Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/25/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/25/04

By Nicole
Pictures by Juanita

Kate is missing Roman, but then a message pops up on her computer. Itís from Romanís address!! Kate is shocked that she could get a message from her late-husband. She answers saying that if this is a joke, then she is not happy. The mysterious screen name answers back for Kate to pay a visit to Romanís house because he has a surprise for her.

Lexie rushes over the Jenniferís house after getting a call that something could be wrong with the baby. Jennifer seems fine now, but Lexie is still worried. Abby fears for her mother and the babyís health and begs Lexie to do something. The real hero here was Patrick who knew how to apply heat to Jenniferís abdomen. Lexie says that if Patrick hadnít brought the hot water bottle that Jenniferís cramps could have turned into pre-mature labor.

John and Celeste are about to summon the dark forces. Celeste says that John must believe if the spirits are going to do him any good. Celeste begins chanting from her book. Itís the same Latin chant that she used to get into the killerís mind before. The candles burst in to flames and the wind begins to howl. John is amazed, but then Celeste cries out. Celeste looks up and her eyes are black. Something has taken over Celesteís body and now John must talk with it if he is to get his answers.

Hope and Shawn are at the police department. Hope is getting convinced that Marlena could be the killer based on Tek and Shawnís findings, but Shawn is beginning to have second thoughts. Hopeís phone beeps and
she sees that itís from Lexie and fears something is wrong with Jenniferís baby. Hope leaves to go see Jennifer and Lexie. Shawn wants to go with his mother, but she says no. Shawn protests and says heíll be fine. On her way out, she tells Shawn to call everyone in the family because no one in Salem is safe, but she also leaves explicit instructions not to call Alice because she is probably sleeping and they donít want to wake her.

Alice hears Tomís voice. Heís telling her that someone is there, but she doesnít know whom

Shawn calls Melissa and Sarah. He was supposed to call EVERYONE in the family, even if they werenít in town. He canít seem to find a pen that works and looks about the desk, but he doesnít see the message for
Hope to call her grandmother. Tek arrives and says heís convinced that Marlena is the Salem Stalker.

John talks with the dark spirit that has inhabited Celesteís body. He asks the spirit if his wife could be the Salem Stalker, but the spirit just asks questions back to him. He asks John if Marlena could be capable of doing such evil. John says no, but the spirit reminds him that Marlena could be capable of HOSTING such evil. John has a flashback to when Marlena was possessed and he is putting a cross on her hand. The spirit warns that perhaps the evil has returned and is stronger than ever.

Marlena is outside Aliceís door with her trusty letter opener in hand. She is about to knock, but she doesnít want to wake Alice, knowing that Alice wouldíve wanted to die in her sleep. Suddenly she remembers that she knows where Alice keeps the spare key and goes around the house to fetch it. Alice sees Marlena through her window and realizes that it is indeed Marlena who has come to kill her.

Abby is so thankful to Patrick for saving the baby. Lexie is still concerned though and asks to speak to Jennifer alone. Abby and Patrick leave to go outside and wait for the storm to come in. Lexie wants to
find out a little more about the circumstances under which the pains started. She also tells Jennifer to make an appointment with Dr. Bader first thing in the morning. Jennifer says that sounds serious and that she was only having a little food fight with Abby and Patrick. Lexie says thatís a big no-no and that Jennifer should not be under any stress or excitement due to her high-risk pregnancy.

Philip and Kate arrive at Romanís house. Kate had called Romanís service provider and found out that his account had been inactive. Philip thinks that it was probably just someoneís idea of a sick joke. They enter the house, Philip telling Kate to stay behind him. Kate is surprised to see a box of roses and a card from Roman on the table.

Tek and Shawn are still at the police station talking about the serial killer. Shawn says that his theory was wrong. Tek says no, Marlena is indeed the killer and that he has just come from having a chat with her at the penthouse. Shawn jumps up and is appalled that Tek would actually confront Marlena. He says Tek better watch out because John is going to be very mad when he find out.

