Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/23/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/23/04--Canada; Tuesday 2/24/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Patrick is doing sit-ups in Jennifer’s living room when he hears the computer beep; he is doing research on Jack and Jennifer. Jennifer walks into the room to ask him what he’s doing up and what he’s doing using her computer.

In Bo and Hope’s bedroom Bo stands looking at the bed after pulling down the sheets when Hope asks him if he’s Ok he tells her that he should’ve caught the killer before now that that is his job as a police officer. Hope figures the killer will be caught tomorrow after the reading of Victor’s will but Bo thinks she may be smart enough to still escape.

Nicole is in the study at the Kiriakis mansion trying to figure out the combination of the safe when she hears footsteps. She quickly turns out the lights and surprises Jan at the front door on her way out. Nicole tells Jan that she needs to leave Salem and as they are talking Brady calls from upstairs to see what’s going on.

At the riverfront Marlena sits on a bench all dressed in black where she has a flashback of Shawn telling Belle that she was the killer. Marlena has decided that Shawn is a problem that needs eliminating and through a series of flashbacks she decides the best way to take care of him would be with the carving knife she is holding in her hand. With this debate about weapon of choice Marlena hasn’t noticed that a police officer has walked up behind her.

Now in bed Bo and Hope continue to talk about the killer and Bo tells Hope that he is heading back to the Kiriakis mansion because he can’t sleep. She tells him that he doesn’t need to sleep and they start kissing.

Nicole shoves Jan out the front door as Brady comes downstairs. She tells him that she’s been outside to get some fresh air and she has been talking to herself, that was what he heard. When Brady asks Nicole if she wanted her marriage to Victor to end this way she tells him that she has a confession to make.

Standing outside the front door to the Kiriakis mansion Jan thinks about heading over to Shawn’s figuring she can have him all to herself since she thinks that he and Belle have broken up.

The police officer comes up to Marlena on the dock, not having seen the knife, and tells her that she shouldn’t be out alone at night with the killer on the lose. She chuckles in response to this assuring the officer that she can take care of herself. The officer leaves her their telling her to get home to bed. Marlena says, “not until I take care of Shawn Brady.”

Patrick responds to Jen’s questioning by telling her that he can’t sleep and is still in some pain. When Jen goes to call Lexie Patrick stops her telling her that he has a high threshold for pain and will be fine soon.

When Brady asks Nicole what her confession is they step into the study and she tells him that she wished Victor dead many times but now that he is she is feeling extremely guilty about it and is remembering a time when she and Victor actually loved each other. Brady tells Nicole to go to bed and he heads upstairs himself. Once Brady has gone upstairs Nicole runs back into the study saying that she isn’t going anywhere until she figures out the new combination of the safe.

Marlena is in the hallway between Belle and Shawn’s loft heading towards Shawn’s door when Belle opens her door to take out her trash. Not noticing Marlena was heading in the other direction Belle assumes she’s there to visit her and asks her to come in. Belle tells Marlena that she thinks this fight spells the end for her and Shawn. Marlena whispers that it certainly means the end for Shawn.

Shawn is asleep across the hall in his own bed when Jan sneaks in the bedroom window. He is dreaming that Belle has come to him to apologize and tell him that she loves him. They begin kissing in his dream and Shawn is unknowingly kissing Jan. He opens his eye and has a look of shock and confusion on his face as he realizes whom he’s kissing. Shawn then awakens to realize that this last realization was only dream as well not knowing that Jan is hiding under his bed he thinks Belle must have been there because the kiss felt so real.

Belle and Marlena are discussing Shawn’s accusations yet again when there is a knock at the door. Belle opens her door to find Shawn there and he tells her that he’s had a dream about kissing her. She responds by telling him that in his dreams is the only place she’ll be kissing him and slamming the door in his face. In the hallway between the two lofts Shawn says that he knows what he has to do.

Still in bed Bo tells Hope that he keeps thinking of Victor’s promise of a revelation when his safe is opened and his will is read. Hope reassures that it is a good thing that the combination of the safe was changed because no one will be able to tamper with anything.

Back in the study at the Kiriakis mansion Nicole searches frantically through Victor’s desk for a clue to the new combination. When she finds his date book she starts guessing at family birth dates trying Bo’s, Phillip’s and Brady’s to know avail. She thinks the combination might be Isabella’s birthday but can’t find it in his date book. When Nicole hears footsteps she quickly sits back down at Victor’s desk before Brady walks in. After telling her to get some sleep Brady goes to the kitchen for a snack and leaves Nicole in the study telling her once again to go to bed. Nicole finds Isabella’s birthday on Victor’s laptop and when she goes to try it she imagines that the safe opens but is booby trapped with poison gas. Knowing she has to try anyway Nicole spins the dial on the safe to the numbers of Isabella’s birthday yet it does not open. She worries about what will happen to her if she can’t get the safe open before morning.

