Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/2/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 3/2/04--Canada; Wednesday 3/3/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Brady accuses Nicole of hiding something as John walks into the living room of the Kiriakis mansion. Bo tells John that the evidence against Nicole and Victor’s will were missing from the safe when they opened it but he knows exactly what’s going on.

Celeste consults her tarot cards trying to get a feeling for where Doug is and while she is doing this Bonnie arrives at her door wanting Celeste to provide her with a love potion. Celeste tries to recruit Bonnie into helping her channeling the dead.

Julie is pacing in the Horton living room when Hope arrives. Julie informs Hope that Doug knows whom the killer is and he’s gone after her himself.

Back in the graveyard Doug explained to Marlena that he’d have to tell Hope whom he suspected because she will wonder after she gets his message. When Marlena can’t talk him out of it she tells him that he must do what he has to do but so must she. She puts her hand around the letter opener that she has hidden in her purse.

Celeste tells Bonnie that they don’t have much time and they must summon the dead immediately. When Celeste goes to light the guardian angel candle she sees Roman’s face appear on the candle. Roman tells her that she is only one who can save Doug now. Bonnie babbles on about how she needs Celeste to make this potion so that Mickey will fall in love with her and Jennifer will fall in love with Patrick. She does not realize that the responses Celeste is giving her are actually responses for Roman. Maggie’s ghost appears and tells Bonnie that she needs to just leave Mickey alone. Although Bonnie didn’t hear this she sensed something and tells Celeste that she is getting her coat and leaving before Maggie’s ghost shows up.

Hope questions Julie about where Doug could be and when she realizes how much trouble Doug could be in she calls the police station and puts out an APB on her father. Hope tells Julie that as long as Doug doesn’t talk to the killer he’ll be safe.

Doug tells Marlena that he also talked to Celeste but did not mention to her who he thought the killer was.

Nicole denies Bo’s accusations of somehow getting into the safe and removing the documents when no one was looking. Brady starts defending Nicole much to the shock of John and Bo by saying that everyone is innocent until proven guilty. Bo’s phone rings and it is Hope informing him of Doug being missing and if they could nail Nicole as the killer Doug might not be in that much danger.

Roman’s ghost tells Celeste if she doesn’t figure out a way to save Doug right away then it will be too late and if Celeste is only worried about saving herself then she has already signed Doug’s death warrant.

Doug tells Marlena that he has to tell Hope that he suspected her as the killer but it won’t be a big deal because she’s innocent. When she makes a big deal out of him telling anyone what he thought he asks her why it matters so much saying that it shouldn’t matter unless, of course, she is the killer. The look on Marlena’s face at in response to this comment causes Doug to stop smiling immediately.

Bo and John show the locksmith out and he reassures them that no one could have got in that safe without him knowing unless they had the combination. Nicole tells Bo and John to leave her house and Bo tells her that they are not going anywhere until they find proof that she is the killer.

Hope Julie and Alice all wonder about Doug’s whereabouts when they find out that he hasn’t been to see Nicole. When Hope calls the station and there is no new information on Doug she and Julie get even more worried.

When Bonnie goes to collect her coat from Celeste’s bedroom the door slams behind her and she can’t open it. Maggie’s ghost appears to her in her own reflection and tells her to stay away from Mickey. Maggie tells Bonnie that she knows what she’s up to and she won’t let her get her hands on Mickey’s hard earned money.

Marlena leads Doug to a bench and when they sit down she begins to cry. Doug tells her that everything will be OK and that she can confide in him. Marlena does just that and tearfully admits to him that she is in fact the serial killer.

Roman’s ghost tells Celeste that Doug is face to face with the killer as they speak and she needs to hurry if she’s going to save him.

Bonnie continues to argue with Maggie’s ghost about Mickey saying that she would be good for Mickey and Maggie should help him get on with his life.

Hope informs Alice and Julie about the attack earlier in the evening on Shawn and they wonder if Shawn knows who the killer is as well.

