Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/12/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/12/04--Canada; Monday 3/15/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Bonnie comes into the Brady pub talking to her youngest son Conner on her cell phone. She loses reception and starts shouting that she will call him back on the pay phone. She notices the headline in the paper about Doug’s murder and mentions what a sweet man he was. She leaves the paper along with some mail on the table and goes to call Conner on the cell phone.

Julie is also in the pub and she notices the headline in the paper on Bonnie’s table as she walks by. She also notices an envelope addressed to Bonnie from Mickey and she picks it up. She knows it’s the agreement to run Tuscany and she wonders how Mickey could be such a fool. Bonnie arrives back at her table and she glares at Bonnie.

Phillip arrives at the pub where he has come to meet Brady. He sits at the table where Brady is already waiting and he tells him that they have a mutual problem and her name is Nicole.

In Jan’s hotel room Nicole threatens to kill her if she doesn’t hand over the evidence and Jan asks her for one good reason. Nicole says, “Shawn Douglas Brady.”

Rex sits in the park and stares at an ad for a sale at a jewelry store. Shawn comes up behind him and asks him what’s going on and Rex tells him that he’s thinking of proposing to Mimi but he doesn’t have any money to buy a ring. Shawn says that Rex needs some romantic advice and Shawn knows just where to take him.

Belle waits anxiously in the park and Mimi shows up to meet her. When Mimi told Belle earlier that she thought Rex was going to propose Belle booked them a day at the spa. Mimi is excited but then worried because she knows she can’t afford it. Belle tells her that it’s on her because she got a loaded gift card for Christmas from Kate.

Hope is sitting in her office looking at a picture of Doug when John walks in. They are all frustrated by all the dead ends they are hitting in the serial killer case and Hope wants to know if John can remember anything else from the night he chased the killer and by the look on his face she know he does.

Celeste tells Alice that she doesn’t know who will be the next victim will be she only knows that it will be a Horton. Alice tells Celeste that the only thing left to do is to pray.

Marlena crosses herself as she sits in the confessional. She disguises her voice and tells the priest that she did act on her earlier urge to hurt someone and that she has done many dark and evil things. She lets the priest know that she’s afraid that she is going to do something even worse.

Celeste and Alice pray and Celeste suggests that the next victim might be Hope. Alice is very distraught at this suggestion.

Back in Hope’s office she continues to ask John if he remembers anything. She wonders if he recognized anything about the killer and he tells her that he did recognize something.

In the confessional at St. Luke’s the priest asks what Marlena did that was so terrible and she tells him that she doesn’t want to talk about it. He tells that she needs to get help and when he goes to open the confessional door he finds that he’s locked in. Marlena tells him to just keep his mouth shut and listen.

Mimi and Belle are at the spa in reclining chairs with bathrobes on and cucumber slices on their eyes and Mimi tells Belle that she can’t believe that she ended up with someone as romantic as Rex. The lady who runs the spa comes in and asks what the special occasion is and Belle tells her that Mimi is going to be proposed to this evening. Belle asks Mimi if she’s thought about what the ring will be like and Mimi tells her that she is sure that whatever Rex gives her will be spectacular.

Shawn and Rex arrive at the pub and grandpa Shawn tells them how glad he is to see his two grandsons getting along. Shawn says that his grandpa is just the expert they’ve been waiting for and Rex looks surprised.

Bonnie tells Julie that that’s her mail she’s holding and she wonders why Julie picked up that particular envelope.

Phillip tells Brady that he believes Nicole is responsible for Victor’s death even if she isn’t the serial killer. When Brady says that he would be the first one to turn Nicole in if he had any proof Phillip tells him that he thinks he’s lying.

Nicole tells Jan that she will never get Shawn if she holds on to the evidence because Nicole will see to it that she goes to the death row for killing Victor. Upon hearing this information Jan gets so angry that she slaps Nicole across the face.

John tells Hope that he’s not sure what he saw and Hope is sure that he is blocking out some memories so she picks up the phone to call Marlena.

In the confessional the priest asks Marlena her name and tells her that to repent for her sins she must seek help. She tells him that she even though of killing her own daughter but right now it is her husband that needs to be careful because if he reveals her secret to anyone he will kill him and whoever it is that he tells. When she leaves the confessional she says to herself, “especially if that person id Hope Brady.” The priest finds that he can’t exit the confessional because his door is jammed shut.

Celeste and Alice talk about whether or not Hope could be the next victim and Alice sys that she wants to appeal to the killer to not kill Hope. Celeste gasps and tells Alice that she feels like the killer heard her. Celeste then turns around to see Marlena standing behind her.

