Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/20/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/20/04--Canada; Monday 2/21/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Julie and Doug clean up Tuscany and Julie goes on and on about Mickey letting Bonnie take care of the Valentine’s evening party. Julie still thinks that Bonnie is just after Mickey’s money and the relationship between the two of them sickens her and she almost wants to kill Bonnie herself.

Jan tries to sneak out of Nicole’s room but stops when she notices the police are still in the hallway. She imagines a shirtless Shawn starting to make love to her until she admits to him that she killed his grandfather and then he tells her that he never wants to see her again.

When Belle and Shawn are alone in the living room she asks him to at least admit that her mother didn’t kill Victor and he can’t because he doesn’t know what to think.

Phillip and Kate arrive at the mansion only to find Bo arresting Nicole for Victor’s murder. When Phillip sees this he tries to physically attack Nicole but is held back. Nicole tells everyone that she couldn’t be the killer because just before Victor died she was naked and handcuffed to Brady. Phillip looks at Brady with a shocked and disgusted look.

Still hiding in Nicole’s room Jan figures she could get used to being a murderess because killing Victor wasn’t that hard and killing Belle will be even better.

Down at the front door Brady admits that he was handcuffed to Nicole and John backs up the story because he saw them handcuffed together earlier in the day. When Bo asks Nicole why she handcuffed herself to Brady she explains the need to provide herself with an alibi in case someone else died because Victor kept saying that she was the serial killer. Brady figures that Nicole couldn’t have killed Victor and Bo hope and John escort Nicole into the other room.

Back in the study Shawn admits that he doesn’t think Marlena killed Victor and when Marlena enters the room she asks Shawn if this means he’s changed his mind about her and he just responds by saying that the killer is very smart because no one suspects her.

Brady tells John that he can’t believe that he couldn’t save his grandfather when he was right in the same house. Belle and Shawn offer their condolences to Phillip and when Belle asks if she and Shawn can go talk upstairs Phillip agrees.

When Bo picks up his cell phone to make a call he realizes that he has a message on his phone from Victor.

Back at Tuscany Doug tells Julie that she shouldn’t even joke about killing someone right now and tells her that they should just go home to bed. When they see the blood soaked roses in the garbage Doug tells Julie that he wishes they could just figure out who the killer was so it would be over.

Jan runs and hides in Nicole’s closet as Shawn enter the room fighting. Jan couldn’t be happier when she hears Belle tell Shawn that she doesn’t want him to spend the night with her tonight because of their ongoing argument about her mother.

John and Marlena stand out on the balcony at the Kiriakis mansion and Marlena tells John that she wonders if Shawn will tell his parents about his suspicions of her.

When Bo and Hope listen to Victor’s message they discover that he had changed the combination on his safe and wanted to tell Bo what it was but it wasn’t urgent and could wait until the morning because he figured that he wouldn’t die that night. After they listen to the message Victor’s lawyer arrives and tells everyone that Brady and Phillip are executors of the will and Victor had requested Bo be in attendance when the safe was open both as his son and as a representative of the Salem PD. Upon finding out that Victor had already changed his will Nicole walked out into the foyer only to run into Kate. When Nicole tried to have Henderson show Kate out Victor’s lawyer told her that he can’t divulge exactly what was in the will but she should be careful because she is not in nor will she be in any place to give orders in that house. This revelation causes a smile to drift across Kate’s face.

When Doug and Julie are at home in bed Julie kisses him goodnight and Doug lays down to close his eye only to have a strange vision of the killer’s mask that causes him to sit bolt upright in bed again.

Marlena tells John that if Shawn tells his parents his suspicions that they would have to investigate as police officers but John reassures her that the idea is so crazy that no one would even believe it.

Back in Nicole’s room Jan continues to listen to Shawn and Belle fight about the future of their relationship and as she listens she happier thinking that she will now be Shawn’s first sexual experience and he will never want to leave her.

Victor’s lawyer tells everyone that Victor’s will will be read the next morning when they get a locksmith in to open the safe as that is where the only copy is and no one knows the combination.

Nicole overhears Kate telling Phillip that she is sure that Victor left Nicole penniless and on her way to jail and when Nicole tries to confront Kate Phillip tells her back off and he and Kate go outside to get some fresh air. Bo and Hope go back to Victor’s room to see if there is anything that they’ve missed.

Now that they are alone Nicole tells Brady that she is thankful for his alibi and support but he walks away from her after telling her that he knows that there is incriminating proof in the safe against her and that tomorrow will not bode well for her. Once she is completely alone Nicole tries to open the safe only to have Bo walk in behind her and ask her what she is doing. When she tells him that she was checking how secure it was he tells her that it looks more like she was trying to break into it and that she will just have to wait until the next morning just like everyone else.

Phillip accuses Brady of working with Nicole to get rid of Victor so they could get it on and Brady reacts to this comment by punching Phillip square in the face. John and Marlena hear the fight from outside and come in to break it up.

Doug has fallen back to sleep in his bed an he continues to have dreams of the killer’s mask and his confrontation with Marlena at the circus after he caught her lying to John and he wakes up and tells Julie that he saw the killer.

Marlena explains to Brady and Philip that everyone is under extreme stress right now but no matter what violence is never the answer.

Kate comes into the foyer and admits to Marlena that she is sure that Nicole is the serial killer.

When Shawn and Belle come downstairs Hope questions Shawn about his earlier voicemail stating that he had found out information about the killer. After sharing a knowing glance with Belle and Marlena he tells his parents that he had a theory but no that he has thought about it he’s sure that he was wrong. Bo and Hope then leave the house and Shawn tells Belle that he realizes it couldn’t be Marlena because she had an alibi but she just yells at him that his theory was never true in the first place.

Nicole comes into her room and when Jan asks if she can finally leave Nicole lets Jan know that the information in the safe proves she killed Colin Murphy but if she is caught then the two of them will go to death row together.

Doug continues to dream about Marlena being the killer, remembering that he saw her go into Tony’s cubicle and come out with a syringe in her hand.

Marlena tells John that she was worried about Shawn’s accusation because if John ever really doubted her innocence he might have a reason to make Celeste’s visions come true about John killing her and when she leaves the room John says, “It can’t be her, it just can’t.”

Nicole tells Jan that she isn’t looking forward to the reading of the will tomorrow and then imagines being arrested in front of everyone after Victor tells that she killed Colin Murphy.

In the living room Kate tells Brady that she still believes Nicole is guilty and Brady reassures her that the truth will most likely come out tomorrow.

Belle asks Shawn not to come home with her because she’s had an upsetting enough night already.

Hope holds Bo and tells him that she doesn’t know how he can take losing both of his parents because if she lost her to the serial killer she wouldn’t know what to do.

Belle says goodnight to her mom and while Marlena is giving her a hug she looks at Shawn and thinks, “No one will ever catch me, anyone who ever tries is dead.”

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