Marlena cries to Doug and tells him that she even thought about killing Belle and she tried to kill Shawn. Doug is shaken at the thought that she attacked Shawn but reassured when she tells him that Shawn is fine. He asks her why she has killed all of these people who she loved and she tells him that she just doesn’t know. Doug tells her that he knows that she knows what they have to do and that they will go together to the police to turn her in. At this comment Marlena stops crying and just stares at Doug.

Bo tells Nicole that he will have the house searched from top to bottom and she reminds him quite gruffly that she is still Mrs. Victor Kiriakis and she is in charge of the house. She again demands that John and Bo leave.

Alice tells Hope that she fells useless and she needs an assignment; Hope asks her to call or text message everyone that Doug knows in Salem seeing if anyone has seen him or spoken to him. When Julie asks Hope for an assignment Hope tells her that her assignment may be a little more painful.

Doug asks Marlena if she is willing to turn herself and when she says yes he suggests calling Hope. At this point he realizes that he’s forgotten his cell phone and asks if Marlena has hers. She says that she doesn’t but she knows a shortcut to a payphone through the cemetery. She leads and Doug follows her.

Nicole denies again having anything to do with Victor’s death and upon finding about Doug being missing says that she wants to know how many people have to be killed before she is proved innocent. John and Bo leave the room and Brady tells Nicole that he is not convinced one way or the other about Nicole’s guilt or innocence but he wants to know where Victor’s will is and where the information Victor had compiled on Nicole is.

John and Bo wonder if Nicole may actually be innocent and they remember that Doug saw the killer at the circus. They realize that if the killer is someone other than Nicole and finds Doug he will be in mortal danger.

Marlena and Doug walk through the cemetery and come across the graves of Marlena’s previous victims. Marlena asks Doug to pray for them and although he looks at her quizzically he gets down on his knees and begins to pray.

Bonnie asks Maggie for her help in getting Mickey to marry her and Jen to marry Patrick.

Roman again tells Celeste that if she doesn’t act now Doug will die. Celeste tries to sense where Doug is and she sees images of gravestones and knows that Doug is in the graveyard. She picks up the phone to call Hope.

Hope asks Julie to try and sense if Doug is trying to reach out to them and although she is skeptical she tries. Julie gasps and tells Hope that Doug is in terrible danger and as she reveals this information the phone rings. Hope picks up the phone and Celeste informs her that Doug is in a graveyard with the killer and he is in danger. Hope runs off to find Doug, leaving Julie behind to call Bo. As Julie reaches for the phone she screams and grabs her left shoulder in agony. When she recovers from this unusual pain Julie dials the number for Bo and he answers hopefully thinking it may be good news about Doug. Julie tells him that they think Doug is in a graveyard with the killer and that Hope has gone to find him. Bo and John leave the mansion telling Brady to keep and eye on Nicole.

Nicole tells Brady that she doesn’t wish anyone dead but if the killer strikes again she will finally be off the hook.

Maggie tells Bonnie that she will never approve of her marrying Mickey and when Bonnie tells Maggie that she just wants to finally be rich Maggie tells her that she should be careful what she wishes for. Bonnie insists that she wants to be rich and Maggie waves a wand in Bonnie’s direction saying, “sometimes it easier to do than not to do.” Bonnie is surrounded with sparkling light and Maggie disappears.

Roman tells Celeste that his heart breaks when he thinks of how this will all end and Celeste just says the phrase, “more death”, over and over. When Bonnie comes back into the room she tells Celeste that she needs the love potion to be 150 proof and realizes that Celeste is in some sort of trance.

Hope begs Doug to hang on until she can find him as she drives towards the graveyard.

Doug continues to pray over the previous victim’s graves and when he’s done Marlena refuses to call Hope saying that she refuses to spend the rest of her life in jail. She tells him that Celeste was right in predicting his death because that prediction is about to come true. She raises the letter opener towards Doug in her black gloved hand and Doug looks more frightened than ever.

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