Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/26/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/26/04--Canada; Monday 3/29/04--USA

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Characters appearing: Alice, Marlena, John, Celeste, Kate, Shawn, Belle, Sami, and Jan. Ghosts: Tom, Roman, Maggie, Caroline. Via flashback: Julie and Lucas

Sami has a dream of her conversation with Julie about relationships while she cuddles with her teddy bear on the couch. It's a flashback of her conversation with Julie at Doug's wake. In her dream Julie tells her to give way to her feelings for Lucas. Sami is awakened by the thunder and says that'll never happen.

Kate looks longingly at the dried roses that Roman left her when she hears the door lock turning. Someone is trying to get in and it's not Roman! She turns off the lights and a small statue to hit the intruder with. To her surprise, it's John!!

Belle wakes up and finds Shawn missing. She calls for him. She goes downstairs and Jan comes up behind her!!

Shawn is still at Tom Horton's grave asking for help. Shawn has an epiphany and runs off.

Celeste asks who in the Horton family is going to die next. The cards are confused and give her the previous victims, Abe, Jack, Maggie, and Roman. Celeste asks again and it's Alice!! Celeste has to warn Alice!! Caroline, Maggie and Roman's ghosts all appear in Celeste's living room and Celeste says they have to stop the killer.

Alice sees Marlena and says that she knows she's the killer. Marlena says that Alice is right and that now that she knows she will have to die.

Belle picks up her phone to call Shawn, but the storm has knocked out the phone lines. Sami calls (maybe just cell phones are affected) Belle for company. Sami asks Belle to come over for cocoa and a little sisterly pajama party. Will is staying at Grandpa Shawn's and both girls are a little frightened by the storm. Jan overhears Belle and apparently is off to join the pajama party.

John comes to and Kate tells him about her encounter with Roman. Kate tells John that he has to go to Marlena because they have loved each other for so long. John says he doubts that things will ever work out. John tells Kate that Marlena could be the killer and that he came to Roman's house to see if she was hiding out there.

Alice tries to talk Marlena into getting help. Marlena brushes it off arrogantly. Alice tells her she needs help and Marlena laughs, saying she's a psychiatrist!! Alice also asks Marlena why she's doing this and Marlena says it's the $64,000 question.

Belle arrives at Sami's and they hug. Sami says she misses her father and so many other people. Sami tells Belle that she's been thinking about why she can't find true love. Sami is jealous of Belle because Belle has Shawn. Belle says that she's done something to jeopardize her relationship with Shawn.

Maggie says there are dark forces at work and that they cannot do anything to help. Celeste says she'll call John or Hope to protect Alice but the the 'Deep Voice' says she won't be able to do that. Celeste collapses on the floor. The ghosts want to help, but they can't. Caroline says that when Celeste awakens she won't remember anything. Shawn is outside pounding on Celeste's door. He eventually gets in, just after the ghosts leave, and sees Celeste on the floor.

John tells Kate about seeing Marlena in the cemetery and how Marlena blamed it all on Stefano. Kate agrees that Stefano has done some bad things. John says he's starting to believe it could really be Marlena. Kate says that Marlena has been deeply affected by all the deaths and refuses to believe Marlena's the killer. Kate says Marlena would have to be inhuman and John says that just might be it!!

Alice says that Marlena can still stop all this. Marlena says that nobody knows it's her and that she's been super careful. She says the only piece of hard evidence on her is the note that Doug left, which Alice gets out. Marlena asks Alice to give it to her, but Alice refuses.

Jan is listening to Sami and Belle from outside the door. Belle tells Sami that she is regretting the lie she told Shawn about being with Marlena when Doug was killed. Sami reminds her that Shawn lied about Jan. Jan overhears this and says that Sami has no right to call her a slut. Belle reveals the whole story about how Shawn thinks Marlena is the serial killer and how she lied. Sami says there is NO way Marlena could ever kill anyone, so Belle's lie doesn't matter. Sami tells Belle that she did the right thing by lying and that Shawn will never find out, but Jan is still outside the door!!

Kate asks John if he thinks Marlena is possessed again. John says that it seems that way according to Celeste's resources. Kate worries about Lucas and Wil's safety. She knows Marlena has never approved of Lucas and Sami's relationship and Kate begins to get hysterical. John says that he will not believe it until he sees it and that they should not judge Marlena or assume anything until he finds out for sure. He says that Marlena would never hurt her own grandchild. Kate says that John must go find Marlena right away.

Marlena continues to demand that Alice give her the note, but Alice continues to decline. Marlena is getting mad and says that this is not a negotiation!!! Alice tells Marlena to put the letter opener down and Marlena tells Alice to SHUT UP!!! Alice says that her Tom will not allow Marlena to have the note. Tom's ghost appears.

Shawn tells Celeste that she has to tell him the name of the next victim, but Celeste cannot remember. She and Shawn join hands to try and look for answers, but the brush in with the dark forces has taken away Celeste's ability to make sense of anything.

Belle says that she has to tell Shawn the truth. Sami tells Belle that the lie will just fade away if she doesn't say anything, but Belle says her conscience won't allow her to do that. Belle leaves to go wait for Shawn, but first asks Sami if she's interested in anyone. Sami says she isn't. After Belle leaves, Sami remembers her conversation with Julie and looks at Lucas' picture. Then she talks to herself about how her mother could never be the killer and she knows just how to prove it!!

Jan climbs back through the window into Belle's loft. She calls Nicole and tells her that she wants Shawn NOW!! Jan reminds Nicole that she killed Victor for her and that Nicole has to hold up her end of the bargain. Jan decides that Belle must die tonight.

Sami calls Eric on the phone. She tells Eric that Shawn is accusing Marlena of being the serial killer. Eric tells her that Marlena left Colorado before Abe was killed. Kate walks in and overhears the phone conversation between Sami and Eric and says that John was right: Marlena is the serial killer.

Shawn leaves Celeste's place. Celeste feels bad that she couldn't help him more. She asks when it's all going to end.

Belle decides to take a bubble bath while waiting for Shawn. Jan contemplates the possible methods of killing Belle. She decides to do it in the same way she got Victor.

Tom, Maggie, Roman, and Caroline all appear and scare Marlena off!! Maggie asks how could her long time friend do this. And Caroline says that she treated Marlena like a daughter and yet Marlena still poisoned her. Even Roman asks how he could ever have loved her. The ghosts have foiled Marlena's plan for the moment. Alice calls John and tells him that Marlena is the serial killer and that Marlena's going to kill her next.

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