Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/5/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 4/5/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Jennifer, Lexie, Hope, Shawn, Belle, Sami, John, Marlena, Bo, a Nurse, Dr. Delgado, Julie, Mickey, Abby, Father Jansen

At the hospital:

Lexie checks Jennifer and says Jennifer’s condition is stabilizing. Lexie wants to do an ultrasound. Jennifer tells Hope to find out about the investigation. Jennifer says that the stress of learning Marlena is the killer caused the problems with the baby. Lexie says that she should have brought in Jennifer the first time. Jennifer says her baby is s fighter and will be ok. Lexie says abnormal cell growth is causing fetal distress. Jennifer says she’ll stay in bed for months if she has to, but then her pains start again.

Hospital rooftop:

Belle asks Shawn if he’s proposing. Shawn says if he’d had more time he would’ve made it more romantic. Belle has a flashback to her conversation with Sami about Marlena’s fake alibi. Belle says she doesn’t deserve to be happy. Belle tries to tell Shawn about the lie when a nurse interrupts saying Marlena woke up. Belle says she needs to go see her mom.

Hospital waiting area:

Bo tells Hope Marlena woke up and says that Marlena claims her innocence.

Marlena’s hospital room:

Marlena is awake and says she’s innocent. John says that the Doc they all know and love would never be guilty. John says he’s going to help Marlena with whatever has gone wrong with her. Sami is overjoyed that her mother is ok and that she is innocent. Sami continues to call John a killer. The monitors start beeping and Sami says that it’s Marlena’s heart and Marlena goes unconscious again.

Jennifer asks if there is something to stop her labor. Lexie says there is something, but warns Jennifer about the risk of her own life. Jennifer wants to give her baby a chance.

Belle says that Shawn doesn’t have to go with her. Shawn says he wants to. Belle freaks out about Marlena’s condition.

Sami tells Hope that John has to stay away from Marlena. Belle tells Sami to shut up her accusations that John is a killer.

Dr. Delgado says that Marlena has been sedated and that she needs to rest. Belle asks to see Marlena and the doctor says no. John tells Shawn and Belle to go home and get some rest He won’t let anyone see her at the moment. Bo wants to question Marlena before she goes to sleep. The doctor says that if Bo questions Marlena now after the episode she just had then there is a possibility that she could die. Bo says that would be doing everyone a favor. John gets angry and shakes Bo for saying such a thing about Marlena.

Hope breaks up Bo and John. Sami says John is inherently violent. John sais that he loves Marlena and will defend her to the death. Hope says that they don’t know for sure if Marlena is the killer because they don’t have all the facts. Bo takes back his comment. Bo asks how Hope could defend Marlena when she was attack in the police station. Bo said that Marlena confessed and that’s all the evidence he needs. Sami points out that John was the only one to hear the confession. John says that Marlena is sick and that she needs help. Bo asks John how he expects anyone to help the woman who killed their family and friends. Sami continues to say that John is the killer and that he pushed Marlena off the terrace. Sami says if they don’t arrest him now he will kill Marlena.

Hospital rooftop:

Belle says it’s not a good time to get married. Shawn said he was trying to turn that around by proposing. Shawn says their families have suffered so much. Shawn says that their love will get them through anything. Belle says she’s not sure. Shawn tells the story of how his grandparents got the wool rings. Shawn said that Caroline would want Belle to have the ring. Belle says it’s more than a diamond ring. Belle turns down the proposal.

Julie comes to see Jennifer. Jennifer says the baby will be ok because the contractions are stopping. Julie said that she never had a biological child and her life with Doug was still fulfilled. She points out the same thing for Maggie and Mickey. Julie says that Jack and Jennifer are already blessed with Abby. Julie says there was nothing like the look on Abby’s face when Jennifer was crying in pain. Julie reminds Jennifer how much Abby means. Abby comes and hugs Jennifer. Jennifer says it’s not Abby’s fault and Abby says it’s not Jennifer’s fault either. They each say they love each other.

Belle says she wants to marry Shawn but says she did something wrong. Shawn says that their love is the most important thing. Belle says she lied and that she wanted to tell him but something always got in the way. Belle thinks Shawn will never forgive her.

Hope says that everybody knows what if feels like to lose a parent but it is no reason to accuse people without proof. Sami wants to make sure Marlena is safe. Bo says there will be a guard outside her door 24/7. John says he’s bringing in a psychiatrist to look over Marlena. John also says he’s bringing in Father Jansen to check to see if she’s possessed. Bo says that Marlena will know how to beat the system and plead insanity. Sami asks about doing a lie detector test and Bo says she would know how to get out of that too. Sami says John should take a lie detector test and John agrees, but then Sami says that John probably knows how to cheat those too. Hope says that Sami needs to chill on the accusations. Hope asks John if he really thinks she could be possessed. Sami says Marlena is not possessed. Sami says that John is a liar.

Father Jansen arrives. He asks where Marlena is.

Marlena has a flashback to her vision of the tiger jumping at her near Roman’s grave. She sits straight up in her bed and shakes. Then she lies back down.

In the hospital chapel:

Abby says a prayer and lights a candle.

Father Jansen leads a prayer in Marlena’s room. Father Jansen says the true nature of a person’s soul is hard to determine. Sami yells at John again for thinking Marlena could be possessed. Father Jansen says he can’t do much more if Marlena has been sedated. He leaves to talk with Hope outside the door.

Mickey and Julie are also with Abby praying for their family.

Hope asks Lexie about Jennifer. Lexie says Jennifer’s doing ok. Hope tells Lexie that Marlena was awake long enough to say she was innocent. Lexie asks how this could be. Hope says she doesn’t know since there are so many different stories.

Belle says that she lied about Marlena’s alibi for Doug’s murder. Shawn leaves in a huff and refuse to listen to anymore. He says it’s too late.

Abby asks Jennifer if she and the baby are ok. Jennifer says that the prayers that Abby said really helped. Abby says that she really needs Jennifer. Jennifer says she loves Abby more than anything. Julie and Mickey come in and offer to take Abby to the cafeteria for ice cream. Abby goes with them. Jennifer asks Jack if she’s doing the right thing. Jennifer has another contraction and calls out for Lexie. Lexie says her labor is starting up again.

Belle looks at the purity ring on her finger and has a vision of Rex reading a newspaper asking her to marry him.

Marlena wakes up and addresses Sami and John. Marlena looks confused. John asks her if she can remember anything that happened tonight. Marlena has a flashback of Father Jansen saying a prayer over her and then she says she’s sorry.

Lexie says she consulted with Dr. Bader and the on-call neonatologist. Lexie says there is nothing more that she can do to save the baby.

Belle finds Shawn. Shawn wants to hear that Belle was just confused. Belle says she lied because she was so sure that Marlena was not the serial killer. Shawn leaves and tells Belle that nothing will ever be the same.

Marlena said that of all people she should’ve been able to stop the killings. Hope asks Marlena if she remembered anything from tonight on the terrace. Marlena says John was there and he was angry. Marlena says that she told John she was innocent and that John got mad and wanted her to admit something. Marlena says that couldn’t be right because John is her husband. She then says that John pushed her off the balcony. John is shocked!

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