Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/7/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/7/04

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Characters appearing: Bo, Hope, Belle, Sami, Lucas, Will, John, Marlena, Lexie, Celeste, Philip, and Shawn

Bo and Hope’s house:

Bo tells Hope that Tek checked John’s cell phone record. Hope wonders why Alice would call John. Bo says that Alice did try to call her and replays the message that Alice left at the station on the answering machine.

Belle’s loft:

Belle writes an e-mail apologizing to Shawn. Someone knocks on Belle’s door and she thinks it’s Shawn.

Sami’s apartment:

Lucas, Will and Sami arrive back home. Will says that Sami should have stayed at the hospital. Sami says she’s fine. Will says he worried about her. Will says he can’t believe that Grandma Marlena is the killer. Sami says Marlena is not the killer and that she doesn’t want Will to ever say that again.

Marlena’s hospital room:

John tells Marlena they won’t rest until they figure out what is wrong. Lexie and Celeste arrive. Lexie says that Marlena’s vitals are stable. Celeste comes and tells John how sorry she is. John says that Marlena accused him of pushing her off the terrace. Celeste says there is a way to get Marlena to tell the truth.

Hope feels bad that she wasn’t there for Alice. Bo says that they did everything they could. Bo says now they know that John was telling the truth about the phone call. Hope says that they don’t know for sure what John and Alice talked about. Shawn comes in and asks to spend the night. Shawn says he doesn’t know if he’ll ever be able to trust Belle again.

Philip arrives at Belle’s with Chinese food. Belle says that she’s fine and just wants to be alone.

Celeste wants to feel Marlena’s feelings and get inside her mind to see if Marlena is really guilty. John says he will not allow Celeste to do that.

Will says that it’s a good thing that Lucas saved Sami. Lucas tells Will not to think about the possibility of losing Sami. Lucas says he doesn’t know what he would do if he ever lost Sami.

Philip doesn’t want to leave Belle alone. Philip says he knows everything about Belle and proves it by saying he knows she likes peanut butter but not bologna. Belle says that all of that was from

Hope says that Belle was just confused and was trying to protect her mother. Hope says that they don’t know if Marlena really is the killer. Shawn says that if Marlena isn’t the killer then they might be able to work it out.

John refuses to let Celeste go into Marlena’s private thoughts. Lexie wonders why John is afraid of to do it. Lexie tells John that Celeste has always been right and that Celeste has a gift. Celeste only wants to help. John says he tried to stop Marlena. Lexie says that all the victims were doomed. John says he should’ve been the one that almost died from falling of the terrace. Celeste says that sounds a lot like a confession.

Will reminds Sami that Lucas has saved her life before, like when Lucas saved Sami from the tiger. Sami has a flashback of her and Lucas in the cave. Sami sincerely thanks Lucas for saving her life.

Philip and Belle get ready to eat the Chinese food. He says he brought Kung Pao chicken and Belle gets sad because it was Shawn’s favorite.

Shawn shows Hope and Bo the wool rings from Grandpa Shawn.

John says that if he had fallen then nobody would ever have known Marlena confessed. Lexie says that would not be good because then Marlena would continue killing. Lexie says that Marlena is a monster. John says that the woman he married is still inside Marlena’s body and he still loves her.

Lucas asks Sami why he saved her life. Sami says that it is because of Will. Lucas says there are other reasons. Sami tells Will he needs to go to bed. Lucas tells Sami she should take painkillers. Sami says she doesn’t want to take anything that will make her out of it in the morning because she has to be there for her mom. Lucas tries to tell Sami the other reason, but Sami doesn’t let him and she goes to bed.

Belle says that she just misses Shawn. Belle says that Shawn gave her many chances to tell the truth and she wonders why she didn’t tell. Philip reminds Belle that Shawn lied about being the father of Jan’s baby. Belle doesn’t want to believe that her mother or her father is the serial killer. Philip says that they just have to trust the police to do the right thing. Philip says that Shawn will come around eventually. Belle says that she’s lost Shawn for good. Belle and Philip hug.

