Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/5/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 3/5/04--Canada; Monday 3/8/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie leaves Celeste in the church to pray while she goes to the graveyard to examine Doug’s body. In the church Celeste enters the confessional and when she begins to confess Doug’s ghost appears where the priest should be.

John tells Bo that he did not get a close enough look at the killer even though he still believes that it might be Marlena. Shawn arrives at the cemetery and kneels over his grandfather’s body. Thinking he is out of ear shot John whispers, "oh my god Doc could you possibly have done this.” John is shocked when questions him about what he just said.

In the bathroom at the penthouse Marlena cleans blood from the letter opener and stares at herself in the mirror. Belle arrives at the front door and decides to go in and check on her mom even though she knows Shawn would be unhappy. Marlena touches her reflection in the mirror and looks distraught.

Celeste tells Doug that she feels guilty because she didn’t make him go straight to the police and she wants to atone for her sins. Doug tells her that his death is not her fault and that the next victim of the serial killer will be someone beloved in Salem.

Bo Asks John if there is something that he’s not telling him and John denies anything of the sort.

Lexie is in tears as she joins Hope and Julie beside Doug’s body. Shawn asks for a minute alone with his grandfather, which he uses to promise Doug that he will stop the killer once and for all. Shawn says that he knows the killer will strike again and he will not let her get away with it.

Belle enters the penthouse and assumes Marlena is sleeping. She looks down and says, “oh my god” and then goes running up the stairs. Belle calls out to her mother and gives her enough warning to stop cleaning the mud off her shoes on the bathroom counter and get them covered up. When Belle walks into the bathroom she says, “you’re going to kill me.” Marlena regards Belle with a shocked look.

Back in the fog shrouded cemetery Shawn kneels over his grandfather while Lexie empathizes with them over their loss of a loved one. John tells Bo that he will tell him if he gets any leads, not to worry. Hope asks Bo what needs to be done next and refuses to go home as Bo suggests saying that she needs to work or she will go insane. John tells Bo and Hope that he is going to check on Marlena and in his surprise Bo asks John what Marlena has to do with anything.

Marlena wants to know why Belle would say something like that and she tells her mom that she tracked mud in on the carpet. Marlena questions why Shawn would let her come out this late all alone and Belle tells her that he got an emergency page from his dad. They are about to leave the bathroom when Belle notices blood on the counter. Marlena is still holding the letter opener behind her back.

John explains that he doesn’t want Marlena to find out about Doug on the radio or in the morning newspaper and Hope admits that Doug and Marlena were very close from way back when Marlena first came to Salem. Bo asks John if he will stay around for a while and help them collect evidence. John agrees and hopes Marlena is at home in bed asleep.

Shawn brushes the leaves off Addie’s tombstone and Julie tells him that Doug new who the killer was. Surprised to know that Bo doesn’t know this yet Shawn rushes off to tell him thinking that could be a big break in the case.

Lexie explains to Tech that she doesn’t believe the killer used a knife to kill Doug and she may finally have slipped up.

Marlena tells Belle that she cut herself but is fine now and she offers to make Belle some hot cocoa. Belle agrees hoping that Marlena will make it like her Grandma Evans. When the topic of Grandmas comes up the two of them begin talking about Shawn’s grandma Caroline. Belle reiterates her opinion that Marlena couldn’t be the killer because her loved Caroline. Belle leaves to start warming the milk and Marlena cleans the blood of the counter. She talks to her own reflection justifying the murders by saying that the victims had to be silenced and murder was the only way.

At St. Luke’s Celeste begs Doug to tell her the name of the killer or at least the name of the next victim. He wants to tell her but it is against the spiritual world’s rules and he is not allowed. He tries to tell her anyway and as he opens his mouth the confessional starts shaking violently.

Bo is shocked to hear that Doug knew the identity of the serial killer and didn’t come straight to him. Julie tells him that she knows Doug talked to Celeste but didn’t think he told her the name of the killer. Worried that her mother may have uncovered the identity of the killer Lexie and John run off to the church to find her. When they arrive at the church they see the confessional, which is perfectly still on the outside and assume that that’s where Celeste is. Inside Doug and Celeste are still being shaken and Doug is unable to tell Celeste what she wants to hear all he can say is that when the next death occurs a family in Salem will be destroyed forever. The confessional goes still and Celeste screams as Lexie and John open the door. She tells them they have to find the killer before she strikes again.

Marlena brings Belle her cocoa and Belle tells her that she still can’t figure out why Shawn would suspect Marlena as the killer because they were all together when Victor died. Still confused by Victor’s death Marlena asks her why she thinks the killer would’ve gone after Victor. Belle has been looking at a photo album and when she passes it to Marlena a picture of Marlena and Doug falls out. Doug speaks to Marlena from the picture admonishing her for killing him. Marlena asks Belle to put away the picture and Belle asks her what kind of woman she thinks the killer is. Marlena says, “It’s not what is she but who is she and Belle you’re looking right at her.” Belle is shocked and steps away from Marlena when she hears this.

Celeste tells Lexie that she spoke to Doug and he told her that the next victim is someone who is loved very much and the death will destroy a family in Salem. John has a flashback of seeing Marlena running through the trees and Lexie tells Celeste and John that they might get lucky because the killer is getting sloppy.

Belle is shocked when she finds out that the serial killer’s profile matches Marlena so closely. When Marlena sits down on the couch beside Belle she jabs herself with the letter opener that is still in the pocket of her robe, she explains away the letter opener when Belle asks her about it and then explains to Belle all the similarities between herself and the killer. Belle says, “you’re kidding right” and Marlena says, “deadly serious.”

Celeste asks Julie to forgive her for not making Doug go directly to the police and Julie tells her that it’s not her fault. Bo asks Celeste, Julie and Hope if they’d told anyone else about Doug knowing who the killer was. Julie says that she did tell someone.

Belle tells Marlena that it seems strange that the killer would seem so normal. Marlena tells her that the killer has some kind of need that is her motive for killing. Belle asks her, hypothetically, if she was the killer then what would her need be and Marlena tells her that it would be to be in control. The victims would be associates, family, friends, in-laws, children, ex-spouses and people she just hated. While she talks about this she remembers all of the killings. Belle asks her again what the killer really needs and Marlena gets tears in her eyes and tells Belle that the killer needs to be stopped but she knows that if she confesses to anybody then another person has to die. Belle looks at Marlena and asks her what’s wrong.

Back at the cemetery Julie tells Bo that she talked to Alice and also remembered talking to Marlena. John looks upset at this revelation.

Belle suggests that she and Marlena should talk about something else because it looks like Marlena is going to faint. Marlena slumps down on to the couch and admits to Belle that she knows so much about the serial killer because she is the serial killer.

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