Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/3/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 3/3/04--Canada; Thursday 3/4/04--USA

By Naomi
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Lucas is angry at Kate for correcting Will’s homework saying that he wants Will to learn from his own mistakes. She asks Lucas about looking for a job now that his boss Tony DiMera is dead and Lucas tells her that he is looking because he wants a good job to support his family. Much to Kate’s chagrin he tells her that this family may include Sami if has anything to do with it.

Sami lies on her couch and her mind wander to when she and Lucas were naked in the cave and he told her how beautiful she was. She decides to take up writing in her journal again to keep her mind of Lucas but it has the exact opposite effect. She hopes that it is Lucas at the door when she hears a knock and is surprised to see Kate standing on the other side of her door. Sami looks both shocked and somewhat afraid when Kate tells her that she is there to take care of her.

Bo and John race around Salem with the sirens blaring looking for Doug. Bo calls Hope to see if she’s heard anything else and Hope tells him that she is at Celeste’s and hopes to get some more information from her. Bo hangs up and he and John head to St. Luke’s and the cemetery.

Doug struggles with Marlena in the cemetery and when they hear sirens approaching he tells her that her killing spree is about to be over. Marlena grabs Doug from behind and tells him that if makes a sound she will kill him right there. They both look shocked when they hear John say, “hold it right there.”

Celeste answers her door to Hope and tells her that Doug saw something that confirmed his suspicions but she did not ask him who the killer was but as long as she keeps the guardian angel candle lit Doug will be safe. Hope is shocked and angered by Celeste’s revelation and she tells Celeste to stop playing with stupid candles and try to help her father. Hope and Celeste both jump back and scream when the tealeaves surrounding the candle burst into flames again.

John and Bo almost shoot Julie as she comes running towards them through the fog. Marlena continues to struggle with Doug and when he falls into an open grave she jumps in after him to find him unconscious. Bo tells Julie that he and John will search and she should stay put. When they leave her she starts calling out for Doug and he mutters, “Julie” as he opens his eyes and sees Marlena kneeling over him. She says, “no, It’s not your precious Julie it’s your killer.” John continues to scan the surrounding area using his flashlight but his light does not reach deep enough into the open grave for him to notice Doug and Marlena. Bo and Julie rejoin John and they all leave despite Julie’s feelings that Doug is near by. Marlena tells Doug that this situation is perfect with a couple of stabs she will have him dead and buried.

Lucas searches for jobs and finds a management job at Basic Black. He wonders why his mother didn’t tell him about it when she was asking him about finding a job until he realizes that that is where Sami works and his mother would do anything to keep him away from Sami.

Kate tells Sami that she has a job at Basic Black because it was a favor for Roman but it is not doing Sami or the company any good to have Sami continuing in her current position and Sami assumes that she is being fired.

The fire on Celeste’s table dies down and Hope asks her why she can’t see the killer. Celeste suggests that if Hope believes enough she may be able to see something herself by looking into the same crystals as Doug did.

Doug and Marlena continue to struggle in the empty grave and Doug seems to have the empty hand when he knocks Marlena to the ground.

Will wakes up and asks Lucas to help him with his sociology homework. Lucas tries to send Will back to bed but decides he needs to talk to Will when Will brings up the fact that he and Sami weren’t planning on having a child together when Will was conceived. Lucas reassures Will that he was born out of love and he should never doubt that but he gets a strange look on his face when Will asks him if he loves Sami now.

Sami tells Kate that if she fires her it would be like sending her own grandson to the poorhouse. Kate tells Sami that she is not there to fire her but offer her a new position. Sami is shocked to learn that she is being offered a position that is much better than the one she has and is very excited about it until she realizes the job is in London. Kate sweetens the pot by telling Sami that Brandon is also moving to London.

Julie tells Bo and John that they never should have left St. Luke’s because searching there was better than driving around Salem. She suggests that Bo call Celeste to see if she has had anymore visions. Bo tells her that Hope is with Celeste right now and if there is any news she will call but on John’s prompting Bo goes ahead and calls Hope.

Back at Celeste’s Hope is not seeing anything in the crystals and is just getting more and more frustrated. She again asks Celeste why she can’t see the killer and as she is waiting for her answer her cell phone rings. Hope answers her phone thinking that it might be good news about Doug and is disappointed to hear that there is no new news. As Hope talks to Bo Celeste, taking advantage of some time to think tells Hope that she sees something.

