Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/29/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/29/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Sami, Kate, John, Shawn, Alice, Marlena, Celeste, Lexie, Jan, Belle, and as a ghost: Roman

At Sami’s apartment:

Sami fights with Kate over the idea of Marlena being the serial killer. Sami accuses Kate of being jealous that Roman loved Marlena first. Kate says there is evidence against Marlena. Sami still says Kate is the most likely suspect. Kate says that John is the one who told her about Marlena and that’s why she believes it, since John would be the last person to suspect her.

In Celeste’s Building:

John asks Alice if Marlena is in the house with her. Alice says no. John tells Alice that he’s going to put an APB out on Marlena and tells Alice to lock all the doors and windows. John runs into Shawn in Celeste’s building and Shawn wants to hear John’s lead on the killer. John says he’s in a hurry. John tells him it’s Marlena and that Shawn should protect Belle.

Alice’s Kitchen:

Alice has a flashback of Marlena saying she’s the killer and that Alice is next. Alice says she longs to be with Tom, but she has to fight and she has to end the nightmare. Thunder crashes and Marlena is seen outside Alice’s door.

Celeste’s Apartment:

Lexie knocks on Celeste’s door and Celeste doesn’t answer. Lexie uses a key and finds Celeste on the floor.

Shawn’s on the road and Belle’s in her bathroom:

Shawn is driving to Belle’s and flashes back to Celeste telling him that he’s going to lose someone he loves. He calls Belle, but Belle is taking a bubble bath and doesn’t hear. Belle has a flashback of her conversation with Sami when she told Sami about her lie to Shawn. Shawn just wants Belle to be ok. Meanwhile Jan is lurking around, plotting to kill Belle. Jan picks up the radio, ready to drop it in the tub.

Alice hears Marlena saying the Lizzie Borden rhyme with “Horton” taking the place of “Borden” in the rhyme. Marlena says since the rhyme fits it is Fate. Marlena says Alice is next through the rhyme and then the kitchen door that Marlena was standing outside of blows open!!! Where’s Marlena?

Sami cannot believe that Marlena is the killer. Sami says that John is framing Marlena. Kate says that Marlena killed Roman and Sami says that Roman was never Kate’s husband. Kate asks where Will is and Sami says he is at Grandpa Shawn’s. Kate says no one is safe. Sami says Marlena could never kill anyone. Kate tries to tell Sami that Marlena is not herself and tries to bring up the idea that Marlena could be possessed again, but Sami does not let her finish her sentence. Sami decides to go get Will and refuses to let Kate see Will anymore because she thinks Kate and John are the evil ones.

Celeste can’t remember anything. Lexie says it was probably electrical discharge from the storm. Lexie asks if Celeste can remember the year and where she is. Lexie says that spirits are not responsible for anything and that it is one person’s fault. Lexie does not believe in fate. Celeste says someone is going to die tonight, but she doesn’t know whom.

Marlena peeks her head in the door at Alice and says, “I’m back”, but a hand grabs Marlena and she gets interrupted. It’s Roman’s ghost!!

Jan decides she needs an extension cord. Jan goes through Belle’s things. Belle hears a noise and then has a flashback to when she and Shawn thought there was going to be a body.

Outside Alice’s house:

Roman says that Marlena needs to stop. She says she will. Roman points out that she said that every time before but she hasn’t stopped yet. Marlena says she has to do it or everything she has ever loved will be lost. Roman says it’ll never go on because too many people are putting together the clues. He says only Marlena has the power to stop it. Marlena says she wants to be a good person. Roman asks her to let him help her by taking his hand.

John is driving to Alice’s house and has flashbacks of all his happy times with Marlena. Then he remembers her possession. He asks why didn’t he see it before?

Both Shawn and John suddenly swerve off the road.

On the street:

John has crashed his car and he sees the person unconscious in the next car is Sami!!

Shawn decides to continue his route on foot.

Belle decides that sitting in a tub is not the smartest thing since there’s a lightning storm. Jan says that’s fine since there are always more gruesome ways to die.

Roman asks Marlena to take a good look at Alice and says that Marlena doesn’t really want to kill her. Marlena says she doesn’t want to kill Alice. Marlena takes Roman’s hand. Roman says that Marlena IS a good person, but she has to make the right decision. He tells Marlena to look inside herself. Marlena has flashbacks of all her happy memories too. Then she starts to have flashbacks of all the murders. She says that it’s because of the people she loves that she’s killing. She doesn’t want to give up the life she has. Roman disappears and
Marlena says, “Ready or not, here I come!”

Belle’s bedroom:

Belle says that it is thundering, but not raining and decides to get back in the bathtub. This time she takes a romance novel with her. Jan is still contemplating killing her. Shawn calls Belle again and tells her not to let anyone in the apartment. Shawn tells Belle he loves her. Jan overhears and tells Shawn she loves him, not Belle.

In Sami and Lucas’ building:

Kate calls Will to check up on him. He is fine and she tells him to go back to bed because it is so late. Kate is about to knock on Lucas’ door and then Roman comes up behind her. Kate says that Marlena took Roman away from her. Roman says that his love for Kate will never die and they kiss.

John jumps across Sami’s car and sees if she is ok. Sami freaks out and tells John to stay away from her. Sami calls John a Dimera killing machine. John says that Marlena is in a lot of trouble. John says that he loves Sami. Sami asks how he could ever love her. Sami gets a gun out of John’s car and points it at him.

Alice’s kitchen:

Marlena says Alice has escaped her for the moment. Marlena is very angry!! Marlena hears Roman’s voice telling her that it doesn’t have to be this way. Marlena says that he is wrong and that Alice must die tonight!!!

Belle’s bathroom:

Belle has a fantasy of with Shawn and gets all excited and happy. Jan gets disgusted and is about to plug in the cord.

Sami says that everything John is saying is a lie. John tries to call for help, but Sami knocks his phone out of his hands. Sami is angry that John put her on the top of the suspect list. Sami says she’d never kill anyone unless she was protecting her family and then she would do anything.

Celeste finds out Marlena is the killer and tells Lexie. Celeste’s tarot cards are strewn about the floor and Celeste remembers that there is something important she is supposed to know. Lexie does not believe Marlena is the killer and asks why she’d do something like that.

Marlena plays hide and seek with Alice. Marlena opens a door and says, “Gotcha!!” Alice is in the pantry.

Belle gets suspicious when the music stops for a moment as Jan connects the extension cord, but attributes it to a power surge.

John says Sami is part of his family, but Sami refuses to listen to him. John tries to play the father, but Sami is beyond upset. He says Sami doesn’t have it in her to pull the trigger and tries to move towards her. Sami shoots and John falls back!!!

Marlena gets the note that Alice says Tom would never let her have. Marlena says that people can’t be good all the time. Alice tells Marlena that Marlena needs help. Marlena says that she’s a psychiatrist and perfectly sane. She says that she never wanted to kill any of the victims, but she was left with no choice. Alice has also left her no choice and must die.

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