Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/9/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/9/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jennifer, Lucas, Sami, Bonnie, Mickey, Julie, Hope, Bo, John, Johnís ďprisonerĒ, Shawn, Belle, Philip, Bonnie, Rex, Mimi, Patrick, and through flashback: Marlena and Lexie

Jenniferís house:

Jennifer is a sleep on the couch. In her dream, she remembers how Patrick saved her and Jackís baby with his coin. Jennifer wakes up and sees a figure in the doorway. She asks if it is Jack.

Samiís apartment:

Lucas and Sami are in bed. They wake up and kiss. Sami asks Lucas to make love to her. Lucas agrees.

Outside what was once Tuscany:

Bonnie is leading Mickey outside. He has his eyes closed. Bonnie reveals her surprise and Mickey says it is perfect. Julie comes up behind them and asks how could she.

Inside the future country bar:

Mimi says that Shawn and Belle can get through anything. Philip says he isnít too sure about that. Shawn is looking at his ring. Belle comes up behind him.

Bo and Hopeís house:

Hope asks Bo why John wouldnít tell them whom heís bringing in as the killer. Bo says that they need to do things by the book. Hope asks Bo when was the last time he ever did things by the book. Bo says that heís going to make sure that Marlena goes to the death chamber.

On the road:

John is in his car with his suspect in the back seat. There is a woman bound by duct tape trying to get loose. John says that her killing days are over.

Mickey tells Julie to calm down. Julie says Mickey is making a huge mistake. Julie says that Bonnie running the restaurant will not honor the memories of either Alice or Maggie. Mickey refuses to let Julie talk about Bonnie that way.

Philip says that Shawn is probably not going to forgive Belle. Mimi says that they need to have an intervention. Philip says that he works it out, but things donít look good. Mimi says that if Shawn and Belle canít work it out then there is no hope for anyone. Philip says sheís wrong.

Shawn tells Belle that he still loves her, but he canít forgive her. Belle asks for forgiveness. Shawn says that the lie about Jan was completely different. Shawn canít even look at Belle. Shawn blames Belle for Aliceís death.

Itís not Jack, but Patrick. Patrick says that he found Jennifer asleep on the couch and covered her up with a blanket. Jennifer asks Patrick if he is her guardian angel.

Lucas tells Sami he loves her. Sami says that she has always loved Lucas. They continue kissing and then the phone rings.

Itís Hope calling to tell Sami that John is bringing in who he thinks is the killer. At first Sami thinks they found evidence that John is the killer and gets all excited. Hope tells her that John believes Marlena is innocent, but that the killer isnít him. Itís another person.

John says that Marlena confessed to the ďrealĒ killerís crimes because she was overreacting to his accusation. John has a flashback of Marlenaís confession in the penthouse. John says that the ďrealĒ killer almost got away with it, but she wonít. He says that there is not way Marlena could be a cold-blooded killer.

Mickey appreciates Julieís help, but he says he knows what heís doing. Julie asks if this country thing is what Maggie and Alice would have wanted. Mickey says that he doesnít know what they want, but he says that itís what he wants. He says that Maggie and Alice would want him to be happy.

Bonnie interrupts Philip and Mimiís conversation. Bonnie asks Rex for a favor. Mimi says that Bonnie is taking advantage of Rexís help, but Rex says he doesnít mind. Mimi says that all her mom cares about is money. Bonnie continues to push the idea of Shawn on Mimi.

Shawn tells Belle not to blame him. Shawn has a flashback to Philip and Belle hugging. Shawn says that there are many conflicting stories about Marlenaís confession and her fall. Belle says that her mother could be innocent. Shawn says it doesnít look that way. Belle asks if Shawn is just saying that lying runs in her family. Belle says that she is not her sister, her father, or her mother. She says that sheís the same person Shawn has always known. Belle notices that Shawn has taken off his purity rung. She asks if Shawn has already given up on them.

John names all the people that have been victims of the serial killer. He says heís going to nail the killer for all of them. All of a sudden, his prisoner in the back seat whacks John on the head and the car swerves.

