Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/26/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/26/04--Canada; Friday 2/27/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas and Kate help Will with his science project on Egypt. When Lucas can’t find a glue stick he goes to Sami’s apartment to ask her for it despite Kate’s protestations. When Lucas leaves Kate finds the glue stick and she also finds the family picture from Will’s camping trip on the fridge. She takes the picture from the fridge and asks Will where and when it was taken.

Sami is crying on the couch while watching a romantic movie and she begins to remember asking Lucas to make love to her while she had amnesia. She is roused from the couch by a knock on the door and when she sees Lucas standing there she grabs him and kisses him.

Hope is standing outside the Kiriakis mansion and the light of the surrounding police cars reflect on the house as she talks to Shawn on her cell phone. She tells Shawn that Bo will go ballistic when he finds out about what happened at his apartment.

Nicole sneaks downstairs only to find Bo in the study talking to the locksmith. When opens the front door to go outside she comments on the number of police that have gathered outside the mansion only to realize that Bo is standing right behind her.

Julie calls Hope on her cell and when she gets no answer she tries Doug and leaves him a message. She is too worried to stay in her room so she heads downstairs to the kitchen.

Doug is at Celeste’s door and he asks for her help. Celeste agrees and lets Doug in saying that she has been expecting him.

Walking back into the study with Nicole Bo attempts to again arrest her for Victor’s murder. Hope stops him saying that he cannot arrest Nicole yet but she assures Nicole that there will many questions for her to answer once Victor’s safe is opened and his will is read.

Jan is still passed out drunk in Nicole’s closet and when she wakes up she looks sick and confused. Nicole storms into her room yelling about how she is not the serial killer and saying that she never knew killing one Irish blackmailer would get into so much trouble.

Celeste asks Doug if anyone saw him come into the hotel where she is staying and he tells her no. She tells him that the spirits are restless and the killer is about to strike again and that she keeps seeing his face. Doug may be the only one who can stop the killer but by doing so he may put his own life in grave danger.

Kate continues to question Will about the family picture and he tells about the school camping trip. Kate is surprised to hear that Lucas and Sami agreed to go on the trip but is even more surprised when Lucas tells her that Lucas and Sami shared not only a tent but a sleeping bag and that he knew there wasn’t much sleeping going on.

Sami and Lucas continue to kiss on the couch and Lucas’ voice rouses Sami from what was a continued fantasy not reality. Lucas tells Sami that he needs the glue stick for Will’s science project and she offers to come over to his apartment to help with the project until she finds out that Kate is there and decides to stay home. While looking for the glue Sami manages to get green paint on Lucas’ shirt by accident but she then squirts some more paint on him in a joking manner. This excess paint make Lucas remove his shirt and the two of them look at each other with yearning in their eyes.

Julie is now in the kitchen with Alice. Julie shares the information with Alice about Doug thinking he knows whom the killer is and how Maggie came to her and said that Doug was in grave danger.

Doug tells Celeste that he prepared to risk his life as long as he is sure he knows that he is right about the identity of the killer. Celeste turns out the lights and has Doug light an ornate candle with an angel on it telling him that the white light from the candle will help to protect him and that he needs as much protection as he can get.

Hope tells Bo to keep his cool until the safe is opened and then she gingerly informs him of the attack at Shawn’s apartment and that there was human blood in his bed. When Bo figures out that Shawn was a target he and Hope take off up stairs to question Nicole.

Nicole is in her room talking to a picture of Victor, when she yells that she hated him and throws the picture across the room. The picture crashes into the door jam just as Bo is opening the door. Nicole looks confused when Bo tells her that Hope can ID her as the serial killer.

Celeste encircles the candle with some tealeaves informing Doug that these will open a channel to the dark side. She takes a hold of Doug’s hand and the windows blow open. Celeste tells Doug that have made contact with the dark side and he will soon have his answer. Doug has fear in his eyes as he watches the tea leaves on the table light on fire.

