Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/25/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/25/04--Canada; Thursday 2/26/04--USA

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Brady answers the front door at the Kiriakis mansion to find John standing there asking to see Victor’s murderer. When Brady asks him he is talking about Nicole John says yes.

Nicole tells a bleeding Jan that she has to wake up because if she doesn’t then Nicole will be in real trouble.

Hope arrives at Shawn’s apartment and Belle and Shawn meet her out in the hallway. When Hope asks what has happened Shawn takes her into his apartment and Belle follows them in. Upon seeing the blood in Shawn’s room and the gash marks on the mattress Hope comes to the quick conclusion that the serial killer did this but she wants to know why Shawn isn’t hurt if there is blood everywhere.

Julie wakes up to find Doug in his chair by the window. When she asks him if had another nightmare he tells her wasn’t a nightmare but a memory and that he knows whom the killer is because he saw her come out of Tony’s cubicle with a syringe in her hand.

Brady tells John that Nicole couldn’t have killed Victor because she was handcuffed to him the whole time. John then brings up the probability that Nicole had an accomplice and Victor’s murder was planned for when she handcuffed herself to him so that she would have an alibi.

Nicole revives Jan with a splash of bath water on her face and Jan says that the killer attacked her but that she doesn’t know who it was because she only saw a shadow before she blacked out. Nicole gives Jan a towel to hold on her arm where she is cut and Jan explains where she was and how she was waiting to surprise Shawn in his bed when she got the surprise instead.

After staring at the blood on Shawn’s bed Hope asks him why he thinks he would be the next target. Shawn shares a knowing look with Belle and then tells his mother that it must be because he’s a Brady and all Brady’s are targets. Hope calls Tech and tells Shawn and Belle that they are not leaving until they gather some evidence that will nail the killer.

Julie sits up on the edge of her bed and asks Doug to tell her who the killer is and refuses because he believes that it will cause her to be in too much danger.

Nicole and Jan sit on the edge of Nicole’s tub and Nicole continues to pressure Jan into remember who it was who attacked her because if she could ID the killer then Nicole would be off the hook. Jan reminds Nicole that she is bleeding and asks her to take her to a hospital but Nicole refuses.

Hope and Tech ask Shawn if he can think of any other details that would help them and he again looks at Belle before telling them that he doesn’t know anything else. When Hope and Tech go back to Shawn’s bedroom Belle asks Shawn if he still believes her mother could be the killer.

Doug and Julie pace around their bedroom wondering what to do about Doug’s sudden realization when Julie tells him that he should just never say a word because it would be too dangerous for him.

Back at the Kiriakis mansion John explains his theory to Brady as to how Nicole could be the serial killer going all the way back to Colin Murphy’s murder. They speculate on what type of evidence will be in Victor’s safe.

Jan asks Nicole why she won’t take her to the hospital and wonders if it is because Nicole wants her to die. Nicole tells Jan that she can’t be seen driving around with her but that she has a solution and she then leaves the room. Jan prays to not die when she is so close to getting everything that she wants. Nicole comes back in the room with a travel sewing kit and a flask and tells Jan that will stitch her up herself.

Belle and Shawn still argue in his living room about how he could think Marlena was the killer and are quickly quiet when Tech comes downstairs and reveals there were strands of black hair as well as smudges of lipstick and makeup in Shawn’s bed. Upon hearing this information Belle is shocked and asks Shawn who he had in his bed tonight.

Doug tells Julie that he has to stop the killer if he can and she suggests that he take his memory to Hope so that she can investigate instead of him. He tells her that there is only one person who can help him and that he is going to see her right now telling Julie to go back to bed and that he’ll be home soon.

Shawn tells Hope, Tech and Belle that he has no knowledge of anyone being in his bed and Belle just looks at him accusingly. When Tech and Hope go back into Shawn’s room Belle accuses Shawn of sleeping with someone.

John and Brady argue over whether or not Nicole could be the killer. John thinks that Brady has been sucked in by Nicole’s lies and Brady thinks that he knows Nicole better than anyone else.

Nicole gives Jan a drink of brandy from the flask and sterilizes the needle and Jan’s wound with the same brandy. Before starting the procedure Nicole gives Jan a bullet to bit on that once belonged to Nicole’s good friend Larry.

Julie tosses and turns worrying about Doug and when she finally closes her eyes she hears Maggie’s voice calling to her. When she opens her eyes and sees Maggie’s ghost she covers her head with a blanket thinking she is having some sort of nightmare.

Shawn continues to tell Belle that he did not have sex with anyone and that he just wants to know what happened to the person who was stabbed and who did the stabbing. As they are talking Tech comes in and tells them that he might have some further information to answer Shawn’s questions.

Nicole continues to stitch Jan up and Jan asks Nicole why she thinks the killer came after her Nicole points out the obvious to Jan that the killer was after Shawn not her. Jan wants to go warn Shawn but Nicole stops her and gives her some more brandy.

John and Brady are still in the study at the Kiriakis mansion when the doorbell rings. Brady answers the door and the locksmith is there, he tells Brady that when he found out what kind of safe he would be trying to open he wanted to come take a look the night before because it would be a tough safe to crack. While the locksmith starts to work John and Brady continue to wonder what could be in there.

Julie acts shocked and afraid when she realizes that Maggie’s ghost is really there. Maggie tells Julie that she is there to warn her about the possibility that Doug is in terrible danger.

Jan is now drunk from the excess amount of brandy she has ingested and Nicole puts her in her closet while she goes downstairs to try and get into the safe.

Brady tells John that he will be going to Europe to visit Chloe after the reading of Victor’s will and John thinks that is a good idea because he doesn’t think Brady will want to be around to see Nicole go to jail.

Hope and Tech tell Belle and Shawn that the stabbing victim most likely survived and got away and the killer is between 5’7” and 5’10” with average strength. They then leave to finish collecting evidence and Shawn suggests to Belle that he tell his mom about his earlier thoughts about Marlena. Belle begs Shawn not to say anything telling him that if he really loves her that he will not say a word.

Jan talks to herself while in Nicole’s closet mumbling about when she saw Victor and his lawyer open the safe. When she takes another drink from the flask that Nicole left her with she passes out.

The locksmith tells Brady and John that he will have to drill into the safe to get it open and John says that he should do whatever it takes and as he is saying this he turns around and sees Nicole standing in the room looking worried.

Hope comes into Shawn’s living room and tells him that she just had a horrible feeling that someone very close to her will be the next victim.

Maggie tells Julie that she and the others died because they were a threat to the killer and if Doug isn’t careful that he will be next.

Doug knocks on a wooden door and when it opens he says, “I’m sorry to bother you so late but I think I know who the killer is and you are the only one who can help me.”

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