Hope says that Shawn must forgive Belle. Hope reminds him that he lied about being the father of Jan’s baby. Shawn says that was different. Hope changes her mind and refuses to let Shawn hide out in the house.

Lexie says that in spite of his love for Marlena he must do the right thing. John is conflicted. Marlena did confess, but then she took it back and accused John. Celeste says that using her powers might put an end to this mystery. Lexie agrees that it might be the only way.

Sami comes out of her bathroom and sees Lucas. Lucas gives her some warm milk and honey, just like Sami’s grandmother used to make. Sami thanks him again. Lucas says he’ll be by in the morning to help Sami get ready. Lucas starts to leave and Sami tell him to wait. Lucas asks Sami what she wants. Lucas asks if Sami wants him to stay for the night to protect her. Sami says yes.

Philip says that Belle and Shawn have had many ups and downs and have always worked it out. Philip reminds Belle about all the times Shawn has overreacted, like when Shawn got jealous of Belle’s date with Philip. Belle says nothing would ever happen between her and Philip. Belle says that she needs a guy’s perspective on what has happened.

Hope reminds Shawn of what Belle must be going through. Belle’s mother almost died and was accused of being a killer. Shawn says that Hope is right and that he’s going to go be with Belle. Bo disagrees with the advice Hope gave Shawn. Bo says if he were in Shawn’s place he wouldn’t forgive Belle because he is so sure that Marlena is the killer. He believes that Belle’s lie cost Alice her life.

Lucas joins Sami in bed. Sami says she’s afraid of having bad dreams. Lucas says he’ll scare her bad dreams away. Sami said that she really appreciated what Lucas did for her. Lucas tells her to relax.

Philip tells Belle to be patient and Shawn will return. Philip tells Belle to have faith in her friends. Belle asks Philip what she should think about her dad if Marlena is innocent. Philip puts of some music and tells Belle that they’ll have fun and eat. Belle says she doesn’t like cashews and asks Philip if he wants them. She says she likes the song he picked. Philip says everything will be better in the morning.

Shawn is outside of Belle’s loft and hears the music. He’s curious.

Hope says that she was just trying to remind Shawn that family is everything. Bo tells Hope he’ll always be there for her. Hope cannot believe that Alice is gone. Bo and Hope hug.

John asks Celeste what else could happen if she does the mind meld with Marlena. Celeste says that the suffering isn’t over. There will be worse things to come. John agrees to let Celeste feel Marlena for any clues. Lexie says that maybe she and John should wait outside because it might take awhile. John says he doesn’t want to leave. John says he’s so sorry for Lexie and everyone else who lost someone, but he just cannot believe that Marlena could be capable of killing so many people. Celeste gasps and jumps up shocked!

Bo says that arguments are part of love. He says he’s glad he married a passionate woman and is sorry for their spat. He says there is one good thing about fighting and Hope asks if it’s making up. Bo and Hope kiss. Bo carries Hope upstairs.

Shawn wonders why Belle is laughing.

Philip reminds Belle of fun times that they had in high school. They remember biology class and the Last Blast dance. Belle tells Philip that he’s a good friend and that she really didn’t want to be alone. Shawn walks in and sees Belle and Philip hugging.

Lucas asks Sami if she’s asleep. Sami says she’s not because Lucas keeps asking if she’s asleep. Sami says that waking up is the worst part because that’s when she remembers she lost her dad. Sami says that she wouldn’t be able to live without her mom. Sami wonders why no one will listen to her.

Lexie and John ask Celeste what she knows. Celeste says that Marlena is innocent!!! John says he knew Marlena was innocent and that he knows whom the real killer is. He says he’s going to go bring in the real killer!!! John leaves and Marlena has a little smirk on her face.

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