Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/8/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/8/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Bonnie, various workmen, Mimi, Rex, Jennifer, Patrick, Lexie, Celeste, Julie, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Philip, Mickey

The future country bar:

Bonnie watches the workmen moving furniture and fixing things in what used to be Tuscany. One of the workmen asks Bonnie to test ride the mechanical bull.

Outside the future country bar:

Mimi is bringing Rex to see Bonnie in the country bar. Rex and Mimi talk about Belle and Shawn. Mimi says Belle needs to look forward to the future. Rex says he didn’t look up to Marlena in the same way Belle did. When they walk in Bonnie is riding the bull.

Hospital waiting area:

Jennifer is just about ready to go home. Abby is with her grandmother. Jennifer says that she wants to leave as soon as possible. Lexie says that she and Celeste will drive Jennifer home. Celeste and Patrick meet. Lexie wants to stay with Jennifer for the night. Lexie says that Celeste confirmed Marlena’s innocence. Jennifer is happy about that. Patrick asks Celeste how she knows Marlena is not the killer. Celeste says she has the gift, but she doesn’t know who the real killer is. Lexie says that John does though and he just left to bring them in,

Jennifer’s house:

Julie finds out about Bonnie’s plan to change Tuscany into a country bar. Julie hears a knock on the door and opens it, but no one is there. A squeaking sound can be heard and Julie screams.

Bo and Hope’s house:

Bo and Hope wonder why they are alive and everyone else is dead. Hope says she’s not convinced that Marlena is the killer. Hope remembers Alice and Doug. Bo says that he and Hope must stick together for the sake of their families. Hope says that Belle and Shawn need each other.

Belle’s loft (Shawn is outside the door):

Shawn sees Belle and Philip hugging, but when Belle opens her door to see if he’s there she doesn’t see him. Shawn says that maybe it is time to move on.

Bo says Shawn shouldn’t forgive Belle. Hope doesn’t want to talk about that and she says she’s just worried about Shawn. She wants Shawn and Belle to be able to work it out.

Belle wants to check on her mom, but Philip says Belle needs to eat and sleep. He also says they might have more information in the morning. Belle doesn’t want to believe either her mom or dad could be a killer.

Shawn wants to take his mother’s advice and he tries to work things out with Belle, but he can’t quite bring himself to knock on the door.

Mimi wonders why her mother can’t be normal. Rex says she’s just having a god time. Bonnie falls off and Rex tries to catch her. Mimi says that Alice and Maggie wouldn’t approve. Rex says that it’s fun. Bonnie says that she never thought Marlena was that god anyway. Bonnie says that Mimi should go after Shawn. Bonnie asks Mimi if she would talk to John about letting Bonnie clean out Marlena’s closets should Marlena die. Mimi refuses.

Shawn shows up at the country bar and tells Rex and Mimi that he can’t forgive Belle for lying about Marlena’s alibi.

Patrick, Lexie and Celeste all accompany Jennifer back to her house. Jennifer worries the real killer could strike at anytime because Marlena has been killed. They wonder where Julie is. Julie was supposed to meet them at Jennifer’s. Patrick notices the door was left open. He goes in first to check it out and finds Julie on the floor.

Hope says she probably won’t be able to sleep. She thinks about getting a snack or watching some TV. Bo sits down on the bed with her and gives her a massage. Hope still worries about Belle and Shawn. Bo says that maybe they weren’t meant to be together.

Philip hides two fortune cookies behind his back and asks Belle to choose. Belle doesn’t want to hear any more bad news. Philip says he specifically asked for two excellent fortunes. Philip and Belle open fortune cookies. Belle’s fortune says that two people love her, but only one person will get her. Philip says that maybe Belle has a secret admirer.

Rex, Mimi, and Shawn head outside and Mimi reminds Shawn that he lied to Belle about Jan. Mimi just wants Belle and Shawn to make up. She says if they can’t make it work then maybe no one can. Shawn still loves Belle, but he can’t talk to her at the moment. Shawn goes inside to ask Bonnie if she needs help. Mimi says that she and Rex need a plan to get Shawn and Belle back together. Rex says he may be smart, but human relations are not his specialty.

Julie wakes up screaming. Jennifer asks what happened. Julie flashes back to when the bats attacked her. Celeste says that the bats were an omen. Julie says that Jennifer’s housekeeper is lousy. Jennifer says that her housekeeper is Bonnie. Jennifer says that Julie really didn’t need to mop the floor. Julie says she really did. They wonder if there are bats in the attic. Patrick says he’ll check it out in the morning. Jennifer says that Patrick has done enough already. Julie asks what Patrick has done. Jennifer says that Patrick saved her baby tonight.

Hope says that Shawn and Belle are soul mates. Bo reminds her that Hope is his soul mate and that they go back in to childhood. There is a flashback to Bo and Hope as children. Bo says they are talking like their parents. Hope says they are not getting old. Bo and Hope have a pillow fight.

Belle just wishes Shawn knew how sorry she was. Belle’s phone rings and it is Mimi. Mimi says that Belle should come by Bonnie’s new bar. Mimi doesn’t want Belle to be alone. Belle says that Philip is with her. Mimi talks to Philip on the phone and tells him that he has to bring Belle over to see Shawn. Philip opens his fortune cookie. It says “love is yours for the taking”. Philip looks at a picture from his wallet.

Shawn asks Bonnie if there is anything he can do. Bonnie says there is. Bonnie has a fantasy of Blue County playing in her bar. Bonnie dances with all the cowboys.

Mickey shows up and hugs Bonnie. Belle shows up and sees Shawn.

Julie says that Celeste should read Patrick’s cards. Patrick says that he doesn’t believe in all that magic stuff. Celeste says that maybe he has a gift for healing. Julie leaves. Lexie tells Julie to call her if she has any symptoms.

Celeste gets a feeling about Patrick. Celeste asks to see Patrick’s coin and he refuses to show it to her.

Mickey says that he’s glad there are people around. Bonnie has something to show him.

Bonnie shows Mickey the new sign that says “Alice’s”.

Rex and Mimi come back inside. Rex leaves it to Mimi. Mimi tells Belle that Shawn still loves Belle. Shawn has disappeared though. Shawn is looking at his ring and saying that he won’t be able to forgive Belle.

Patrick and Celeste apologize to each other for being rude. Patrick finds out that Celeste was involved with Stefano and that Lexie is their daughter. Patrick says he lost the coin and then goes outside to look at it. Lexie asks what happened there. Celeste says there is something strange about Patrick.

Hope and Bo are kissing in bed when John calls. John says that he’s bringing in the killer and that everyone must meet him there.

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