Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/12/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/12/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Mimi, Bonnie, Julie, Lexie, John, Bo, Sami, Lucas, Belle, Hattie, Brady, Nicole, Hope, Shawn, Jan, Bart, Rex, Mickey, Philip, Marlena

The soon-to-be country bar:

Mimi asks her mother why she let Julie ride the mechanical bull. Bonnie did it on purpose. Julie asks why the Salem Stalker didn’t kill Bonnie.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Nicole comes home to a suspicious Brady. Brady looks at the text message from Jan on Nicole’s phone. The message asked Nicole to meet someone at the hospital. Brady asks if she was meeting her accomplice. Brady says Nicole will slip up sooner or later.

The hospital waiting area:

Lexie arrives to see John’s prisoner. It’s a woman who looks just like Marlena. Lexie asks how Marlena can be standing there when Marlena is in bed recovering. Bo asks if it’s Marlena’s clone. Sami asks if it’s her Aunt Samantha, Marlena’s twin sister. John says that it’s not Samantha Evans. Bo asks John who this woman is. The woman replies, “Hattie Adams”.

Nicole proclaims her innocence again and Brady doesn’t believe it. Brady asks what Nicole was doing out. Nicole lies and says that she had a friend in the hospital getting stitches. Nicole says that she still has an ironclad alibi for Victor’s death. Brady says that while Nicole was out Tek stopped by and found some evidence.

Mimi asks what Bonnie was doing to Julie. Julie falls off and Rex tries to catch her. Mickey rushes over to see if she’s ok. Mickey leaves to turn off the circuit breaker. Julie blames Bonnie’s housekeeping skills for her bat attack.

Hope asks why Hattie looks so much Marlena. Hattie says she looks better than Marlena. John says that they were all hearing just what they wanted to hear. That explains the confession and the conflicting stories. Sami still says that John tried to kill Marlena. Hope asks how John knew about Hattie. John, Bo and Hope think the DiMeras are behind it. They think Tony was in on the murders and his death was a deviation from the plan. They have done many look-alikes in the past such as Princess Gina and Hope and Kristen and Susan. Bo says it doesn’t quite add up yet. Hattie says no one created her except her parents. Jan listens in on all the conversations. John says that Stefano has always been obsessed with Marlena. John grabs Hattie by the hair and Hattie hits John a few times. John recalls a time when Marlena came back from Salem Place and swore she saw her dead sister Samantha. It was Hattie then. Hattie calls everyone “fruitcakes” and calls Sami and Marlena “bats”. Hope asks again how John found Hattie. John says he went back to the source. Lexie says that her father is dead. John leaves to go get “exhibit B”.

John returns with Bart. Bart says he’s spied on all of them for a long time. Bart says it’s been awhile since he’s seen Lexie. Bart explains how they found someone who looked similar to Marlena. They gave her plastic surgery and taught her to act like Marlena. Hattie demonstrates by quoting Shakespeare as her Marlena imitation. Bart says that he and Dr. Rolf did not know what the master plan was, but they carried out Stefano’s orders. Bart kisses Hattie on the cheek. Bart says that Stefano’s last orders were to complete Hattie’s transformation. Lexie asks why Bart didn’t come forward before. Bart says that John was just very persuasive. Bart says he has already spilled the beans on Hattie and that Stefano is probably going to kill him personally!! Lexie begins asking Bart what he means by that statement. She asks if Stefano is still alive.

Bonnie and Julie fight. Mimi drags Bonnie away. Bonnie says that Julie has always looked down on her.

Bart says that he has not heard from Stefano is a long time. John says he hasn’t gotten any information out of either Bart or Hattie. Sami yells at Hattie for framing Marlena. Hattie says Marlena wasn’t so perfect. Hattie says that she would never have broken Roman’s heart. Stefano sent Hattie out of town because she knew too much about a murder. By the time she had returned, Roman was already with Kate. Hattie insults Kate’s waitress skills. Jan says she knows just how Hattie feels. Hattie says that Abe was a good tipper. Lexie asks if that’s why Abe died, because she knew too much about a case. Hattie says that Kate’s son was also a lousy tipper. Lucas says he never goes to the Hudson Street Diner, where Hattie worked. Hattie says Philip is the bad tipper. Hattie says that no one got Roman and he had to die.

Sami says that Hattie should never say Roman’s name because Roman was the best man ever. Sami lunges for Hattie. Lucas and others hold her back. Hattie backs away, worrying about her expensive nose. Then Hattie begins eating donuts. Hope thinks about how Alice died. Hattie says that the donuts are so good. She calls everyone in the room skinny and thin. She insults Hope and Lexie. She says that the “fat farm” Stefano sent her drove her crazy with hunger that she did things she never thought she could do. Sami begins yelling again. She asks if Hattie just killed all those people because they were jealous. Hattie says she was never jealous of Marlena. Belle says she can’t stand it and leave. Shawn follows her. Philip sees someone follow both Belle and Shawn and goes after the person. Bo says that Hattie’s existence doesn’t explain Marlena’s behavior. Bart wants to say something, but Bo won’t let him. Hope asks Hattie if she has anything to say for herself. Hattie does, but she begins to choke on a donut!

Bonnie brings Julie a drink. Julie refuses. Julie and Bonnie continue to exchange insults. Mimi intervenes again. Mimi warns her mother to behave and then Rex and Mimi leave. Mickey comes back and asks Julie how she is. Julie says that Mickey can honor Maggie anyway he chooses Julie says that either she goes or Bonnie goes.

John saves Hattie. Hattie spits all over Sami. Then she purposely spits on Bo. Lucas tells Sami that she needs to chill. Lucas says Sami should apologize to John because he’s just trying to find out the truth.

Belle and Shawn go to the roof. Jan follows them up. Shawn asks if anyone is there. Philip shows up and says that he saw someone following Belle and Shawn. Philip says it was a mistake and leaves. Shawn says that he feels really bad now that Marlena is innocent. Belle says that she still wants to take back her lie. Shawn says they should put it behind them. They hug and tell each other that they love each other.

Mickey says that he doesn’t want either Bonnie or Julie to go.

Mimi complains about her mother. Mimi asks how Rex could still want to be with her. Rex says Mimi is nothing like her mother. Rex points out that he never had a real mother like Mimi does.

Belle says this was the worst night of her life. Belle is happy things are looking better. Shawn says that Alice will always be with them. Belle says if they have a girl they can name her Alice. Shawn says he wants to spend the rest of her life with Belle.

Everyone comes into Marlena’s room. John asks John for forgiveness. Sami leaves the room crying and Lucas comforts her. John says that Marlena will see Hattie in court. Hattie thinks it’s a reality TV show. John says it’s not and that Hattie is going to the death chamber. Bo comes up to start reading Hattie her rights. He tells Hattie she has the right to remain silent and Hattie refuses. Hattie spits her gum out and it sticks on Bo’s forehead.

Jan’s house:

Jan looks through her files and wonders where she should file Victor’s will. Jan picks up a knife and goes up to Belle and Shawn’s picture (Belle’s face is missing). Jan says she knows what she has to do.

Shawn says it is time for him and Belle to start the rest of their lives together.

Hattie proclaims her innocence. She calls Marlena a liar. Hattie says she can prove that she’s not the killer.


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