Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/3/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 4/3/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Mickey, Jennifer, Julie, Shawn, Belle, Bo, Hope, Lexie, Sami, Lucas, John, Marlena, Philip, Kate, Rex and Mimi

Jennifer’s living room:

Mickey, Jennifer and Julie are talking at Jennifer’s house. Mickey tells them that Hope says Celeste predicted another Horton was going to die. Julie asks Jennifer about the baby. Jennifer says there was a slight scare, but everything is ok.

The hospital:

Shawn and Belle say that Alice was part of each of their families. Shawn says Belle can clear Marlena’s name. Belle says that nothing is making any sense because Sami says that John pushed Marlena off the balcony. Belle says she has something to tell Shawn but Philip interrupts. Philip says there is news about Marlena.

Lexie says she was sorry to keep everybody waiting. Lexie says that Marlena has no internal bleeding or broken bones. Marlena doesn’t even have a head injury. Lexie says Marlena will recover since both the awning and Sami broke Marlena’s fall. Bo wants to question Marlena as soon as she wakes up. Bo wants Marlena prosecuted as soon as possible and preferably on death row. John says that the questioning can wait. Sami is thankful her mom is still alive. Kate appears and asks John if he’s ok. Sami accuses Kate along with John.

Jennifer tells the story about how Patrick saved her baby with a hot water bottle. Julie says that it was a mistake to let Patrick stay in the house until she learns that he saved Jennifer’s baby. Jennifer says that she agreed to let Patrick stay as long as he wants.

Bo says that all the Bradys and Hortons have a right to know the serial killer has been caught and the nightmare is over. Hope says that is only if Marlena’s guilty. Hope says that if Marlena is guilty then the nightmare is far from over.

Shawn asks Alice for help with Belle. Shawn figures out exactly what Belle needs just after Belle goes to check on Marlena.

Sami continues to accuse Kate and John for the serial killings. Sami says that Kate had the perfect alibi by marrying Roman. Sami even accuses Kate and John of being lovers. John says that Sami is never going to accept the fact that her mother is a killer. John can’t say that Marlena is a killer even though he knows it. Kate says that Sami needs professional help. John leaves to go talk to Bo.

Lucas and Kate talk about Sami. Kate asks Lucas why he saved Sami. Kate said that he should have let Sami die.

Julie is still hesitant about Patrick. Julie is afraid that Bonnie and Patrick are going to take advantage of Mickey and Jennifer. Julie gets upset and leaves the room. Mickey says that he didn’t mean to upset Julie since tomorrow is Doug’s funeral.

Rex asks Mimi why she’s upset. Mimi says that she is angry at her mother for not agreeing with the marriage. Rex says that a poor man getting married might have worked for Grandpa Shawn, but Rex wants to be a success when he marries Mimi. Shawn knocks on Rex’s door. Shawn says he wants help to surprise Belle, but first he has some bad news.

Belle and Philip talk about Shawn. Belle regrets lying to Shawn. She’s afraid Shawn will never want to talk to her again.

Kate says that Lucas should stay away from Sami because Sami could be the death of them both.

Lexie talks to an unconscious Marlena. She asks Marlena why she had to cause so much pain to the people of Salem. She says it would have been her and Abe’s wedding anniversary now. Sami overhears Lexie and says she’s going to get another doctor. Lexie says she took a Hippocratic oath and that Sami has nothing to worry about. Lexie says they will find out the truth when Marlena wakes up and it should be soon. Sami tells Marlena not to worry.

Bo says that Marlena’s fingerprints were all over John’s gun, which was found in the bushes. This supports John’s story that Marlena held him at gunpoint. Sami says Bo shouldn’t get too carried away because she’ll defend Marlena. Sami says Bo will have no case against Marlena.

Shawn tells Rex and Mimi about Alice’s death and Marlena being accused of being the serial killer. Rex says that it makes no sense that the woman who gave birth to him could be a killer. Rex says that Belle is Marlena’s alibi for Doug’s murder. Rex says it is possible that Belle lied. Shawn says that after he lied about Jan’s baby the two of them promised never to lie. Shawn says he wants to asks Belle to marry him.

Philip says that Belle only tried to protect her mother.

Kate tells Philip that he needs to find the right girl. Kate says that Belle would be perfect for him because she’s the opposite of Sami.

