Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/8/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/8/04--Canada; Tuesday 3/9/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Nicole tells a drunk Jan that they need to destroy the evidence that she got out of the safe and she wants Jan to do it by throwing it in the fire.

Brady paces in the study at the Kiriakis mansion and his cell phone rings, Shawn is on the other end and he tells Brady about Doug being stabbed in the St. Luke’s cemetery. Brady is shocked and offers his sympathies.

Julie asks if they can cover Doug’s body because he looks cold lying there on the ground and Hope tells her that they will have to wait until they are finished the investigation. Bo suggests that Hope take Julie to Alice Horton’s but Julie refuses to leave her husband.

John remembers Julie saying that she told Marlena that Doug know the identity of the serial killer and Celeste comes over to him to see if he’s OK. When she puts her hand on his shoulder she gasps and then tells him that he knows the identity of the killer.

Marlena begins looking woozy and as Belle asks if she is OK she makes her way over to the couch and slumps down on to the couch. When sitting there she admits that she is the serial killer.

Nicole tells Jan that she needs her to destroy the evidence that she removed from the safe. A drunk Jan is making this process very frustrating for Nicole who needs to repeat herself two or three times before Jan gets the idea.

Shawn tells Brady that John almost caught the killer but didn’t get a close enough look to identify her.

John denies to Celeste that he knows who the killer is and Celeste warns him against going after her.

Belle brings Marlena a glass of water and some aspirin and Marlena has a flashback of chasing and killing Doug. Belle says to Marlena that when she brought the aspirin over she thought she heard Marlena say something about the killer. She then says, “oh my god I know what’s going on with you.”

Nicole reminds Jan that she murdered Victor and she needs to help Nicole. Nicole will somehow get Brady out of the study and then Jan can slip in and take the evidence from behind the cushion and throw it in the fire.

Brady asks Shawn if Belle knows about Doug yet and Shawn tells him that she’s at home asleep. Brady offers to do anything he can to help and then hangs up the phone. Nicole comes into the study saying that she was cold and she wants to start a fire in the fireplace. When Brady tells Nicole about Doug’s death she says, “that’s horrible” and Brady looks at her questioningly.

Celeste tells John to be careful about confronting the killer and he assures her that if he confronts the killer it will be her that ends up dead no matter who it is. John check in with Tech and then goes to see Marlena on the premise that he wants to inform her about Doug’s death before she reads it in the morning paper.

Belle apologizes to Marlena for making her think about the killer. Belle tells Marlena that she thinks the killer is a monster and Marlena informs her that the killer doesn’t want to continue killing she just feels like she has no choice.

Nicole tells Brady that she feels bad for Shawn because he lost two grandfathers in one night. When Nicole starts putting logs in the fireplace Brady goes to get her some newspaper to actually get the fire started and she tells him very abruptly to stop.

Bo tells Shawn that the killer left a boot print and he will catch her. Julie hopes that the killer dies a painful death and that she’s there to watch it. Celeste has wondered away from the rest of the group and she whispers to John for him to be careful.

John arrives at the penthouse and is unhappy to see mud on the carpet when he lets himself in then he notices the open balcony doors and walks towards them hoping all the while that he is wrong about Marlena. He goes out on to the balcony and notices that Marlena looks upset, he tells her that she can tell him anything. She responds by saying, “Can I would you understand.”

Brady tells Nicole that he is just trying to help her with the fire and she tells him that she likes to do it herself. He notices how big the fire is getting and comments on it; Nicole tells him that she is chilled to the bone but is also aware that Doug Williams’ murder couldn’t have come at a better time.

Bo promises Julie that he will catch the killer and she reminds him that he’s been saying that since the first killing and she want’s to know how many more people have to die before he actually does it.

Lexie walks up to Celeste and asks her if she’s having another premonition. Celeste tells her that she has a bad feeling that there will be more devastation before the night is over.

John tells Marlena that he would understand anything that she would tell him and then he is surprised when Belle joins them on the balcony. The three of them go inside and when John starts asking questions Belle tells him that she’s been there a while and that it was her who tracked mud in on the carpet. John informs them of Doug’s death. Belle is devastated and Marlena looks slightly shocked.

Nicole tells Brady that at least she can’t be blamed for this murder as she’s been at home surrounded by police all night. Brady tells her that the only thing he wants to do is find the evidence his grandfather had on her and his will. Nicole quickly responds by saying that he will never find the evidence on her.

Hope tells Julie that Bo wants to catch the killer as much as anybody and is frustrated because she does not want her father to have died in vain. She is sure Doug must have left some clue. Tech comes up and tells Bo that they have found more blood evidence in an open grave and Bo leaves with him. Julie and Shawn talk about how much Doug loved them and unbeknownst to them all, his last clue is lying buried in the dirt at the base of Tom Horton’s grave stone.

Belle is upset and when she goes to leave the penthouse and find Shawn John tries to stop her. Marlena says that it will be fine because the killer will not strike again tonight. Belle leaves and John asks Marlena where she’s been all night and Marlena tells him that she went to Belle’s and then came home. John calls her on the fact that Julie came to see her and Marlene tells him that that is true but since she couldn’t do anything she came home and hoped someone would call her. John tells Marlena that he loves her and he wants to know if she has anything to tell her. She says, “I think you’ve already guessed this John but I’m the serial killer,” He looks shocked and steps away from her.

Brady asks Nicole how she could know that he wouldn’t find the evidence and she tells him that it’s because Victor never had any to begin with. Nicole tries to explain away Victor’s threats as Jan stands in the foyer.

Tech tells Julie and Hope the theory behind Doug’s struggle with the killer and Hope says that she will not let her father die in vain she will find some clue.

Lexie asks Celeste if the killer will be caught soon and Celeste says that she will but not before more deaths occur.

When Shawn sees Belle arrive he is relieved but shocked to hear that she was at her mother’s. He starts asking her questions, which make Belle aware that he thinks Marlena could have killed his grandfather.

John tells Marlena that he loves her and he wraps his arms around her. She begs him to not turn her saying that she will get all the help she needs to stop if he helps her do it. When John tells Marlena that he can’t let her get away with murder she says, “I’m sorry you feel that way.” John turns around and Marlena plunges the letter opener into his stomach. John slumps down on to the floor and Marlena holds her dying husband in her arms and cries.

Brady tells Nicole that Victor would not destroy the only copy of his will and that it is somewhere in the house if it wasn’t in the safe. He will tear the whole house apart to find it and he will start right there in the study. Nicole looks worried knowing that all Brady has to do is pick up the couch cushion and he will find all the evidence that he needs.

Julie tells Bo to so whatever he has to do to find the killer and Bo tells her not to worry if he finds the killer first she’ll never make a trial.

Celeste tells Lexie that she doesn’t know how many more people will die only that people they care about are still in danger.

Belle tells Shawn that she was with her mother for hours and he is completely relieved. He knows that Belle is the most honest person he knows and if she is Marlena’s alibi then she definitely innocent.

John says, “Doc” and pulls Marlena out of her daydream about killing him. When he asks her again if she has anything to say she says that she doesn’t. John just stares at Marlena questioningly and she asks him why he keeps looking at her like that as she holds the letter opener behind her back.

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