Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/9/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/9/04--Canada; Wednesday 3/10/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Phillip sits in the Cheatin’ Heart and a woman named Madison buys him a beer. She asks if he has a girlfriend and he says that he wishes so he tells her that his wish may be coming true.

Nicole tells Brady to give up his search for Victor’s will and the evidence against her. He keeps searching and Jan waits in the foyer thinking that Nicole should get out of there right away.

At St. Luke’s cemetery Bo tells Hope and Julie that he will do whatever it takes to catch the killer and if he catches her first then she won’t live long enough to have a trial. Julie walks away and Hope asks Bo if he really would take the law into his own hands.

Shawn continues to question Belle about how long she was with Marlena and she tells him that she was there for hours. Shawn believes her that she was there and tells her that he believes her mother is innocent. He hugs her and when she tenses up he asks her if she’s being straight with him.

Marlena holds the letter opener behind her back as John asks her if anyone can vouch for where she was an hour and a half ago because he knows Belle wasn’t there when Doug was killed. Marlena asks John if he’s accusing her of something and John hesitates to answer.

Nicole continues to try and dissuade Brady from searching and the phone rings. Mr. Briscoe, Victor’s lawyer, is on the phone and while Brady talks to him Nicole talks to Jan in the foyer. Nicole refuses to let Jan leave until she does her one last favour.

Bo tells Hope that he would take out the killer himself before he let the killer hurt him or anyone else he loved. Tech comes up and tells Bo and Hope that the coroner is just about finished with Doug.

Shawn turns from Belle and she thinks that she hates lying to him but she has to so that he stops accusing her mother of murder. Shawn believes her and tells her that he knows she would never lie to him.

John says that he’s not accusing Marlena of anything he just wants to know where she was. Marlena tells John that she parked in the garage and came up through the elevator so no one saw her come in. She offers him some tea and when she leaves for the kitchen John starts questioning his believe that he saw Marlena at the cemetery. He decides to find out for sure and starts going through Marlena’s coat closet and doesn’t notice when Marlena comes out of the kitchen and sees what he’s doing.

Belle tells Shawn that she is going to talk to Hope and Julie and when she leaves Bo comes up to talk to Shawn. Shawn wants to know why Doug would’ve confronted the killer and Bo figures it is because he trusted the killer not to hurt him because they were close. Shawn mumbles something and Bo tells him to speak up if he has a theory. Shawn’s explanation is cut off when Tech comes up and tells Bo and Shawn that they found fresh dirt and sod under Doug’s fingernails.

Marlena asks John what he’s doing and she accuses him of coming to her place to look for evidence. She tells him that he won’t find anything belonging to the killer in her apartment as she remembers dumping the clothes she was wearing earlier in the incinerator. Marlena tells him that she has nothing to hide and John tells her that he didn’t come there to upset her. Marlena tells John that she could deal with Shawn accusing her but is devastated that her own husband would think that she was a killer.

Phillip thanks Madison for the beer but tells her that he would be better off alone. She tells him that no one is better off alone and offers to distract him before asking him to dance.

Jan and Nicole listen to Brady talk to the lawyer. Nicole tells Jan that she has to sneak into the study and burn every shred of evidence while she distracts Brady upstairs. Brady hangs up the phone and Nicole walks into the study she looks surprised to see Brady holding a file and even more surprised when Brady tells her that he has all the proof he needs.

Phillip reluctantly agrees to dance with Madison and she bets him that she can find a girl in his life that is still in his heart. He figures she won’t be able to so he lets her try. She asks him to hand over his wallet.

Brady tells Nicole that Victor set up a trust for Phillip contingent on his will and that proves that Victor had a new will. Nicole sits on the edge of the couch where the evidence and will are hidden and suggests that Brady search Victor’s room because he’s already searched the study top to bottom. He agrees and the two of them go upstairs. Jan sneaks into the foyer and contemplates just leaving with out destroying anything but she believes that Nicole will reveal her to Shawn so she doesn’t know what to do.

Shawn asks how dirt and sod would’ve got under Doug’s fingernails and he is told about Doug having to dig himself out of the open grave. Bo doesn’t believe that this is a clue that will help them solve the case. Doug’s ghost sits up on the gurney that is now holding Doug’s body and shouts that it is a clue because the message he left them will lead them right to the killer.

