Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/2/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 4/2/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: John, Marlena, Sami, Lucas, Nicole, Brady, Jan, Belle, Shawn, Lexie, Bo, Hope, Tek, Philip, Henderson

Marlena’s terrace:

John calls to Marlena over the balcony, but she doesn’t answer so he runs downstairs.

In front of the Penthouse:

Lucas finds Sami and Marlena on the street and calls for help.

Hope and Shawn hug. They talk about what Alice would’ve done if she was alive. Shawn says Alice was looking forward to his wedding. Belle asks if there is anything she can do. Hope says Belle’s alibi could have cost Alice her life.

Lucas says Sami shouldn’t move and he can’t get a phone signal so he runs off for help. Sami wakes up and feels to see if Marlena is ok. She prays that Marlena is not dead. John runs out and sees Marlena, who has fallen on top of Sami. Sami asks if he’s happy now that her mom is dead.

The Kiriakis mansion:

Nicole tells Brady that she is not running from the police. Brady says that Nicole or her accomplice destroyed Victor’s will. Brady continues to ask Nicole why she is leaving in the middle of the night. Nicole says that Brady is the reason.

Belle’s loft:

Jan is thinking of hanging herself. She is having a vision of Shawn. Jan thinks about what their child would look like. The Shawn in her fantasy tells her not to kill herself. Jan wonders if Shawn would forgive her for killing Victor.

Alice’s kitchen:

Shawn asks if they are taking Alice away because he hasn’t had a chance to say goodbye. Hope says that Alice will always be with them and the two of them hug.

Lexie gets a call about Sami and Marlena and is on her way over. Bo, Hope, Shawn, and Belle follow after her.

John tells Marlena that she has to hang in there and that help is on the way. Sami continues to worry about her mother and Lucas keeps telling Sami to stay still. Lucas said he called for help. John says that Marlena has a pulse but it is weak. Sami says that John pushed Marlena off the terrace. John says that it was an accident.

Nicole says that Brady was her only friend. Brady says that Nicole used him. Brady says that he received many warnings from his grandfather and he regrets not listening. Brady says Nicole is a better actress than he gave her credit for. Brady says he loves Chloe. Nicole says she did not burn down the model of the opera house.

In Jan’s fantasy she tells Shawn that Belle lied to him.

John says that Lucas tried to save Sami. Lexie says that she can’t move Marlena with out the paramedics. Sami is in pain and Lexie says that’s a good sign. John says that Marlena’s fall was partially broken by an awning before she landed on Sami. Sami says that Lexie is hurting her. Sami asks Lucas to get Lexie away from her and that she just wants people to listen to her. Sami says John’s the killer and Belle asks how that is possible. Sami tells Bo that he has to arrest John. Everyone keeps telling Sami that she must stay calm. Shawn and Philip show up within seconds of each other.

Belle and Philip hug while Tek talks with Shawn. John says that Marlena pointed a gun at him. John says Marlena confessed. John tells Bo and Hope about the call from Alice and the powdered sugar in the glove. He says that he and Marlena stuggled and then she fell. Hope cannot believe it at first. Bo says that Marlena must pay. John says that Marlena must have had some sort of breakdown. Bo says that she won’t get away on some insanity plea. Bo cannot believe they let Marlena go above suspicion. Bo and Hope contemplate what will happen when everyone finds out, especially Belle. Bo says Shawn won’t forgive Belle for lying for Marlena.

Brady asks Nicole why she’s leaving town if she’s innocent. Nicole says that it’s because everyone is blaming her and that no one believes her. Brady says that all he wants is to know who killed Victor. Philip comes in and tells Brady that Marlena fell off the terrace and that she and Sami are at the hospital. He tells Brady that Belle and John are at the hospital and that Marlena hasn’t regained consciousness yet. Brady leaves with Philip to go to the hospital. Nicole says that since Marlena fell off the balcony she won’t be able to incriminate Nicole or Jan in Victor’s death. Nicole says that if they blame Marlena for Victor’s death than she can have everything she wanted: she’ll be in the clear, she’ll be rich, and she can now go after Brady. Nicole does a little dance over this turn of events.

