Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/11/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/11/04--Canada; Friday 3/12/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Bo arrives at the Kiriakis mansion and asks Brady for Nicole. When Nicole comes downstairs she asks Bo if he’s there to arrest her again despite a total lack of evidence. Brady asks Bo if he does have any evidence and Bo replies that Nicole may be living it up at Victor’s mansion right now but soon she will be going straight to hell.

Julie and Mickey arrive at Jennifer’s house and are shocked when Patrick opens the door. Once they realize that they are at the right house Julie asks Patrick who he is. He tells them he is a Lockheart and as the name dawns on Julie Bonnie rushes in the door and throws her arms around her son. Julie wants to know what the Horton family has done to deserve the lion’s share of the killer’s attention and Bonnie starts bawling on Mickey’s shoulder. Patrick watches her as she makes her scene and he rolls his eyes.

Celeste looks into her crystals saying that she owes it to everyone to find out the name of the killer.

Nicole finds out that Victor’s estate will be decided in probate court and that the lawyer will testify that Victor cut Nicole out of his will completely. When Brady asks if Bo has any evidence Bo assures him that he will and if he had the evidence that Victor put in his safe then Nicole would be in jail right now. Nicole wonders where Jan put the evidence.

Jan puts all the evidence in a large envelope and says that she knows how Nicole can pay up to get the evidence back.

Bonnie continues to cry on Mickey’s shoulder until Patrick asks her what she’s doing there; she tells him that she is a family friend of the Horton’s. Bonnie goes on and on about how horrible everything is until Julie just about snaps and Patrick takes her outside. Julie asks Jen why she’s letting a Lockheart stay at her house and reminds Jen that letting a stranger sleep at your house isn’t very safe.

Celeste continues to gaze into her crystals and she sees the word ‘HO’ appear. She says aloud that she already knows the killer is a woman and not a very nice one. She gasps as the name completes itself and reads ‘HORTON’.

Jen tells Julie that Patrick isn’t a stranger he’s Bonnie’s son and Julie says that there is something wrong with the whole family. Mickey tells Julie that the Lockheart’s are good people and Julie gets frustrated because she just wants someone to listen to her and use a bit of caution.

Outside in Jen’s yard Patrick tells Bonnie about the car accident and she assumes that Patrick is going to pull an insurance scam and get rich off of Jennifer.

Celeste hopes that the name Horton applies to the tiger but letter S appears to make the word she sees ‘Hortons’. She now knows for sure that another Horton is going to die.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion Nicole laughs off the theory of her using an accomplice and Bo reminds her that she is the only person left on the original suspect list who hasn’t been cleared or killed. She tells Bo that none of those suspects, including her, are guilty and it’s time for him to move on. Bo just smirks in response.

Celeste hears a voice call her name and she sees Tom Horton’s gravestone. She wants to know if it is Tom calling her name,

Julie, Alice and Jen sit on Jen’s sofa looking at a photo album while Mickey looks over their shoulder. Alice tells Julie that all she needs right now is faith and Julie gets up and leaves the room. Jennifer goes after her and Julie tells her that she doesn’t want to hear about God right now. Back in the living room Alice is looking at a picture of Tom and she says, “Yes darling, I’m coming to you now.”

Patrick informs Bonnie that he is not going to run any kind of scam on Jennifer. Bonnie figures if he’s not scamming Jennifer then he must be going after her romantically in order to get his hands on her money. Patrick reminds Bonnie that he doesn’t need Jennifer’s money he has plenty of his own. He then thanks her for watching his money for him and tells her that he’s coming by to pick it up. Bonnie just smiles at him.

Back in the living room Julie tells Jen that Alice left and she also wonders why she and Doug ever came back to Salem. Jen reminds her that it is their home and Julie says that it is where there dead are buried. Julie is angry and she tells Mickey and Jen that they are not going to lose another Horton for a long time.

Alice arrives at Tom’s grave and she tells him that she heard him and came to him.

Bo reminds Nicole that he remembers where she came from and that her father was a pathological liar and a rapist. Nicole demands that Bo leaves her house and Bo tells her that it is a crime scene and he can be there as long as he wants. Nicole says that if he’s staying then she’s leaving and she storms out.

Jan arrives at her hotel room after hiding the evidence and she figures that she had a good reason for killing both Paul Mendez and Victor so she still deserves a happy ending.

Julie wonders what she’s going to do now and Jennifer suggests that she run Tuscany. Mickey gets an odd look on his face as Julie explains to him how good she would be at running Maggie’s old restaurant and she would do Maggie’s memory justice. Mickey then breaks the news to them that he knew Julie and Doug were leaving Salem shortly so he already made the decision to let Bonnie run Tuscany and he has all ready mailed her the papers.

Bonnie tells Patrick that she and Mimi were attacked by the killer in order to take his mind of his money and before he gets a chance to question her again she suddenly gets chilly and goes inside. When she enters the living room Julie just glares at her.

Alice is standing by Tom’s grave when she looks down and is about to find the note Doug left with Marlena’s name on it when she is shocked by a black gloved hand on her shoulder.

Patrick comes into Jen’s and interrupts the awkward silence by telling everyone that he is going upstairs to get his stuff. Bonnie tells Jennifer that Patrick will have to sleep on the sofa bed at her place and Jen quickly offers her place to him again. Shocked that Jennifer is ignoring all her earlier warnings she asks Jennifer if she can spare a minute with the family and she leaves with Julie and Mickey. Patrick accuses Bonnie of trying to get rid of him and it dons on him that she lost all his money. Patrick is so angry he turns around and hits the wall.

Brady reminds Bo that he had Victor on that suspect list eventually to and he was wrong and never did apologize to Victor for doubting him. Bo responds by saying that he is not wrong about Nicole and people they love are going to die.

Alice is surprised to Celeste and Celeste tells her that she has a very disturbing message for her.

Jan assures Nicole that there is no evidence left in the house and she is not going to tell Nicole where it is until she asks nicely. Nicole then tells Jan that if she doesn’t hand over the evidence she will kill her.

Patrick yells at Bonnie and wants to know how much of his money is gone. He quickly figures out that she has stolen it all.

Out in Jen’s yard Julie tells Jen that she needs to be careful and she then tells Jen and Mickey that she is sure that Doug left them some sort of clue and if they figure out what it is then more people are going to die.

Alice tells Celeste that Tom wanted her to come to the cemetery and Celeste tells her that she got the same message from Tom. They must figure out why or someone dear to everyone in the Horton family will die.

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