Julie tells Hope that she feels Doug’s presence like he’s calling out to her. Belle offers her sympathy to Hope and Julie and Julie tells Belle how much help her mother was earlier in the evening. Shawn’s suspicion of Marlena grows when he finds out that Julie told Marlena that Doug knew the identity of the killer.

John tells Marlena that he loves her but she asks him to admit that he thinks she is a suspect. He admits to her that he saw the killer running away from him and for a split second he thought it was her.

Phillip hands Madison his wallet and she finds a picture of Kate and Phillip very quickly explains that Kate is his mother. When she delves further into Phillip’s wallet she finds a picture of Phillip with his arms around Belle. Madison asks Phillip if he really has a thing for her.

Julie reconfirms that she talked to Marlena about Doug knowing the killer’s identity and Shawn and Belle begin to argue again about Shawn suspecting her mother. He tells her that he believes that Marlena is innocent despite the clues because Belle, the person he loves and trusts more than anything, is her alibi.

Jan walks into he study and when she pulls the evidence out from behind the seat cushion she hears a door slam and she drops the evidence. Brady drags Nicole from Victor’s room to hers saying that they will search her room now in case she found something and hid it there. Nicole asks Brady how she could have found anything without the safe combination and he tells her that she has a way of getting what she wants when she wants it. As Brady starts to search Nicole spots the piece of paper on the floor with the combination on it. Brady asks her what she’s looking at and she tells him that she does usually get what she wants and since he came to her room he must want it too and she starts kissing him.

Shawn talk to Tech about his theory that Marlena might be the killer but he also tells him that Belle is her alibi so Tech suggests that it is just a false lead.

Belle thinks to herself that her lie to Shawn won’t hurt anyone she just had to do it so Shawn would believe her mother was innocent.

Marlena asks John if he saw the killer’s face and he said no that there was just something familiar about the way the killer moved. Marlena suggests to John that it is a good thing that they are apart because he obviously no longer trusts her but he also must not love her anymore because he couldn’t love her and believe that she could be the killer.

Brady stops Nicole as she undoes his belt. When he turns to do up his belt Nicole grabs the piece of paper of the floor and eats it. She apologizes to him saying that she just needed to be with someone. Brady tells her that she is pretty much set if they don’t find the evidence or Victor’s will and Nicole tells Brady that she doesn’t have anything if she doesn’t have him.

Jan hides in the study as Henderson walks in; he sees something on the floor by the couch and walks towards it.

Phillip tells Madison that he and Belle are just old friends but she believes that he’s in love whether or not he knows it.

Bo and Shawn stand by Tom’s grave and talk about how his spirit is watching over them. They just wish he could give them a sign. Doug’s ghost goes unheard as he shouts out that he can give them a sign if they opened their eyes they would see the note he left for them with the killer’s name on it.

Julie talks to Doug’s body and wants to know how she is supposed to go without him. Hope tells him that she loves him and that she hopes he knew how much.

A montage of Doug’s past moments on the show play over Doug singing the Horton family song Always. Henderson picks up a piece of kindling from the floor and throws it into the fire before leaving the room. Jan picks up the evidence and says that she doesn’t care what Nicole wants she’s getting out of there alive.

Brady tells Nicole that Victor was convinced that she was guilty and that there must be evidence in the house somewhere. Nicole gives Brady permission to keep looking and when he questions her use of the word permission she reminds him that her husband died without a will so this is her house now.

Madison asks Phillip to admit that he’s in love with Belle and he denies it again. She tells him that if he does love her he needs to go after her or he will regret it the rest of his life. As she walks away he stares at the picture of him and Belle that he is still holding in his hand.

As Bo, Hope, Julie, Shawn and Belle stand around Doug’s body in the cemetery Shawn makes Belle promise that they will always be together. Julie and Hope take turns saying goodbye to Doug and Doug also says goodbye to them but tells them that he will always be watching over them.

John tells Marlena that he isn’t accusing her and in the middle of his sentence he stops short and says that he now remembers why he thought it was her.


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