Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/30/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/30/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Kate, Lucas, Hope, Bo, Shawn, Belle, John, Marlena, Alice, Sami, Jan, Nicole, Mr. Schneider (only in Kate’s fantasy), Cazares

Sami and Lucas’ building:

Kate is pounding on Lucas’ door. Lucas is not answering. The superintendent comes and Kate asks him to open the door because she’s very worried. Kate sees Lucas lying on the couch with blood all over him and she starts screaming!!!

Bo and Hope’s House:

Hope asks Bo is everything is ok. Hope says that Celeste predicted the death of another beloved family member.

Belle’s Loft:

The lights go out at Belle’s. Jan is ready for the kill.

Some alley:

Shawn’s running in the alley. He just hopes everything is alright.

On the street:

Sami shoots John and does a Matrix like move to evade the bullet. The rain suddenly starts and John gets a hold of Sami.

Alice’s kitchen:

Marlena continues talking to Alice about the incriminating note. Marlena calls Alice “Miss Marple” because Alice was meddling. Alice says that Marlena will never get away with it. Marlena says all her victims have said that and she’s still killing.

Kate is still pounding on the door. It was all a dream. Lucas comes up behind her and Kate hugs him. She is just thankful that he is ok. Kate says that Marlena is the killer.

Hope says that Marlena is a new suspect in the serial killer case. Bo says he should put out an APB. Hope says that she is having a hard time believing it and that John swore that Marlena was not the killer. Hope asks what’s going to happen next and Bo says that Marlena’s entire family is going to be destroyed.

John handcuffs Sami so that he can continue on his way. Sami still says that John is the killer and that Marlena is innocent. He leaves Sami in her call as she continues to protest and call for help. John tries to get in his car and drive away, but his car won’t start.

Marlena offers Alice a last meal of donuts and milk. Marlena says that there is no choice but to kill Alice. Alice says that Marlena does have a choice. Marlena says that she is “practically perfect in every way”. Alice says Marlena is very sick and in spite of that, they all still love her.

Marlena asks how everybody can still love her since she has done so many bad things and killed so many people. Alice answers that everybody knows this isn’t the real Marlena.

Lucas can’t believe that Marlena is the killer at first, but then starts to worry. Lucas is worried that Sami went out alone and calls the Brady pub to check on Sami. He finds out that Sami is not there. Lucas tells Shawn Sr. to close the pub and stay there with Will because the serial killer might strike again tonight.

John calls Alice and gets her answering machine.

Belle’s bedroom:

Nicole is holding Jan in the corner trying to keep her quiet. Shawn finally gets to Belle’s loft and calls for her. He finds Belle in the bathtub unconscious.

Bo’s phone doesn’t work because of the storm. Bo says that they need to bring in Marlena anyway. He says they’ll keep it quiet until they know for sure because otherwise more innocent people will die.

Belle’s bathroom:

Shawn shakes Belle. Belle was just sleeping. Shawn wants to tell Belle about Marlena being the killer.

Belle’s fire escape:

Jan and Nicole are on the fire escape. Jan asks Nicole why Belle cannot die tonight. There’s a flashback of Nicole sneaking into Belle’s loft to stop Jan. Nicole says that Jan cannot kill Belle in the same way that Victor was killed because it would look too suspicious. Shawn overhears the conversation and looks out the window, but doesn’t see them.

John’s car and phone don’t work so he gets into Sami’s car since he has to get to Alice’s house before Marlena does anything. Sami continues to protest and keeps saying that John is going to kill Marlena.

Alice’s front door:

Marlena is outside of Alice’s door. She says the donuts were to die for.

Belle’s living room:

Shawn keeps trying to talk to Belle, but Belle says she is cold and that she needs to warm up first. Jan wants Nicole to hold up her end of the bargain. Nicole is supposed to help Jan get Shawn because Jan killed Victor for Nicole.

A car drives by Sami and John and John says that it was Marlena coming from Alice’s. He’s too late. John calls Bo and tells him that he thinks Marlena has already killed Alice. He tells Bo to go to Alice’s and that he is personally going after Marlena. Bo tells John to be careful.

Marlena is driving. She says she’s needs to take care of Shawn first and then John. She looks a piece of paper and then picks up a donut and eats it. She regrets not getting the recipe.

Lucas is worried about Sami. He tries to call Sami, but Sami cannot answer the phone. Lucas decides he has to go out and find Sami. Kate says that it is because Lucas is in love with Sami. Kate tries to stop him, but Lucas goes out anyway. Kate chases after him.

Bo and Hope head out to Alice’s. Bo gives instructions to a police officer to watch Zack.

Belle says that they can’t count on the power staying on. Both Shawn and Belle have things to tell each other. Belle has a flashback of her conversation with Sami about being Marlena’s alibi. Belle tells Shawn that she’d never hurt him and they kiss.

Corner outside of Belle’s:

Jan and Nicole run into Marlena outside of Belle’s building. Marlena is there to take care of Shawn. Jan and Nicole ask Marlena what she is doing there and Marlena says that it’s where her daughter lives. Marlena asks Nicole and Jan what they are doing together.

Shawn tells Belle that Tek has a lot of evidence against Marlena. Belle asks Shawn how he could do this to her. Shawn says he is sorry and Belle continues to protest. Shawn says he isn’t the only one who knows. He says he told his mom. Belle asks how he could do that after she begged him not to tell. Shawn says that even John thinks Marlena is the killer.

Nicole says that she and Jan met in Puerto Rico. Marlena says that is right and asks Jan if Nicole was the woman Jan mentions in therapy. Nicole gets upset over that. Nicole, Jan and Marlena talk about theories as to Victor’s death and the possible connections to the serial killings. Marlena figures out that Nicole got Jan to kill Victor. Jan says that everyone in town thinks Marlena is a killer. Marlena says that if they know what is good for them they should keep their theories to themselves. Marlena hears police sirens and says her farewells to Jan and Nicole.

Alice’s house:

Bo and Hope arrive at Alice’s house. At first they think Marlena wasn’t there, but then they turn on the lights and find a trial of white powder coming from the kitchen.

Nicole says that Jan was very stupid to tell Marlena that people think Marlena is the killer. Nicole says that if Marlena were the killer then Marlena could pin Victor’s death on them.

On the street:

Lucas finds Sami in her car. Sami says that Marlena could never be the killer. Kate says that they should just leave Sami there as bait. Lucas looks for a key to unlock the handcuffs.

The Penthouse living room:

John goes to Marlena’s penthouse and finds her sitting on the couch. John asks Marlena if she killed Alice. He says he knows everything.

Alice’s kitchen:

Bo and Hope see something in the kitchen. They look very surprised and Hope can’t look. She turns to Bo and cries.

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