Kate is disgusted as she looks at the picture of the happy family consisting of Lucas, Sami and Will. She asks Will how he knows that there wasn’t much sleep in Sami and Lucas’ tent and Will tells her about how he set them up by putting a snake in their tent and then how Lucas saved Sami from the Tiger. Kate looks frustrated as she hears Will’s hope that his parents will finally get together.

Sami tells Lucas she’ll wash his shirt for him and he tells her not to worry because it is oil based paint and it won’t wash out. He tells her that he knows she prefers him shirtless anyway and she denies it. When Lucas tells Sami that he knows they have feelings for each other and she just has to admit it Sami flies off the handle and tells Lucas that he leaves her cold. Lucas reacts angrily and tells Sami to try not and be too lonely without him and he storms off back to his own apartment. With Lucas gone Sami yells at her reflection in the mirror saying, “I do not have feelings for Lucas.”

Julie admits to Alice that she is terrified because she can’t get Doug or Hope on the phone.

Celeste hands Doug a velvet bag filled with crystals and tells him to place them on the table in a circle. When he asks his question of the spirits the killer’s face will appear in the circle if he’s right and if he’s wrong nothing will happen.

Nicole tells Bo and Hope again that she is not the killer and they ask her to do something. Bo lies down on Nicole’s bed and Hope gives Nicole a hairbrush and asks her to pretend to stab Bo. When Nicole’s arm is above her head in a stabbing motion Hope stops her and takes a picture from the bed up to Nicole’s hand saying that this image will allow them to match the angle of the stab marks on Shawn’s bed to the angle of Nicole’s arm. Jan is in the closet in Nicole’s room still and when she hears Bo and Hope’s voices she has a fantasy involving Bo dressed as a 1930’s era detective and she and Nicole are in tight fitting jail bird outfits. Bo kills her in this fantasy and she whispers, “How will Shawn ever know I’m alive if I’m dead.” Back in the room Nicole keeps telling Bo and Hope of her innocence and she tells them that Shawn was the only one who was nice to her besides Eric and she would never hurt him.

Celeste tells Doug to hurry and ask his question because the channel to the dark side won’t last long. He asks if he is right about who the killer is and an image of the killer’s mask appears on the table and three images of Marlena’s face slowly fade in and out over the image of the mask.

Back in Lucas’ apartment Kate tells Will that she thinks he’ll get an A on his science project and then a shirtless Lucas stomps back into the room. Kate asks him where his shirt is and she also asks him to explain the family picture to him. Lucas sends Will to bed and explains to Kate that she has nothing to worry about because Sami has made it very clear that she has no feelings for him. Kate begins to celebrate then realizes that Lucas isn’t happy about this turn of events.

Sami talks to Mr. Fuzzy, her teddy bear and tells him that he is the only man she needs. When she leans over to kiss the bear she sees Lucas head where the bear’s head should be and she screams.

Julie calls Doug again and leaves another message for him to call her back.

Celeste asks Doug if his suspicions were confirmed and he tells her that they were and that he will now to the police and tell them what he knows. The candle light flickers and Celeste tells Doug that he is in grave danger.

Kate tells Lucas that he should be happy about getting rid of Sami and not upset. Lucas explains to Kate that he is upset and she holds her ears against the truth so that she does not have to hear Lucas tell her that there is something very real going on between him and Sami.

Back in Sami’s apartment she admits to Mr. Fuzzy that she has a problem, she’s in love with Lucas.

Nicole tells Bo and Hope to leave her room and before leaving Bo warns her that the house is surrounded and the officers have been ordered to shoot to kill. When Bo and Hope are gone Jan stumbles out of the closet and tells Nicole that she knows the combination to the living room safe.

Julie decides that she needs some advice and calls Marlena to ask her what to do and tells her that Doug thinks he knows who the killer is.

Doug asks Celeste for advice and she tells him to pick three cards from her tarot deck. The first card Doug pulls is the Wheel of Fortune card, which Celeste explains, represents the circle of life. The Second is the Judgement card, which means Doug has to answer for all of his actions and non-actions. When Doug asks what will happen if he doesn’t answer for himself, Celeste turns the third card and it is the death card. Celeste and Doug both gasp as the windows fly open again and the light on the angle candle goes out.


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