Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/10/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/10/04--Canada; Thursday 3/11/04--USA

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Lucas is doing push-ups in Sami’s apartment and is surprised when he sees Sami lying under him. He lays on the floor beside her and asks where she came from; he tells her that he’s been unsuccessful in his attempts to get her out of his head and wants to know if can really touch her. He is roused by Sami calling out to him and asking him why he’s still there and he reminds her that he’s not going anywhere until she answers his question about whether or not she has feelings for him.

Mimi gets into bed with Rex and apologizes for having to leave Green Mountain Lodge. Mimi explains that they should be ready for lots of trouble with Bonnie now that Patrick is back in town.

Nicole walks into the study and checks behind the sofa cushion in order to make sure that Jan got all the evidence and as she lifts the cushion Brady walks in and startles her by saying, “what are you looking for.” He tells her that she looks like a criminal waiting for a guilty verdict and Nicole reminds him that she’s innocent. Brady shocks her by saying, “not according to the evidence.”

Julie and Hope are at Alice’s and Julie wonders how she will be able to Alice that Doug is dead. She wishes that she never left the cemetery during the search for Doug and how the killer could’ve possibly have known that Doug knew her identity when she had only spoken to Alice and Marlena. As Julie says Marlena Hope repeats the name and says that she thinks she’s figured out what happened.

Back in the cemetery Shawn and Belle reminisce about Doug and Shawn apologizes to Belle again for accusing her mother of being the serial killer. He knows for sure now that Marlena is innocent because he knows Belle would never lie to him and Belle says that she was with Marlena when Doug was killed.

In Marlena’s penthouse John tells Marlena that it is clear to him now why he thought she was the killer.

Lucas asks Sami to admit she has feelings for him and she tells him to go home. He reminds her of how badly she wanted him in the cave, after the tiger attacked her, and that those were her honest feelings. Sami asks Lucas how he will deal with his mother seeing that she wants him to have nothing to do with Sami. Lucas suggests that he and Sami take the London job together.

Julie asks if Hope suspects Marlena and she that she doesn’t there is no way Marlena could be the killer. Hope asks Julie if anyone could’ve overheard her conversation with Marlena while they were at the hospital. Julie tells Hope that there was no one around so no one could’ve heard what they were talking about it must have just been coincidence and bad luck that Doug happened to come across the killer.

Belle tells Shawn to not apologize anymore and if she thought her mom was actually the killer she wouldn’t have any kind of life anymore. Shawn tells her that it’s a good thing that Marlena’s no the killer then because he needs Belle around to make his life better.

John explains to Marlena that the only reason he even thought it might have been her running away from him in the cemetery is because of Shawn’s earlier accusations and he asks her to forgive him for accusing her.

Brady tells Nicole that she looks guiltier than ever because she was afraid that he had found the evidence. He accuses her of breaking into the safe and hiding the will and the evidence. Brady notices something in the fire and says, "“what the hell." He’s noticed that there has been more logs put in the fire and wonders who would’ve done that since the fire is already blazing. Nicole sits seductively on the edge of the couch and asks him to make her a drink. He says no and then she asks him to have one to so that she doesn’t have to celebrate alone. When Brady asks her what the occasion is she says that she is about to be a very wealthy woman because her very wealthy husband died and left no will and she has an iron clad alibi for the time of his death. Brady then asks her what it feels like to get away with murder and Nicole gets that “how dare you” look on her face.

Lucas asks Sami to dream a little about the future they could have in London and Sami reminds him that they will never get the job together because Sami was only getting the job to keep her away from Lucas. Sami tells Lucas that she is worried about what would happen to Will if they tried to be together and it didn’t work out. Lucas is about to respond to this when his cell phone rings. It is mother and Lucas sounds upset at what she is telling him. He hangs up and tells Sami that the killer has struck again. Sami jumps to the conclusion that John has killed her mother and Lucas tells her that it was Doug. Lucas heads to Alice’s house and Sami calls Grandpa Shawn to watch Will so that she can go to her mother’s and tell her to keep away from John.

Marlena accepts John’s apology and he wants to know if he can move back into the penthouse so that he can better protect her. Marlena says that he can’t move back in because he is no longer the man she fell in love with.

Nicole asks Brady why everyone always accuses her of everything and he tells her that because she doesn’t always tell the truth it is hard to trust her. Nicole retaliates by saying that if he doesn’t trust her maybe she doesn’t trust him. Brady comes back by saying that at least he always tells the truth where all she can do is lie.

