Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/4/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 3/4/04--Canada; Friday 3/5/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Sami listens from her room as Kate and Lucas fight in her living room. Lucas wants to know why his mother is trying to get Sami out of the country and he assumes correctly that it is to keep him away from Sami. Sami wonders what he’s talking about but quickly finds out when she hears Lucas tell Kate that he has real feelings for Sami. Lucas gets a page from Tony DiMera’s lawyer and tells Kate that he has to go make some calls. When Lucas is gone Sami comes into the living room and shouts at Kate that she will pay for trying to screw her.

Shawn finds Belle wrapped in a blanket on the fire escape. She tells him that she couldn’t sleep thinking about what happened earlier in the evening when someone was attacked at Shawn’s apartment.

Julie prays for Doug inside St. Luke’s and she begins to worry even more when the candle on the altar begins to flicker.

Celeste stares into the crystals on her coffee table and she sees Doug being stabbed and then sees his lifeless body. These images cause her to scream.

Back in the cemetery Bo performs CPR on Doug while John searches for the killer. John chases after a figure dressed in black.

Doug briefly regains consciousness but he cannot tell Bo and Hope who killed him before he lapses back into an unconscious state.

John sees the killer running away and he says, “Doc”. He believes he is seeing things but decides that there is only one way to tell for sure and resumes his chase.

Belle and Shawn stand on the fire escape together and Shawn tells Belle that as long as she’s wearing the cross of his grandmother’s that he gave her she will be protected. She tells him that she believes in the power of the cross as well and it falls off her neck and through the grate of the fire escape.

Hope cries over her dying father and he begins to mutter and blink. She begs him to hang on and he says that he will always be with her. Bo asks Doug to tell him who stabbed him and Doug just shakes his head.

John continues to search for the killer in the dense fog of the cemetery. A cat scurries out the bushes and distracts John enough to give Marlena a chance to flee. John hears her and gives chase, following her to a nearby crypt.

Bo and Hope continue to ask Doug who killed him and he is unable to give them the information before he dies. Bo drags a hysterical Hope away from Doug’s body as the paramedics arrive.

Julie recites the lord’s prayer at the altar at St. Luke’s. As she says Amen the candle goes out and there is a bright glow behind Julie. She turns around to see Doug’s ghost shrouded in light smiling at her. She walks up to him and embraces him.

Shawn finds the cross and puts it back around Belle’s neck and tells her to never take it off. The tone of his voice causes Belle to realize that he still believes her mother is the killer and when she accuses him of this he just looks at her.

Marlena is hiding in the crypt and worries what will happen if John follows her in. She sees something and says, “If that is what I think it is he’ll be sorry if he follows me in.” John is standing outside the crypt and he calls Tech to find out if there is any other way in or out than the entrance he is looking at. Tech informs John that Doug is dead and was unable to reveal the name of the killer and he tells John that there is only one way in or out of the crypt.

Hope and Bo sit with Doug’s body and Hope mourns her father.

Celeste cries as the flame on the guardian angel candle goes out. She says that she will no longer sit idly by and watch another innocent person go to their grave. She believes that she knows who the killer is and that she must do anything possible to figure it out.

John enters the crypt and says that there is no way out and this will end right here, right now. Marlena thinks, “I’m sorry to say John but that’s truer than you think.” A trap door opens and John falls through it to a room below the crypt floor.

Kate tells Sami that she should do what’s right for a change but if she wants to stay in Salem and ruin her life that’s fine too. Sami tell Kate that he’s pathetic wanting her son to not be happy. Kate says that Lucas doesn’t really have feelings for Sami he’s just trying to do whatever he has to in order to make Will happy. Sami asks Kate if she would really ship her own grandson out of the country and away from his father just to keep Lucas away from her. Kate responds by saying she would not realizing that Lucas is standing in Sami’s doorway listening. Lucas says, “over my dead body.”

Julie talks to Doug’s ghost and asks him who killed him. He tells her that he can’t say but has only come to say goodbye. Julie begs Doug not to leave her saying that she can’t live without him. He tells her that he will always be in her heart and they hug again. Doug sings to Julie one last time, singing their song The Most Beautiful Girl in the World. They kiss their last kiss and as Doug disappears Julie sees Hope standing at the doorway of the church crying. They share an unspoken understanding of grieve and hold each other as they cry.

Celeste holds an old fashioned skeleton key and she uses to open a chest on her table. When the chest is opened a blue light shines out of it and Celeste removes a large, red book from it. She takes the book over to the couch and says that what she is attempting could be very dangerous but if she can get inside the killer’s mind maybe she will be able to tell who it is. She opens the book and begins reciting a spell.

John examines his surroundings and unsuccessfully tries to climb out. Marlena says that it’s too bad that John didn’t know about old crypts sometimes having secret ways to trap and kill grave robbers. She then presses her hand to her head like she’s in pain.

Celeste continues to recite her spell and at the same time Marlena says that it feels like someone is trying to get inside her head but she won’t let it happen.

John tries to call Tech but has no service on his cell phone; he is frustrated that he is stuck in the hole while the killer is getting away. Marlena looks like she is in severe pain. Celeste continues to chant and seems to be struggling, she then gasps and says that she is in the killer’s mind and soon her thoughts will reveal her identity. Marlena says that she is stronger than the force in her brain and she concentrates to remove them. Celeste cries out that she is losing contact with the killer, the tealeaves surrounding the guardian angel candle burst into flames and Celeste screams and falls to the floor. Marlena wonders when people are going to realize that she can’t be stopped and she goes back to her business at hand by pressing an old lever in the wall of the crypt. John is shocked and scared when he realizes that the walls around him are closing in.

Sami leaves her apartment and allows Lucas and Kate to have their discussion in her living room. She tells the two of them that she will go to watch Will but actually stops and listens in the hallway. Lucas accuses Kate of still hating Sami and tells her that that is the only reason she is doing what she’s doing. Kate tells Lucas that Sami is just using him and she surprises Sami by opening the door of the apartment proving to Lucas that Sami was in fact eavesdropping. Kate informs Lucas that Sami also overheard his earlier confession about having feelings for her and now Sami is going to use those feelings against him to exact her revenge on Kate. Lucas just looks at Sami questioningly.

The walls continue to close in around John until he finds a bone to jam them. He hears Tech calling his name and he shouts for help. Tech runs into the crypt concentrating on saving John and doesn’t notice Marlena slip out the door behind him.

Lucas asks Sami if what Kate is saying is true and Kate tries to interrupt with an answer of her own, which causes Lucas to ask her to leave. When Kate is gone Lucas again asks Sami what she feels for him. In a very soft and gentle voice Lucas tells Sami that he wants to stop playing games and he wants to know right now what is going on between the two of them.

Belle talks to herself on the fire escape; she still can’t believe that Shawn could suspect her mother of being the killer and she comes to a conclusion that she will prove him wrong.

Now outside with Doug’s body Julie kisses him goodbye and she, Hope and Bo are rejoined by Tech and John. Everyone is disappointed to learn that the killer got away again but are happy to know that a fresh footprint was found and they might have got their first big break on the case. When Bo asks John if recognized anything about the killer John lies and says that he didn’t.

Marlena enters the penthouse and in the dark she turns around with the door shut behind her and says, “oh God, what have I done.”

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