Patrick says heís not quite a guardian angel. Jennifer says that Patrick saved the baby. Patrick says that Jennifer saved her baby with her will. Patrick asks if Jennifer would like some warm milk and vanilla. Jennifer says that is exactly what Jack used to make her. Patrick says it was just a lucky guess.

Abby comes home and hugs Jennifer. Jennifer says that she beat Grandpa Vern at video games. Jennifer says that her and the baby are fine.

Hope tells Bo about her call with Sami. Hope says that Marlena not being the killer would make things so much easier. Hope says she wants to track down Shawn on his cell to tell him the news.

Sami and Lucas are getting dressed. Lucas asks Sami why she isnít happy that her mom is innocent. Sami says she already knew that, but she still believes that John will kill Marlena. Lucas says that maybe Celeste was predicting what happened tonight on the balcony. Sami still fears for her motherís safety. Lucas and Sami find out that they had the same dream and share a kiss.

Johnís prisoner in the back seat has gotten her hands free. She chokes John and then throws his head on to the steering wheel. She tries to get out the door, but it is locked and wonít open. She tries to go out the driverís side door, but John comes to and grabs her hand. He holds a gun on her and says sheís not going anywhere.

Mickey says that Julie would be wrong in thinking that heís allowing Bonnie to take over his life. Mickey says that everything he is doing is to keep Maggie alive in his heart. Mickey asks Julie to remember back when he first met Maggie. Mickey recalls his time with Maggie in a country bar dancing. Mickey says that the country stuff now reminds him of those days. Mickey says that Maggie was a farm girl. Mickey says this is why heís letting Bonnie run the restaurant. Julie says that if Bonnie does anything to harm him she will personally ďhog-tieĒ Bonnie and roast her.

Bonnie offers Philip a drink. Philip and Bonnie make a toast. They hope theyíll get what they always wanted.

Shawn gives his ring back to Belle. Belle says she never thought that their relationship would end that way. Shawn says he does love Belle. Belle says that if he still loves her then he should keep the ring and take some time to think. Shawn wishes this wasnít so hard. Shawn remembers going to Puerto Rico to get Aliceís ruby back. Shawn says he always wanted to take care of Alice the way she took care of him. Shawn says he couldnít stand for anything to happen to Belle. Belle still believes that Marlena is innocent and Shawn still thinks itís her. Then Hope calls Shawn. Shawn says that Hope has to be kidding.

John gets his prisoner back under control. He says sheís going to have to meet the friends and family of all the victims that she killed. He says sheís lucky his car still works. He says her last stop is going to be death row.

Philip and Bonnie continue drinking. Philip offers to pay Bonnie for the drinks. Bonnie sees the picture of Philip and Belle in his wallet. Mickey and Julie walk through on a tour of the restaurant. Philip says that he loves Belle. Bonnie says there are problems between Shawn and Belle. Philip says that Belle wonít get over Shawn that easily. Mickey asks Julie if she wants to sit on the mechanical bull. Bonnie tells Philip to go after Belle and he agrees.

Shawn tells Belle that John is bringing in the real killer. Belle is overjoyed that her mom didnít kill anyone. Belle is also happy that her lie didnít lead to Aliceís death. Shawn and Belle hug and Philip watches them from a distance.

Lucas and Sami share a long kiss, but then Sami says they need to get to the hospital.

Jennifer drinks her warm milk and says it is perfect. Jennifer thanks Patrick for being here. Jennifer thanks Jack for sending Patrick.

There is a sign saying that the mechanical bull is out of order, but Bonnie removes the sign and tells Julie to give it a try. Julie is reluctant, but agrees. Bonnie tells Mickey to flip the switch. Mimi walks in and says that the bull was out of order. Mickey tries to turn the speed down, but the controls are broken. Julie asks to get off.

The hospital waiting area:

Bo, Hope, Lucas, Sami, Shawn, Belle and Philip all wait for John to show up. John gets off the elevator with his prisoner and says that Marlena didnít kill anyone, this monster did. John reveals the face to everyone (except the audience) and everyone is shocked.

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