Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/1/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 3/1/04--Canada; Tuesday 3/2/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Hope is still at Jen’s and she tells her that she will still do a background check on Patrick who then enters the room wearing just his sweatpants. Jen and Hope are shocked when they learn that Patrick’s last name is Lockheart.

Bonnie paces in her living room chain smoking while Mimi coughs in the corner. Mimi is not sure if she wants to know but still asks why it is bad news for Bonnie that Patrick is coming back.

In the Kiriakis living room Bo asks Nicole why she is so nervous and Brady comes in just in time to see the safe opened. Bo tells the locksmith to go ahead and Nicole gets a pained look on her face.

Celeste and Julie stare at the now extinguished candle in Celeste’s living room. Celeste explains to Julie that Doug is in great danger.

Outside St. Luke’s church Marlena tells Doug that she has spoken to Julie and that she knows that Doug thinks he knows the identity of the killer. At this comment Doug accuses Marlena of being the serial killer and Marlena just looks at him as if she pities him.

Julie tells Celeste that Maggie’s ghost came to her and warned her of Doug’s impending doom and she is even more worried when Celeste informs her that Doug has gone to confront the killer himself. Not being able to reach Hope Celeste and Julie go search for Doug themselves.

Doug lists the victims to Marlena and tells her that she needs to be stopped and if he has to be the one to do it then so be it. She turns and asks him if he really believes she could be capable of these horrible things and she is carrying the letter opener from her office in her purse.

Bonnie tells Mimi that she was watching some money for Patrick and it’s gone. Mimi is familiar with this situation seeing that Bonnie stole all of her money as well and she believes that Bonnie deserves whatever she has coming to her.

Patrick confirms to Hope and Jen that Mimi is his sister and Bonnie is his mother. Jen explains how much Bonnie helped her when Jack dies and Patrick doesn’t seem surprised although he knows that Bonnie did all these things for her own good not some mysterious charity. Hopes phone rings and it is Bo informing her that the safe is ready to be opened. He tells her that she doesn’t need to come back to the Kiriakis mansion he will be there to take Nicole in and she should stay with Jen.

When the locksmith finally tells them he’s ready to open the safe Nicole shouts, “no, stop.”

Hope asks Patrick why he’s staying with Jen if his mother is in Salem.

Bonnie asks Mimi to soften Patrick up because she is his favorite sister and he can’t stay mad around her. Still angry with Bonnie Mimi refuses to be her buffer saying that she will just have to pay Patrick back. Bonnie lets Mimi know she is broke and suggests selling Mimi’s car to pay Patrick. Mimi refuses this offer and agrees with her mother that this will not be a happy family reunion.

Nicole tells Bo that he owes her an apology for all of his accusations telling him again that she could not have killed Victor because she was handcuffed to Brady at the time. Bo accuses Nicole of having an accomplice which causes Nicole to remember telling Jan to leave Salem. When the locksmith tries again to open the safe Nicole hurls a crystal glass at the wall beside the safe showering everyone in the vicinity with broken glass.

Patrick tells Jen and Hope that he has a falling out with his mother and has come back to Salem to patch things up. With Hope still questioning who he is Patrick calls Bonnie in front of them and tells her that he loves her and id looking forward to them getting together tomorrow and to let her know that he is staying at Jennifer’s.

Julie and Celeste continue to search for Doug by checking out the hospital. When they don’t find him in emergency they go to look in Marlena’s office. As they near the office Celeste tells Julie that she senses the danger surrounding Doug is getting stronger.

As they stand in the graveyard Doug tells Marlena that he remembers seeing her come out of Tony’s cubicle with a syringe and he knows that she is the killer.

Brady asks Nicole if she’s lost her mind and she tells everyone present that she is the victim there because her husband just died and now she is being accused of being a killer and is locked up on her own house like an animal. The safe is then opened and Bo removes all the files from it saying that justice can finally be served. Nicole watches him start to go through the papers with a worried look on her face. Bo and Brady search through the contents of the safe finding no will and no evidence against Nicole.

