Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/6/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 4/6/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Lexie, Jennifer, Brady, Nicole, Sami, Marlena, John, Bo, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Philip, Lucas, Kate, Jan, Patrick, and a receptionist

Nicole’s bathroom:

Nicole is taking a bubble bath and listening to music. Brady walks in and holds up the CD player about to drop it in the tub.

The hospital chapel:

Belle and Shawn talk. Belle says she knew it was a lie when she said it. Belle says she was so sure her mother was not the killer. Belle says she wishes she could take it back. Shawn says nothing will ever be the same. Shawn goes into the chapel and Belle follows. Belle asks Shawn to not let this come between them. Shawn says that it’s too late. Shawn blames Alice’s death on Belle.

The hospital reception desk:

Patrick asks the receptionist how Jennifer is doing. The receptionist can’t tell him anything because he’s not a relative. Patrick looks at his coin.

Jennifer’s cubicle:

Jennifer tells Lexie that the baby is a gift from Jack and God. Lexie says they have done everything they can and that she’s worried about the stress to Jennifer’s body. Lexie tells Jennifer there is no choice but to terminate the pregnancy.

The hospital waiting area:

Kate says she still can’t believe that Marlena killed Alice Horton. Kate tells Philip that he must be there for Belle. Kate wonders how Marlena could hurt the people she loves.

Marlena’s room:

Bo, Hope, Sami and John are in Marlena’s room. Marlena asks why John pushed her off the balcony. (the audience know this to not be true) John says Marlena is lying and that Marlena confessed to being the serial killer. Marlena says that her story is right and the John pushed her off the balcony. Sami says that she knew it all along. Lucas walks in and tells Sami to calm down. Sami says she can’t since John is trying to kill Marlena and frame her for the murders.

The hospital chapel:

Belle says she cannot believe Marlena is a killer. She says that Marlena is her mother and made her who she is. Shawn says that all the evidence points to Marlena. Shawn says that if Belle hadn’t lied then at least some of the victims would still be alive.

Bo says it’s not that easy to arrest John because there are conflicting stories. Sami tells John to leave because Marlena doesn’t want him there. John asks Marlena and Marlena tells him to leave. John agrees. Sami asks for a moment alone with Marlena. Hop, Bo and Lucas leave too. Sami says she will take care of her mother and make sure that nobody hurts her.

The waiting area:

Lucas, John and Philip join Kate. Philip asks John how Marlena is. John says Marlena isn’t making any sense and that Sami isn’t helping matters. Lucas defends Sami and Kate asks how he can defend her. Philip says he’s going to call Belle to check up on her. John says that’s a good idea.

Philip runs into Jan disguised as a nurse. He thinks he knows her, but Jan leaves pretending to answer a page to the O.R.

John tells Kate that Marlena accused John and that Marlena said she was innocent.

Hope tells Bo that they have no choice but to arrest John because Marlena and Sami’s stories match.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Brady tells Nicole she should be more careful. Nicole says that she changed her mind about leaving. Nicole asks Brady why Marlena turned out to be a serial killer. Nicole thinks Marlena died, but Brady tells Nicole that his mom will make a full recovery. Nicole almost chokes on her martini from that news. Brady wonders why Nicole is so shocked. Nicole gets out of the tub and asks Brady for a towel. Then she drops her towel.

Back at the hospital:

Lexie wipes tears away and then sees Patrick. Patrick asks Lexie about Jennifer. Lexie says Jennifer isn’t doing well.

Jennifer asks Jack if there is anything she can do to save the baby. Patrick comes in and says there just might be.

Shawn says Belle was the reason that he let down his guard. He said he believed Belle and that led to more deaths. Shawn says that it is too late to bring back Alice. Belle says that if Marlena ends up being responsible for the killings then it’ll be her fault for lying. Belle wants to know if everything will be ok. Shawn says that he cannot guarantee it. Belle sees Jan dressed up as the nurse and looks surprised.

John tells Kate that Father Jansen couldn’t determine the status of Marlena’s soul because she was sedated.