John asks the spirit a different question. He asks if Marlena is possessed again. The spirit asks him what it took last time to make him believe in such things. John has another flashback to Marlena levitating over her bed and replies that she hasnít been acting that way. The spirit replies by saying that she is acting much worse. John is getting frustrated that he is not getting any answers and asks again if his wife is the killer. The spirit calls John ďpriestĒ and says that John already has the answer. The spirit then leaves Celesteís body and Celeste collapses again. John asks if sheís ok.

Marlena is talking to herself again in Aliceís house she says, ďlike sands through the hourglass, eventually our time runs outĒ and heads off to find Alice.

Philip says that maybe the message to Kate was from the killer and gets worried. Kate says no and that the card is in Romanís handwriting. In the card, Roman says how thankful he is that he had Kate. Kate says she needs to be alone for a little while. Philip is hesitant to leave and tells Kate to be sure to call him. The roses suddenly become fresh again and Roman appears.

Lexie continues to tell Jennifer not to do anything strenuous and Jennifer says she knows that. Hope walks in. She says that there is still more death to come in Salem and the next victim is a Horton.

John goes to St. Lukeís and says a prayer. He doesnít want his wife to be possessed again, but heís run out of explanations. Father Jansen comes up behind him and surprises John. He tells John that he must have faith.

Philip shows up at the police station and joins Shawn and Tek. Suddenly the computer beeps and they realize that the lightning storm has knocked out the surveillance camera at the cemetery and they hurry off to go fix it.

Celeste also begins to wonder if Marlena might be possessed again. She has a flashback to her encounter with the possessed Marlena in which she was thrown across the room. Celeste says that if it has happened again, there may be no stopping her. Then Celeste sees a name written in blood on her mirror and itís Horton!!!

Marlena is outside Aliceís bedroom door and says that she has no choice but to kill her. She walks in and sees a figure under the covers. She hesitates for a moment and then hacks away. She thinks sheís done, but then realizes that it was only pillows under the covers. She says Alice cannot outsmart her and leaves to go find her.

Kate and Roman talk. He tells her that she must move on and that sooner or later she will heal. Kate doesnít want to move on. All she wants is for Roman to hold her. He says he has to go, but before he does Kate asks him to make love to her one last time. They kiss.

Jennifer tells Hope that Patrick saved the baby and that heís thinking of moving out. Hope thinks that Patrick should stay since he was such a big help.

Abby shows Patrick the coin she found on the sidewalk and Patrick says itís his. He said pirates once captured him and thatís where he got the coin. The storm is getting closer and so they head inside.

John talks with Father Jensen about the possibility of Marlena being possessed again. He tries to reason it out in his head. John asked Father Jensen if he noticed anything different about Marlena since he saw her in the graveyard with Celeste and Alice. Father Jensen has a flashback to when he was looking for the troubled woman who confessed to him (Marlena). He begins to think Marlena could really be the killer. John realizes that Father Jensen is having some kind of revelation, but Father Jensen is not allowed to break the seal of the confessional and simply tells John that he needs to find his wife as soon as possible before itís too late and he heads off. John calls Marlena and begs her to answer the phone, but she doesnít.

Kate wakes up. It was all a dream. She goes back to the roses and finds a different card there. It says Roman will always be with her.

Abby tells everyone about Patrickís pirate adventures. Hope thinks heíd be a good man to have around. Jennifer convinces Patrick to stay in the garage apartment as a guest. Jennifer thanks Jack for sending
Patrick to them.

Tek, Shawn and Philip are in the graveyard fixing the camera. Tek and Philip go off to find a replacement. Shawn stays behind at Tom Hortonís grave. He fixes the flowers that Marlena had previously knocked over and asks Tom to watch over them all.

Celeste asks her tarot cards who the next victim will be She turns over the cards and sees pictures of Abe, Jack (no picture, just a name), Maggie and Roman. She thinks the cards might be confused and asks again, this time Aliceís picture turns up.

Marlena is back down stairs and sees Alice sitting in her chair. Alice says sheís been expecting her.

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