Jen questions Patrick on how he knows so much about Jack when he’s only met him once and Patrick tells her that he’s been reading some of the articles of Jack’s that he’s come across around the house. He then asks Jen if she’s nervous about having a stranger in the house when the killer is still on the loose and she says that it is actually assuring to have a man around the house for protection.

Bo hears a noise outside his and Hope’s bedroom and is worried until Shawn knocks on the door and comes in asking to talk to Bo. Hope leaves the room to go check on Zach and Shawn tells Bo that he had a fight with Belle because he told her that he though the killer was someone close to her but he doesn’t tell Bo who.

Marlena and Belle are still talking in Belle’s living room when Belle tells Marlena she is coming down with a cold. Belle goes upstairs to get some cold medicine and Marlena looks in the kitchen for some Vitamin C. While Marlena is looking through Belle’s kitchen she finds a key labeled Shawn’s apartment.

Nicole imagines what it would be like to have Bo read Victor’s will only to tell her that she is penniless and going to jail for Colin Murphy’s murder and because of all of the other evidence in the safe she will also be arrested for being the serial killer.

Bo asks Shawn to tell him whom he thought the killer was and Shawn doesn’t saying that it was just a wild idea brought on by all the craziness lately. Shawn just wants Bo’s advice on how to get Belle back. Bo tells Shawn that he should just say he’s sorry to Belle and that Belle will probably understand because she is so great. Shawn tells Bo that he will go do that right away but Bo tells him that it would probably be best to wait till morning because it is so late that he might wake Belle up.

Still at Belle’s apartment Marlena pockets the key to Shawn’s apartment as Belle comes downstairs with her cold medicine. Marlena gives Belle some tea and honey and Belle tells her that she’s the best mom in the world and that Shawn must be crazy because she wouldn’t hurt fly. Marlena tells Belle to just forget about Shawn for the night and she let’s herself out. When out in the hallway Marlena says, “No, I wouldn’t hurt a fly I’m just going to kill your boyfriend. That’ll teach him to point a finger at me.”

Jen explains to Patrick that all the killings just bring back horrible memories of what happened to Jack and he tells her to concentrate on her baby instead of the bad thoughts. Patrick tells Jen that when her baby is born healthy it will be a miracle to be thankful for. Patrick goes to the kitchen to get them some ice cream and Jen sits on the couch where he has hidden the headline about Jack being murdered. Jen looks surprised and says, “oh my word.”

Nicole continues to search for the combination to the safe and has more thoughts about what it would be like to be thrown in jail. This time Bo is putting her in a jail cell with a burly cellmate named Bertha. Bertha quickly informs Nicole that it will be her job to wax the floor, clean the toilet and give her nice firm backrubs. When Nicole asks Bertha what she’ll get in return Bertha gives Nicole a demonstration of the big squeeze, which causes Nicole to yell out. Brady is walking back to his room with a snack from the kitchen and when he hears Nicole’s yell he puts down his plate and rushes into the study to see what’s going on.

Hope is back in bed with Bo and they are talking about how proud they are of Shawn and how Caroline and Roman will live on in their children. Bo tells her that he will catch this killer no matter what because he is not going to lose anymore of his family members to the serial killer.

Marlena sneaks into Shawn’s bedroom with a carving knife drawn.

Patrick comes into the living room with two bowls of ice cream and when he sees the surprised look on Jen’s face he says that he can explain. Before he gets another word out Jen tells him that she just felt the baby kick for the first time. Jen lets Patrick feel her stomach and the two of them talk about what a miracle it is to have this baby of Jack’s.

Brady rushes into the study and seeing Nicole still up asks her if she is OK and when she confirms she is he tells her to go to bed again and this time he watches her climb the stairs to her room. While going to her room Nicole thinks that she will blow up the house if she has to but there will not be a reading of any will tomorrow.

Hope asks Bo if he really thinks that there will be a clue to the killer’s name in Victor’s safe and he does believe that because Victor never lied to him about anything that there will definitely be something of interest in there.

Belle makes a face of disgust as she swallows her cold medicine and she then picks up two pictures, one of Marlena and one of Shawn. She says that she doesn’t know what to do because she doesn’t want to lose her mother or her boyfriend.

Marlena whispers in the dark that Shawn should never have guessed that she was the killer and she lifts the pillow from the bed and starts stabbing. Blood glistens on her knife as she finishes off Shawn Brady.

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