Julie and Hope sit on the sofa with Alice and Alice tells Julie that she will be OK if she lets Doug live through her. The doorbell rings and it is Shawn and Belle. Julie tells Belle to pass on sympathies to her mother because Marlena has been so close to all of the victims. Belle looks almost ashamed to accept these condolences from Julie.

Marlena tells John that the man she married would never have suspected her, not even for a second and if he moves back in she will always be afraid of him. He questions why she would be afraid and Marlena yells, “Caroline said that you would kill me and I’m not going to help you do it.” Sami bursts through the door and shouts that the only way to make sure that John doesn’t kill Marlena is for Marlena to kill him first. She picks up the letter opener and gives it to Marlena saying, “here use this.” She tells Marlena that she should say it’s self-defense and Sami will be her witness.

Mimi tells Rex that she wishes her mother could be in love not just worried about snagging a rich man and that having love is the only thing that matters to her. She tells Rex her mother’s plan about wanting Patrick to go after a rich widow and she says that love, not money, is the only reason to get married. Rex asks Mimi if she’s trying to give him a hint.

Nicole tells Brady that he may as well accuse her of all the murders in the state because it makes as much sense as accusing her of Victor’s murder. Brady wants to know where the evidence and Nicole tells him again that it is no where because it doesn’t exist. Jan is standing in the foyer listening to Brady and Nicole fight and she is still holding all the evidence in her hands. Jan wonders if she should dump the evidence in the trash or keep it.

In Alice’s living room Julie asks Hope if this could all be a dream. Hope’s cell rings and she asks Bo if there has been a break in the case. She hangs up and passes on the news to Shawn and Julie that there is no new evidence and they are still hoping that the boot print they found will lead to something. Belle looks almost guilty as she stands in the corner. The doorbell rings again and it is Lucas arriving. He gives Hope a basket of yellow and purple flowers and goes to say hello to his grandma Alice. He tells everyone that he’s called Bill in Africa and that he sends his love to everyone. Julie reminds everyone how Doug was a bit of a rascal when he first came to Salem but the Horton family sorted him out. Lucas asks if there might still be hope for him then and Julie tells him that all he needs is the love of the right woman.

Marlena puts the letter opener down and turns to face Sami. She tells Sami that just because the killer has struck again there is no reason for all her hysteria and then Sami screams for Marlena to turn around because John id going to kill her. Marlena is shocked to see John examining the letter opener she had left on the desk.

Mimi starts babbling to Rex that she didn’t mean for him to think she was pushing for marriage and Rex tells her that he would like to talk about their future together.

Brady tells Nicole that just because they haven’t found the evidence yet doesn’t mean that she’s innocent. He leaves the room because he has a phone date with Chloe. When he’s gone Nicole does a little happy dance towards the fireplace thinking that she has finally got away with everything. She is shocked when she notices there is no debris from the evidence in the fireplace. She turns around to see Victor’s ghost and he tells her that God must’ve been out of lucky stars the day that she was born.

Jan goes to put the evidence in a barrel where a homeless man is warming his hands over a fire. He tells her that she’s making a mistake and that she might have a gold mine in her hands or at least an insurance policy. This makes Jan realize that Nicole might try and kill her but if she has all of the evidence she might live a little longer.

Nicole tells Victor’s ghost that he shouldn’t be there because he’s dead and that she won’t let him haunt her. He tells her that her bad decision will haunt her enough because Jan didn’t burn the evidence or the will, it is all out there still. Nicole runs from the study and as she leaves the room Brady grabs her arm and tells her that she can’t run from her guilty conscience.

Rex asks Mimi if she will have a very special dinner with him tomorrow night and she agrees. When she puts her arm around him she looks hopefully at her ring finger.

Belle asks Shawn what he’s thinking as he looks at a family picture and he tells her that he just wants the killer to be caught. Hope tells him that they will catch her and that hopefully Doug’s murder will be the one where the killer finally leaves a clue.

John examines the letter opener and Marlena takes it out of his hand saying in a somewhat joking voice that she won’t kill him and she would appreciate it if he didn’t kill her. She than asks Sami to come outside so that she can yell at her in private. Marlena and Sami go out on to the balcony and John thinks he must have been crazy for thinking Marlena could be the killer. He knows that if she were the people of Salem would string her up after all they’ve been through.

Marlena asks Sami what she was thinking and Sami tells Marlena that it is kill or be killed; if she wants to survive then she has to kill John Black.

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