Jen shows Hope out having had quite enough of her questioning Patrick this evening. Hope tells her that she is still going to go over to Bonnie Lockheart’s to question her just to be sure Patrick is telling the truth.

Being reassured by Patrick’s tone on the telephone Bonnie fantasizes about the two of them having a double wedding when she marries Mickey and he marries Jennifer therefore ensuring them a huge slice of the Horton fortune. Mimi tells Bonnie that she’s crazy.

Marlena tells Doug that she was giving Tony pain medication and that she took an oath to save lives not to take them so the idea of her being a killer is preposterous. She suggests Doug is suffering from mass hysteria and lets him no that she was with John during the attack on Victor so she must be innocent. As Doug continues to doubt her Marlena puts her hand in her purse where she can easily reach her letter opener.

Julie talks to Alice on her cell phone confirming that no one has seen Doug. When she hangs up Celeste gasps and tells Julie that Doug is face to face with the killer.

Doug apologizes to Marlena for accusing her and she forgives him but questions him on who he’s told about his suspicions. When she finds out that he hasn’t told anyone because he didn’t want to cause any unnecessary rumors Marlena hugs him and tells him they should just put it all behind them. Doug looks at Marlena questioningly and Marlena just stares back at him.

Bo questions Nicole on the missing information accusing her of getting into the safe and hiding Victor’s will and the damning information on her. Nicole remembers Jan figuring out the combination and sneaking down to the safe while the locksmith was going to get a tool from his truck. She opened the safe and removed all of the evidence of her killing Colin Murphy and the only copy of Victor’s will and hid it behind the seat cushion on the couch.

Hope is now at Bonnie’s and is surprised when Bonnie confirms that Patrick is her son. Mimi looks disgusted as Bonnie suggests that it is time for her precious son to settle down. Hope asks Bonnie if she means that he should settle down with Jennifer and Bonnie acts shocked at the suggestion saying that Patrick should settle down with one of his old girlfriends from high school.

Jen and Patrick talk about Hope coming over to question him and he tells her that he doesn’t mind. If it were his sister Mimi he would certainly want someone around who cared about her like that. The phone rings and Jen picks it up to discover a frantic Julie on the other line. Jen tells Julie that Hope just went over to Bonnie’s and when Julie hangs up Celeste tells her that they must hurry.

Marlena suggests that Doug looks worried and he tells her that he just feels so awful about accusing her and she again tells him that it is no problem but questions him once more about if he did or did not tell anyone. Doug reassures her that he didn’t tell anyone but he did set a conversation into motion that he should finish with Hope. Marlena asks Doug exactly what he said to Hope and she looks saddened when he tells her that he told Hope that he knew the name of the serial killer.

Julie finally gets in touch with Hope and tells her what’s going on and they agree to meet at Alice’s. Hope leaves Bonnie’s and head to her grandmother’s and Julie leaves the hospital heading for the same destination. Celeste tells Julie that she is heading home to consult her tarot card and they go off in separate directions.

After Hope leaves Bonnie breathes a sigh of relieve that Patrick is not in trouble.

Jen thanks Patrick for staying with her telling him that he makes her feel safe and she heads up to bed. With Jen out of ear shot Patrick calls Bonnie again. Bonnie, suffering from a false sense of security after Patrick’s last call tells him her plan that he should after Jennifer. Patrick says that he will not scam Jennifer because she is a good person but the more Bonnie talks the more he seems to be contemplating the suggestion.

Nicole gets up from the couch to get herself a drink and adjusts the pillows as she does so in order to hide the evidence from Bo and Brady. As she walks away Brady walks towards the couch and slams his fist into the cushions with frustration. The evidence does not show but this causes Nicole to react with a start. Brady says that he knows what’s going on and Nicole looks like she has been slapped.


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