Bo says that he won’t arrest John. Hope says that there is too much circumstancial evidence. Hope wonders why Alice would call John and not her or Bo.

John tells his story over again to Kate. He says Marlena confessed. Sami interrupts and says that John is the only one capable of killing sweet Alice. Marlena comes out of her room and confirms Sami’s story. Sami is surprised to see her mother up. Marlena says that John is the serial killer and then she faints. The guard and Sami catch her.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Brady covers Nicole up again. Brady says that Nicole and her body don’t do anything for him. Brady says he is only home for a little while and he’s on his way back to the hospital to be with his dad. Brady says that the police don’t think Marlena killed Victor because she has an alibi. Nicole asks who they think did it. Brady says they think Nicole and her accomplice did it. Nicole tries to defend herself. Brady says Bo is sending people to investigate. Nicole has a black and white fantasy of Bo interrogating her about Victor’s death. In her fantasy, Nicole flirts with Bo and gets Bo to forget about the accusation. Bo kisses her in the fantasy. Back in real life, Nicole wonders if Jan will be able to keep her mouth shut. Nicole goes back to the fantasy, this time with Jan, and Jan confesses to everything.

Nicole gets a message from Jan to be at the hospital.

Jennifer’s cubicle:

Jennifer asks why Patrick is there. Patrick says that Lexie asked him to stay with Jennifer until she came back. Patrick asks Jennifer to trust in herself and her love with Jack. Jennifer is confused and Patrick says that it’s not too late to save the baby.

The hospital chapel:

Belle tells the nurse (Jan) that cell phone use is not allowed in hospitals. Shawn reminds Belle of their pact to tell the truth. Belle tells Shawn that she wanted to and tried to tell him the truth. Shawn says that Belle didn’t try hard enough. Shawn leaves and Belle persues him.

Nicole arrives and finds Jan and asks what happened now.

Marlena’s room:

Lucas and Philip help Marlena back to her bed. Weakly, Marlena says she’s ok.

The waiting area:

Sami asks Bo to arrest John again since Marlena just used her last ounce of strength to say John was the killer. Sami threatens to call the commissioner and report Bo for not taking action against John. John protests and says that he never did anything but love Marlena and Sami.

Hope says that they need to arrest John because Marlena identified him as her attacker. Shawn walks in angrily. Bo and Hope wonder what is wrong. Hope leaves to find out, but first tells Bo that he has a decision to make. Hope says that if Bo doesn’t arrest John then she will.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Brady comes out of the shower and finds Nicole gone. Brady wonders where Nicole went and in such a hurry because her phone is left on the floor.

Jan tells Nicole that they are about to get everything they ever wanted.

Patrick puts his coin in Jennifer’s hand and tells her to concentrate and focus on her love for Jack and the baby. Lexie comes back and finds Patrick watching a sleeping Jennifer. Lexie says she’s about to start the procedure. Patrick intervenes and tells Lexie that she cannot terminate Jennifer’s pregnancy.

Jennifer wakes up and says she just had the most restful sleep. Jennifer worries that Lexie already did something. Lexie says she didn’t do anything yet and that she wants to check Jennifer over one last time. Lexie looks over everything and realizes that there is absolutely nothing wrong with the baby. Jennifer says it was because of Patrick. Jennifer thanks Patrick and Patrick says that Jennifer did it all on her own.

Jan tells Nicole that Belle and Shawn just broke up. Nicole says that they are still in trouble because Marlena didn’t die.

Philip runs into Belle. Belle tells Philip that she might have lost Shawn forever and Philip comforts her.

Hope asks Shawn what is wrong. Shawn says that he proposed to Belle and found out Belle lied about Marlena’s alibi for Doug.

Kate asks how Lucas could defend Sami against John. Lucas asks how Kate could think Marlena could kill anyone. Kate says that if what she thinks is right then Marlena could very well be capable of killing.

Bo asks Hope about Shawn. Hope says that Belle lied about Marlena’s alibi. Bo decides there is not enough evidence to arrest either John or Marlena. Hope says that he has to do something. Bo says he is doing what is right.

Marlena looks out the window from her bed and sees John watching her.

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