Belle and Mimi continue their spa treatment and Belle asks Mimi what she’s going to say when Rex asks her and Mimi says that she is going to say yes. Belle suggests that Mimi should play hard to get and Mimi seems shocked and asks Belle if she thinks she should say no.

Rex tells Grandpa Shawn that he is thinking of proposing to Mimi and Grandpa Shawn tells him the story of how he proposed to Caroline with a ring made from Irish wool.

Bonnie asks Julie for the envelope and then rips it out of her hand and tears it open. She starts gloating when she realizes that it is the agreement for her to run Tuscany and Julie leaves.

Brady asks Philip if he has any proof that Nicole was involved with Victor’s murder and Phillip tells him that he is sure that she had an accomplice.

Nicole tells Jan that she is going to turn herself into the police and she going to tell them all about Jan as well. Jan imagines what it would be like to be waiting get her lethal injection while the people of Salem jeered at her and Shawn begged her not to die. She stops Nicole from leaving and asks her if they can’t make some sort of deal.

John tells Hope to put down the phone because he doesn’t want Marlena involved in the investigation. Hope suggests that there is someone else who can help.

Celeste asks Marlena what she is doing there and Marlena tearfully tells her that she was just in the church and she was overcome by sadness. Celeste asks her if she know who the next victim will be and before Marlena can answer the priest comes running up to the ladies to ask them if they saw a woman come out of the church because he is looking for a woman who needs help very badly. Celeste asks him if he’s looking for Marlena and Marlena looks very upset.
Belle tells Mimi that she didn’t mean for her to say no and that she imagines the day Shawn proposes will be just perfect. Belle tells Mimi about her fantasy proposal, which includes Shawn greeting her with a single red rose, reading poetry to her, toasting her with fine champagne and finally proposing.

Grandpa Shawn gives Rex the rings he used to propose to Marlena and Rex looks shocked; he does however learn that there is one stipulation to having the rings and Grandpa Shawn whispers in his ear.

Brady tells Phillip that he knows you need evidence to convict someone and he thinks that Phillip owes Nicole an apology. Phillip tells him that that will never happen.

Nicole tells Jan that she’s not sure she wants to so business with her but she agrees to keep up her end of the original bargain and help Jan get Shawn. Jan assures Nicole that is anything happens to her the evidence will be delivered to Bo and Hope Brady. Nicole tells Jan that the same thing will happen with the evidence that Jan killed Victor if anything happens to her.

Tech asks a hypnotized John to explain what he saw the night he chased the killer in the cemetery. John tells him that he sees a figure. Hope asks him if he sees a face and John starts getting restless in his seat.

Julie asks herself how Mickey could’ve handed Tuscany over to Bonnie and wonders if she couldn’t put Bonnie out of business before she even started and then Mickey would have no choice to give Tuscany to her.

Shawn runs into Belle and Mimi in the park and he tells them how good they look. Mimi leaves to go pick up her paycheck at the pub and Shawn tells Belle that he was just helping Rex with some advice about romance. With all this talk about weddings he thinks they might be missing out on something. Belle asks him if saying what she thinks she’s saying.

Phillip and Brady are walking in the park and when Phillip sees Belle he loses all track of what Brady is saying and he just stares lovingly at Belle.

Nicole and Jan are in the same area of the park and when Nicole sees how Phillip is looking at Belle she tells Jan that Phillip is going to help them get Shawn away from Belle without even knowing he’s doing it.

Rex sits down with Bonnie at the pub and tells her that he ahs a very important question to ask her. Mimi sees the two of them talking through the front door of the pub and figures that that can’t be good. She turns around and says, “oh my god, I can’t believe you are back in my life.” Back inside the pub Rex asks Bonnie for her permission to ask Mimi to marry him and he is shocked when Bonnie says, “Absolutely not.”

The priest tells Celeste that Marlena is who he needs to talk to and he tells Marlena that he knows of a woman who needs help and he would like to send her to see Marlena if he ever finds out who she is. The priest then leaves to continue his search for the mystery woman.

Marlena asks Celeste and Alice why they would think that she knows the identity of the next victim and Alice tells her that she can admit that she overheard them talking about the next victim being a Horton. Marlena is upset as she realizes this means she will kill again. Celeste gasps and tells them that she believes there may still be hope because she thinks the killer’s identity is being revealed as they speak.

In a darkened office Tech continues to question John and he remembers seeing Marlena’s face. He screams, “no.”

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