Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 4/1/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/31/04

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Characters appearing: Brady, Nicole, Belle, Shawn, Bo, Hope, Alice, Lexie, Tek, Marlena, John, Sami, and Lucas

The Kiriakis mansion:

Brady notices that Nicole is not around. Something catches his attention and then he says that she’s been lying the whole time.

The corner outside of Belle’s building:

Nicole is upset that Marlena knows the truth about Victor’s death. Nicole is furious with Jan and leaves Jan alone in the rain. Jan calls out to Shawn for help. Jan says that she needs Shawn more than ever, but Shawn is busy talking with Belle.

Belle’s loft:

Belle asks Shawn where Marlena is. Shawn does not know. Shawn says that John is not taking any chances with her. Belle still doesn’t want to believe that her mother is the killer. Shawn tells Belle about Celeste’s premonition in which another Horton is predicted to die.

The Penthouse living room:

John asks Marlena is she killed Alice Horton. Marlena says she was afraid this would happen and John asks if that was a confession.

Bo and Hope find Alice sitting at the table in the kitchen. Alice is still alive, but her pulse is very weak. Bo asks if Marlena is the one responsible, but Alice does not answer.

Marlena tries to explain John’s suspicions on Stefano. John says that Alice said Marlena is the killer.

Bo and Hope say they are there to help Alice. They want to know who is the killer, but Alice is not responding. Hope says that help is on the way. Lexie and Tek arrive at the scene. Hope begs Lexie to save Alice. Bo tells Tek he needs to find some evidence in the house. Tek says it was most likely Marlena and Hope asks how Marlena could ever do something like this.

Belle still doesn’t believe Shawn about Marlena. Shawn tells Belle about Celeste’s “the lies will kill the love” premonition. Shawn calls his mother and Hope tells him that he needs to get to Alice’s house right away. Shawn asks if it was the killer and if Alice is dead.

Lucas’ apartment:

Lucas calls The Brady Pub to check on Will. Kate is with Will. Kate tells Lucas to be careful. Lucas says that he cares about Sami. Sami still says that John is the killer. Lucas decides to check up on the other Hortons. He calls Alice’s and Tek answers. Lucas asks if there was another killing.

Nicole walks in and asks why Brady is up. Brady confronts Nicole about the opera house model that Nicole burned. He says all Nicole cares about is keeping Chloe away.

Jan is walking along the street and sees a display in a store window and has a fantasy about Shawn. She dreams they are on a tropical island. In the fantasy, Jan and Shawn kiss and then Jan confesses to killing Victor and Shawn pushes her over. Shawn then takes Jan’s head and puts it in a piranha tank.

Shawn and Belle arrive at Alice’s house. Lexie breaks the bad news that Alice has died and there was nothing that could have been done to save her.

Marlena says that Alice lied about saying Marlena’s the killer. John asks if she is still the Marlena he’s always known. John brings up the time that Shawn was almost stabbed in bed. He says that Marlena must also wonder who was in the bed. Marlena asks for a chance to prove her innocence. John gets interrupted by Bo’s call that Alice has died from donuts. John does not tell Bo that Marlena is in the room too. John decides to give Marlena a chance to prove her innocence, but he says if she can’t, then it’s all over.

Shawn and Hope hug each other over the loss of Alice. Belle says she’s sorry and Shawn has a flashback of Puerto Rico when he presented Alice with the ruby. Hope says that Alice was the greatest person. Bo hugs Hope too and says he knows how deep it goes for her. Bo reminds Hope of the time he almost lost her and Alice was the one who knew it. Hope flashes back to the time when she came running into Alice’s to tell her that her memory was back. Hope was so happy when she remembered her past.

Alice appears as a ghost in the kitchen. Hope says that Alice always wanted to be with Grandpa and now she is.

Sami and Lucas walk in and Sami asks if Alice is dead. Sami worries Marlena will be the next victim. Bo says that would be impossible unless Marlena commits suicide because Marlena is the killer.

Marlena tells John that she is the woman he married. Marlena says she loves John more than the day she married him. Marlena says that the killer, whoever he is, has made John believe Marlena’s the killer.

Sami says that John is the killer and that he’s going to kill Marlena because Celeste predicted it. Lucas says that he never felt worthy of Alice’s love. Hope says that Alice was very proud of him. Belle asks Sami if they are going to question Marlena. Belle says she is feeling really bad about lying to Shawn. Sami says that lawyers can make people believe anything. Sami tells Belle that she’d better keep her mouth shut if they are going to save their mother.

Sami yells to Shawn that Marlena is not the killer. Shawn says he understands and doesn’t know how John could be so sure since Belle is Marlena’s alibi. Shawn asks his father if he thinks Nicole could be the killer because Nicole told a lot of lies. Brady is now convinced that Nicole hired someone to kill Victor while Nicole was handcuffed to him and that way she’d have an alibi. Jan calls Nicole from the street and tells her she has all the evidence Victor collected against Nicole.

Bo asks Belle if she saw Marlena tonight. Belle says no. Tek comes in and says there is a boot print outside. He and Bo leave to go look at it. Sami decides that she can’t wait around crying and goes off to find Marlena. Belle protests. Sami leaves. Lucas walks in and asks where Sami went. He says Sami is always making things worse.

Lexie says she’s so sorry to Hope as Hope is crying at the kitchen table.

John looks in Marlena’s gloves and finds powdered sugar. He says that Bo found powdered sugar around Alice’s mouth and that proves Marlena killed Alice. Marlena decides to tell the truth. Marlena cries and hugs John and asks for help. She says she was scared and confesses to all the murders. John says that he will help her, but then Marlena pulls away with a gun in hand and says Alice won’t be the last victim of the night.

Brady says that Nicole’s accomplice is not listed after he used *69. Brady gives Nicole’s phone back and says he is through covering for her. Nicole says that Jan should leave town if she wants to stay out of prison. Nicole says Jan will never have Shawn because Jan messed up. Jan says that Shawn is the only thing she has to live for.

Shawn believes Belle about the alibi. Shawn and Belle hug.

Hope is still hesitant to name Marlena as the killer.

Marlena moves John out to the terrace. Marlena says that she never left any evidence behind. She says her best idea was kicking John out. Marlena says that she wants John to jump off the terrace so it will look like suicide!! John says that he still loves her. He says that Marlena doesn’t really want to shoot him and that deep down she still loves him. He says their love is eternal. John gets the gun out of her hand and then they struggle on the terrace. Sami sees it from the street and thinks John is killing Marlena.

Nicole gets out her passport and asks it to take her far out of Salem. As Nicole is leaving, Brady stops her.

Jan looks at pictures in Belle’s loft. She picks up Shawn’s picture and says that she does everything for Shawn. Jan says she can’t live anymore. There is a noose hanging from the ceiling!!

Hope says that Marlena cannot be the killer because Belle is her alibi for Doug’s murder. Tek and Bo say that Belle is lying. Hope says that Alice will always be with her. Bo says that they will find the killer.

Lexie says there will never be another Alice Horton. Lucas says that Sami is going to do something dumb and dangerous.

John and Marlena are still fighting on the terrace. Marlena says that John will never turn her in. John says that he still loves her. Sami is calling for help from the street. Marlena says she’d kill him first! John pushes Marlena back and she trips and falls over the balcony!!!


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