has to be Marlena if it’s not Hattie. Sami says John must have been lying. Bo turns Hattie loose, but tells her not to leave town. Sami calls Hattie a floozy. Hattie defends herself by saying that she is still a virgin. Bart says that was too much information. Hattie calls Marlena a slut for having a baby out of wedlock and then points out that, like mother, like daughter, Sami did the same thing. Hattie goes back over to the donuts and takes a bite. She realizes that they must be the last of the Horton donuts and takes the whole plate to sell on eBay. Bart leaves after her. Bo runs back over the facts with John and tells him that he has to believe that Marlena is the serial killer.

Jan says that she’s been planning Shawn’s room for a while. Nicole tells Jan she shouldn’t give her hopes up. Jan says it’s the perfect time because Belle and Shawn have been fighting. Nicole says there is no way that Shawn would spend time with Jan. Jan says that she’s not crazy and has a way to guarantee that Shawn will spend time with her.

Bo tells Sami that she needs to leave. Hope agrees and tells Sami to go home.

Shawn leaves Belle. John promises to uncover the truth. John believes Marlena is innocent. John tells Belle that they need to have faith.

Marlena’s room:

Lexie checks on Marlena. Bo and Hope enter. Hope says that all they have is circumstantial evidence. Bo says they have a lot of circumstantial evidence. Hope says they have John’s word against Marlena’s. Bo says that they have enough to arrest Marlena. Bo says Marlena will be tried in a court of law and will pay for what she has done.

Jan hands Nicole a welder’s mask. They get ready for work and light the blowtorch. They are building a cage.

The hospital roof:

Belle says that she and Shawn are back where they started. Belle asks Shawn to tell her there is still hope for them.

John comes to see Marlena. Lexie says that Marlena is fine and then leaves. John says that he needs to find out the truth. Bo and Hope come into Marlena’s room and arrest Marlena. Hope asks if he really wants to do this now. Bo handcuffs Marlena to her bed.

Sami comes home angrily. Lucas tells her to calm down. Sami rips John out of all her photos. Lucas asks if Sami has gone completely crazy.

Jan asks Nicole what she thinks of Shawn’s cage. Nicole really thinks Jan is crazy.

Lucas tells Sami that she needs to let things go. Lucas says she’s being driven by hate. Lucas says that John is trying to save Marlena and not kill her. Sami breaks down in tears. Lucas tries to tell Sami that John loves Marlena, but Sami refuses to listen. Lucas says that love is staring her right in the face.

John takes Marlena’s hand and she pulls away. Then she realizes that she’s handcuffed and asks John why he did this to her.

Shawn tells Belle he doesn’t want to talk about things right now. He says that he needs time to think. Belle brings up their purity rings as hope and then leaves.

Hope feels sorry for Sami. She says if Marlena is the killer Sami will never get over it. She also wonders what will happen to Shawn and Belle.

Jan walks around the inside of the cage. Belle leaves Shawn alone. Shawn looks at his ring. Sami continues tearing photos. And throws them in the fire. Sami cries with her teddy bear. Lucas is outside her door, but hesitant to go in. He turns back to his own room. John reaches out to Marlena, but she turns away. Marlena sees Bo and Hope outside hugging.


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