At the fog shrouded cemetery adjacent to St. Luke’s church Doug pulls himself out of the empty grave and runs towards the church. Marlena climbs out shortly after him and runs in the same direction. Doug pounds on the locked church doors and Marlena catches up with him Reminding him of when he used to sing the song Always at family gatherings Marlena suggests that there should be a song entitled Never Again as she stabs Doug in the neck with the letter opener.

Lucas tells Will that it doesn’t matter what he feels for Sami because even if he does love her she doesn’t love him back. Will argues that Lucas must be blind and deaf if he doesn’t realize how much Sami loves him.

Sami questions Kate’s knowledge of Brandon’s whereabouts and tells that it doesn’t really matter because Brandon won’t talk to her anyway. Kate tells Sami that there would be a private school education provided for Will as well and this makes Sami think about taking the job. Sami also is thankful for how far away they would be from Kate.

Celeste tells Hope that she can see Tom Horton’s name and Hope reacts with incredulity saying that her grandfather couldn’t be killer he’s been dead for years. Celeste clarifies her meaning by saying that it is Tom’s tombstone she sees and Doug is there right now. Hope passes this information on to Bo who in turn flips on the sirens and heads back to St. Luke’s. After reassurance from Celeste that her father is still alive Hope heads off to meet Bo, John and Julie and the cemetery.

As Marlena goes to stab Doug again he punches her in the face causing her to drop to the ground and he runs into the graveyard again. Marlena gets up and chases Doug into the graveyard but gets increasingly frustrated when she can’t find him. Doug hides behind a tombstone and takes a piece of paper out of his bloody shirt pocket and looks for a pen.

Sami asks Kate if the job is hers for the asking and Kate tells her that she will have to fill out an application but she believes that Sami is the best applicant and is sure that John will back her up. At the mention of John’s name Sami remembers Celeste’s prediction about John killing Marlena and she tells Kate that she will not leave her mother when she could be in danger.

Marlena continues to search for Doug and saying that she will help him after all she is still a doctor and the whole night had been one big misunderstanding. Having not found a pen Doug uses his own blood to scrawl Marlena’s name on the piece of paper in his hand. John, Bo and Julie arrive back in the cemetery and Bo tells Julie to stay where she is while he and John search again for Doug. Hope runs up to Julie as Bo and John leave and the two women wonder if might not be too late to find Doug alive. John shines his flashlight over a nearby tombstone and Marlena’s is hiding behind it. When she sees the light Marlena thinks, ‘don’t make me do this to you John.”

Kate tells Sami that she’s going to call Marlena right now to see if Marlena would want Sami to give up this once in a lifetime opportunity to start over. Sami agrees to apply for the job and Kate tells her that she will need her résumé by 8:00 am sharp. It just so happens that Sami has one handy and she goes into her room to get it. When Sami is in her room there is a knock at the door and Kate opens it; both Kate and Lucas look shocked and disappointed to see each other.

Just as John is about to look behind the tombstone Marlena is hiding behind Bo calls him away because he has found blood. They follow the trail of blood and it leads them towards the church. Doug crawls towards the back of Tom Horton’s tombstone and buries the paper he has written Marlena’s name in at the base of the stone. As he lie behind the stone Hope comes and kneels in front of it to ask her grandfather for help. Hope screams in terror as Doug’s hand reaches out and grabs her.

Lucas tells Kate that he is surprised to see her there and he assumes that she is there to drive a wedge between him and Sami. She tells him that she will not interfere in his love life and that she is there to offer Sami a job. Lucas is angry to hear that his mother would offer Sami a job and him until he finds out that the job is in London. As Sami listens to this conversation from the doorway of her room she realizes that the job offer was a way to get her away from Lucas and she also thinks, “oh Lucas do you really believe that there could be something real between us.”

Celeste is looking into her crystal and she sees an image of Tom Horton’s tombstone she then gasps as she also sees a tombstone with the name Douglas Williams on it.

Hope realizes that the hand grabbing her is Doug’s and she begins to cry hysterically when she sees that he has been stabbed. She cries out for help and realizes that Doug is conscious.

Julie stands inside St. Luke’s lighting a candle and looking plaintively upwards.

Bo and John run up to Hope and Bo radios for help from the emergency services team. Doug is trying to point towards the piece of paper he had buried but no one notices and he slips out of consciousness again. Bo and Hope continue to beg Doug to come back when John hears a rustling in the bushes and chases into the cemetery. As he sees the killer running into the bushes he whispers, “Doc.”


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