Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/27/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/27/04--Canada; Monday 2/28/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Mimi and Rex celebrate Valentine’s Day together in bed at the Green Mountain Lodge and the two of them discuss the fact that Rex is now poor and Mimi says she likes him even better this way.

Nicole paces in her room wondering how to get into the safe in the living room when Jan stumbles out of her closet. Jan tells Nicole that she saw Victor open the safe and Nicole acts shocked and hopeful.

Bo and Hope watch the locksmith and talk about how they will put Nicole away for good when the safe gets opened. Bo then gets a phone call on his cell and it is Lexie for Hope whose cell phone has died. Hope is shocked to learn that Jen invited Patrick to stay at her house.

Patrick is on his cell phone in the foyer of Jen’s house and he tells the person on the other end that he is in Europe and he has something to take care of. Jen hears this comment and asks him to explain why he’s lying about being in Europe.

Doug asks Celeste what the death card means as they stand in her living room. Celeste tells him that it means exactly what he thinks it means and that he should go directly to the police right away. She acts confused when Doug says that he can’t do that.

Marlena paces in her office after receiving a phone call from Julie informing her that Doug knows who the killer is. Marlena walks over to her desk and picks up the letter opener; she hides the opener behind her back as Julie enters the office. When Julie tells Marlena that Doug knows the identity of the killer and he’s on his way to the police Marlena look like she’s disappointed.

Hope tells Bo about Jen having Patrick stay at her place and Bo comments on how that isn’t normal behavior for Jen who is usually so careful. The locksmith interrupts them by telling him that he only has one more hinge to remove and the safe will be open. The disappointment when the locksmith tells them that he just heard another set of bolts slide into place is obvious on everyone’s face. Bo stays with the locksmith and Hope goes to phone Jen and see what’s happening.

Nicole comes back into her to find Jan dressed in a red nighty with a black robe. Trying to sober her up Nicole gives Jan black coffee and tells her to try and remember the combination. When Jan tells her she can’t remember Nicole slaps her across the face.

Celeste asks Doug why he can’t go to the police and Doug explains that is he is wrong the person whom he accuses will be ruined and Celeste reminds him that if the accused is in fact innocent their name will be cleared just like Rex’s, Kate’s and Tony’s were.

Back in Marlena’s office Julie lets Marlena know that she doesn’t know who the killer is and this causes Marlena to slip the letter opener back onto her desk knowing that she is in no danger of exposure from Julie. Marlena explains to Julie that if the killer finds out that Doug knows who she is there will be countless more people killed; after hearing this Julie tells Marlena that it sounds like she knows the killer and Marlena tells her that she is one and the same.

Patrick explains to Jen that he is lying because he doesn’t want to lose a client and this makes Jen feel even guiltier because she believes the accident has caused him to miss work. Jen accepts this explanation and goes to answer her ringing phone. When Jen picks up the phone to find Hope on the other end she tries to explain the reasons why she invited Patrick to stay in the garage apartment. Not fully accepting all of Jen’s explanations Hope tells her that she’s coming over. While Jen is busy on the phone with Hope Patrick makes another call of his own. This time he is calling his mother, Bonnie, he tells her that he is coming home and he wants what’s rightfully his. Bonnie looks very frightened by this turn of events.

After explaining the Patrick situation to Bo he agrees that Hope should go over to Jen’s and he will stay at the Kiriakis mansion with the locksmith.

Jan asks Nicole why she slapped and Nicole explains that if Jan doesn’t remember that safe combination they are both going to end up going to jail. Jan is still confused about the numbers she saw.

Doug agrees with Celeste that if he is wrong the person he accuses will be cleared and then he leaves after Celeste assures him that she will keep the candle she lit for his protection alight until he is safe. Doug leaves and when he is in the hallway he says, “Now to find Hope, but first there is one more person that I have to see.” With Doug gone the windows to Celeste’s apartment blow open again and she gasps with terror as the tealeaves on the table light on fire. Celeste tries to call to Doug to stop him but he is already gone.