Sami says that Bo and John will not have a case. Sami says that all of John’s evidence is based on his own testimony and that he could be lying to protect himself or maybe Kate. Sami says that when Marlena wakes up Marlena will nail John as the killer.

Hope comes to tell Jennifer, Mickey, and Julie that someone has died. Julie asks if it is Celeste, but Hope tells them that it was Alice. Hope tries to comfort both Julie and Jennifer.

Hope leaves to go get Julie some water. Hope asks why she didn’t go check on Alice. Hope says that John says that Marlena admitted to being the serial killer.

Sami theorizes about how John could be the killer and tries to convince Bo. She says that John was probably jealous of Roman. Sami says that Marlena was close to all the victims and she loved them all with the possible exception of Tony. Sami says that Marlena probably found out that John was the killer and that’s why John pushed Marlena off the terrace.

Kate says that Philip has so much in common with Belle. She says that Philip and Belle are even from the same social class. Philip says he won’t go after Belle while she’s with Shawn, but he would if something came between them.

Shawn asks Rex if he’ll turn over the Irish wool rings from Grandpa Shawn to Shawn to propose to Belle with. Mimi gets all excited and hugs Shawn over the news. Shawn says nothing can keep him and Belle apart.

Philip tells his mother that Belle lied to Shawn. Kate says that Philip should take advantage of the situation and that maybe Belle and Shawn aren’t meant to be together. Lucas sees Kate and asks her what’s she’s been up to.

Belle tells Sami that she has to tell Shawn about the lie, that she wasn’t Marlena’s alibi for Doug. Sami says Belle cannot do that. Belle says that sooner or later Shawn will find out. Sami says Belle will lose Shawn forever if she tells.

Mimi says that Belle always dreamed up how Shawn’s proposal, but that Belle will be happy no matter what. Shawn says that he just feels like tonight is the night to propose to Belle. He says that if it doesn’t work out tonight then maybe it was never meant to be.

Hope, Julie, Jennifer and Mickey all have a hard time believing that Marlena could be the killer. Hope tells all three of them about John’s story. She says that Alice called John to tell him Marlena is the killer and then he confronted her about it and they fought. She says Marlena fell over the terrace. Julie asks if she died and Hope says that Lexie says she’ll pull through. Hope says she’ll be facing nine accounts of murder. Jennifer asks if there’s any evidence. Hope says there is circumstantial evidence. Julie says that she killed Doug, not Marlena.

Hope asks Julie why she’d say that. Julie says that she went to Marlena the night of Doug’s death. Julie blames herself for telling Marlena that Doug knew who the killer was. Hope says that the one ultimately responsible is the killer. Jennifer says that she didn’t even get a chance to say goodbye to Alice. Jennifer suddenly has abdominal pains again and they all head off for the hospital.

Rex and Mimi talk about Shawn and Belle’s future engagement. Mimi says that Shawn and Belle deserve to be getting married now since they have been together for so long.

Back at the hospital, Shawn blindfolds Belle because he has a surprise for her. Belle protests and says that she has something she needs to tell him.

Lucas wants to give Philip advice about Belle. He tells Philip he should go for Belle. Lucas says he plans on going after his love. Kate says it depends on who the woman is. She says Philip can go after Belle, but Lucas cannot go after Sami.

Sami talks to Marlena. She promises her mom that she’ll be good if Marlena wakes up. Sami says that she needs Marlena so much. Marlena’s eyes open. Sami gets excited and asks Marlena how she is and if she can talk.

Rex and Mimi kiss, but Rex is distracted by the serial killer case. He says that someone lied. It was either John or Belle. Mimi says she doesn’t want to ruin Belle and Shawn’s night. Rex says that Belle and Shawn cannot start an engagement on a lie.

Shawn takes Belle up to the roof and they look at the stars. Shawn says looking at the stars is like looking at their future. Shawn asks Belle to marry him.

Lucas tells Philip not to take romantic advice from Kate.

Lexie attends to Jennifer. Jennifer says that the pains are worse than before. Hope and Julie worry about the possible loss of Jennifer too. Mickey is on his way to the hospital with Abby.

Sami tells Marlena to say that she (Marlena) is innocent. Bo and John walk in and Marlena tells John that she’s innocent. Sami is overjoyed. John and Bo look confused.

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