Shawn says that Belle will be the one hanging from the rafters. Shawn says he was right all the time. Shawn starts choking Belle and Jan tells Belle to get out of the fantasy. Jan stops Shawn and they kiss as Jan’s robe comes off.

The hospital:

Marlena arrives at the hospital. Lexie starts giving orders. John says that Marlena has to make it. Sami is in a wheelchair and continues to call John a killer. John has to talk to Belle. Belle asks what happened. Belle finds out that Marlena is the killer from John. Belle refuses to believe it. John noticed things many months ago. Belle continues to deny it. John says Marlena confessed to it all. Belle tells John to stop saying those things and gets hysterical. John and Belle hug and cry together. John says Belle must realize that Marlena is sick and that it’s not her fault.

Shawn says that Marlena could not be the serial killer because Belle was with her when Doug died. Bo and Hope reveal how John heard Marlena confess and that’s how she fell off the terrace. Bo says Belle had to have lied. Shawn refuses to believe that Belle could lie to him. He says there has to be another reason.

Belle says that Marlena had devoted to her life to helping people and it doesn’t make sense. John says that he and Belle must be there for Marlena and show her compassion. Philip says Lexie has forms that John must fill out. He leaves Philip with Belle. Philip and Belle hug.

Shawn still believes Belle’s lie. Hope says they have to give Shawn time. Bo says that it will never work out. Bo says that if Belle had told the truth then Alice would be alive.

Lucas says Sami has no broken bones. Sami still says that John is the killer. Brady sees Sami and asks what’s going on. She tells Brady that Marlena is alive, but that John is the killer.

Nicole continues to dance around the living room and asks Henderson for champagne. Nicole then remembers about Jan and the evidence she has. Nicole calls Jan, who is still at Belle’s thinking of committing suicide. Jan refuses to answer the phone. Jan kicks out the chair and hangs herself.

The rope broke and Jan is alive. Jan answers Nicole’s call. Nicole tells Jan about Marlena’s fall.

Lexie asks John if Marlena is the killer and if Marlena killed Abe. Lexie says that she and Abe would have been celebrating their wedding anniversary today if it wasn’t for Marlena. John says he needs Lexie to take care of Marlena now. Lexie almost goes after Marlena, but John reminds her that Lexie is a doctor and that she took a Hippocratic Oath. Lexie says that she will not let the fact that Marlena is a killer stop her from doing her job.

John tells Brady that Marlena is the killer.

Belle talks with Philip about John’s accusation of her mother. Belle says she has to find Shawn because he could find out from his parents. Belle says that if Marlena is the killer then Shawn will never forgive her about lying for Marlena.

Jan says that Nicole must hold up her end of the bargain. Nicole agrees to help Jan get Shawn and Nicole says she’ll get Brady for herself.

John says that Nicole and her accomplice probably killed Victor.

Hope says that she and Bo must stop being cops and just be Shawn’s parents. Bo says they should tell Shawn about Marlena’s confession.

Shawn finds Belle and Belle asks him if he’s heard what everyone is saying about Marlena. Shawn still believes Belle. He says that other suspects were taken in and appeared guilty, but they were later let go. He brings up the fact that Tony, Kate, and Rex all ended up innocent and the police let them go.

Philip says that he’ll be there for Belle as he looks in on Shawn and Belle’s hug.

Sami says that Belle better keep her mouth shut. Lucas gets Sami’s papers and that Sami is discharged from the hospital. Sami thanks Lucas for saving her life. Lucas takes Sami over to Marlena’s cubicle with John to hear Lexie’s news. Sami asks Lexie if Marlena will be ok. Lexie says she is sorry. John walks up to Marlena in shock.

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