Marlena explains to Julie that she has to get inside the killer’s mind to help find her for the Salem police and that is why she is one and the same mind with the killer. Julie accepts this explanation and then gets a message on her phone from Alice telling her that Celeste is trying to reach her. While Julie isn’t looking Marlena arranges for her beeper to go off and she tells Julie that she has to cut their meeting short because she has an emergency. Julie leaves followed by Marlena a few moments later.

Rex and Mimi feed each other chocolate covered strawberries in bed and they talk about the killings. Rex tells Mimi that he feels so sorry for Kate because he knows how much she truly loved Roman and while they are talking Mimi’s cell phone rings. When Mimi realizes it is her mother calling she ignores the call.

Jen tells Patrick that Hope is coming over to meet him and he tells her that his back is really hurting so he’s going upstairs to take a hot shower and to send Hope up when she gets there.

Bonnie keeps trying to reach Mimi as she tells the dog that Patrick is coming home and that she is in big trouble.

Bo tells the locksmith that he is going to go outside to check with the police officers in the squad cars and he leaves him a cup of coffee and goes outside.

To get Jan refocused on remembering the lock combination Nicole tells her how if they go to jail Belle will end up with Shawn and Jan will end up with nothing. Jan then redoubles her effort to remember.

Celeste closes the windows and opens the door to Julie. Julie sees the death card lying on the table and tells Celeste how afraid she is for Doug. When Julie finds out that Doug went to Celeste first rather than straight to Hope she is angry and even more afraid than before. Celeste tells Julie that Doug’s suspicions were correct and that the killer knows that he knows.

Marlena is in a confession booth at the church and she is disguising her voice while she tells the priest that she is having overwhelming urges to hurt someone. When the priest tells her that he must stop her and get her some help she slips out of the booth without anyone seeing who she was. Upon exiting the church Marlena sees Doug standing in the attached cemetery talking to Addie. Doug is asking Addie to help him get his head straight and figure out what to do when he looks up and sees Marlena standing at the entrance to the church.

Hope shows up at Jen’s and Jen sends her upstairs to talk to Patrick. Hope knocks on the door and Patrick, although stark naked, tells Hope to come on in. After recovering from the shock of seeing that Patrick had “nothing to hide” Hope tells him to put something on and meet her in Jen’s living room.

Mimi is lying in bed listening to Rex sing in the shower when her cell phone rings again. This time she picks it up and she seems excited when Bonnie tells her that Patrick is coming home. Bonnie tells her that Patrick coming home means big trouble and Mimi agrees to come right home. When Rex comes out of the shower he is surprised to see Mimi getting dressed and disappointed when she asks for him to take her home right away because her mother needs her.

Bonnie explains to Max her dog that she has done some dirty deeds in her life and if Patrick finds out he will turn her into a messy red pulp.

Hope tells Jen that Patrick is coming right down and although she hopes that he’s clean as a whistle she still wants to do a background check on him. Unbeknownst to the ladies Patrick is hiding in the foyer listening to their conversation.

Jan talk to herself in the mirror in Nicole’s room about what she will do to Shawn when he’s finally hers and when she turns around to talk to Nicole she realizes that Nicole has once again slipped out of the room.

The locksmith finally gets the last set of bolts taken care of and informs Bo that the job is completed. Bo turns to see Nicole standing in front of him and he says, “gotcha.”

Julie asks Celeste how the killer could know Doug when the only people aware of it were the two of them, Alice and Marlena. Celeste tells Julie that there are dark forces at work and her windows blow open again and Doug’s candle goes out.

Doug walks up to Marlena and they stand looking at each other on the steps of the church. Doug tells Marlena that he has been looking for her and that he has some questions that he needs her to answer. Doug gets a terrified look on his face when Marlena tells him that she’s been looking for him as well.


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