Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/19/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/19/04--Canada; Friday 2/20/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Sitting on the couch at Jen’s house Patrick looks around at the family pictures and then gets up and walks over to Jen’s purse, just as he is seeing how much cash is in Jen’s wallet she returns to the living room with some tea.

Nicole asks Jan why she didn’t get out in time and Jan starts freaking out saying that she is worried that Bo will find out she killed Victor and then Shawn will never want her. She suggests going to the police and telling them that Nicole asked her to do it and then Nicole tells her that she utters one word she will find a horrible way for her to die.

Brady answers the front door at the Kiriakis mansion to John, Marlena, Shawn, Belle, Bo and Hope. Lexie and the paramedics are already upstairs with Victor’s body. Belle tells Brady how sorry she is because she knows how close he was to his grandfather and she also offers condolences to Shawn because Victor was his grandfather too. Belle then tells Shawn that if the serial killer did this it will prove him wrong about her mother. John tells Marlena that he doesn’t think Victor was killed by the serial killer and Brady tells them how he knows the cuffs were taken off at the exact time Victor died because of the lights flickering and the power going out. As Bo asks Lexie if Victor’s death was an accident or a homicide Nicole listens attentively at the top of the stairs to Lexie’s answer. Lexie tells Bo that it looks like an accident but she can’t rule out murder because she can’t tell if the CD Player was dropped in the tub or if it fell. Brady tells Bo it had to be an accident because the door was locked from the inside and he couldn’t even get in the bathroom from the outside until he turned off the alarm. John questions Brady by saying, “if it wasn’t Nicole, and it wasn’t an accident, who was it.” Marlena and Belle both notice Shawn watching Belle.

Jan talks to herself in Nicole’s room; telling Shawn that she is sorry she killed his grandfather but Nicole made her do it and she had to do it because she needs him so badly.

Jen tells Patrick he shouldn’t be walking around and she helps him back to the couch not noticing him put her wallet back in her purse. When Jen shows Patrick a picture of Jack he tells her that he and Jack were buddies, they met at a NASCAR race. When Jen questions Patrick because Jack never mentioned him and Jack wasn’t a NASCAR fan he tells her that Jack was working on a story and they only hung out for one day but Jack left an impression on him. When he asks when Jack is coming home so that he can say hi Jen has to break it to him that Jack is dead because he was the Salem serial killer’s second victim.

Bo assigns officers to search the Kiriakis mansion and surrounding grounds and then goes in to the bathroom to view the crime scene even though Lexie and Hope tell him he shouldn’t.

Brady finds Nicole in the hallway outside her room and tells her that the police are there and will want to talk to her she tells him that she needs to get changed again because she is Victor’s widow and has an image to protect. Nicole goes into her room and calls for Jan but there is no answer and the curtains are blowing in the breeze from the open window.

Shawn reminds Belle that the killer was not always at the scene of the crime because his grandmother was alone when she died. John tells him that that was different because Caroline was poisoned and Victor was electrocuted. When Belle calls Shawn insane for thinking her mother the killer Marlena admonishes her to not throw that word around lightly. Marlena explains to Belle and John that she understands why Shawn is accusing her. She tells them that he is just trying to protect Belle and if you look at all the evidence individually she could in fact look guilty. Brady has entered the room and when he hears Shawn say that he hopes the serial killer did kill Victor because it will prove him wrong Brady asks him if he’s lost his mind.

Bo asks an attending paramedic for the medical examiner’s report and Hope shows concern over his lack of emotion and asks him to take a moment to say goodbye to Victor. Bo uncovers Victor’s face and tells him that even though they didn’t always see eye to eye he knows that his mother loved him and he will do whatever it takes to find out who killed him.

Nicole looks outside for Jan and Jan comes out of the closet behind her. When Jan finds out Bo is there she is terrified of him finding out she killed Victor and Nicole slaps her to calm her down just as there is a knock on the door. Nicole asks who it is and they find out it is the police officer searching the house and that he wants to search Nicole’s room next. Nicole quickly changes and lets the officer in. While Nicole tries to distract the police officer his attention is drawn to a noise on the roof ledge outside the window which is where Jan is now hiding.

Brady wants to know how Shawn could possibly be accusing Marlena of being the serial killer and wants to know what prove he has. Before Shawn can tell him anything Marlena defends Shawn again and stops their fighting. John leaves the study to find John and Belle asks Shawn to join her on the balcony because she wants to talk to him. Brady offers Marlena a glass of water and looks at her with wonder.

Jen tells Patrick how much she misses Jack and when she starts crying he put his arms around her and tells her that it is OK for her to cry.

On the balcony of the Kiriakis mansion Belle tells Shawn that she has figured out what he is doing and he must want her to break up with him. He tells her that the only reason he is thinking this way is because he loves her so much and he wants to protect her.

Brady tells Marlena that he can’t even talk about her possibly being the serial killer because the idea is just so preposterous and while he talks Marlena has a vision of killing Belle. Marlena than changes the subject by asking Brady how he’s dealing with the death of his grandfather and he tells her that it really hasn’t set in yet.

The police officer searching Nicole’s room doesn’t see Jan when he looks out the window and he leaves the room after offering Nicole his sympathies. When the officer is gone Nicole pulls Jan back into the room and Jan lets Nicole know that if she goes down then they are both going down.

Bo covers Victor’s head back up with the white sheet and watches as the paramedics take him out of the room. John comes up to Bo to ask him how things are going and Bo tells him that he his waiting on a forensics report but he will show him the crime scene. When Hope goes to follow them into the bathroom Lexie stops her and lets Hope know how much Bo will need her support right now and then Lexie leaves as well. Once Lexie is gone Hope says that she doesn’t know if her support will be enough this time. Back in the bathroom Bo tells John that he positive that Victor’s death was no accident.

Brady stops the paramedics at the front door and asks them for a moment alone with his grandfather he tells Victor that he would have done anything to save him if he’s only had the chance and that he will miss him. When Brady goes to cover Victor up Shawn stops him and Brady just gives him a dirty look and walks away. Shawn tells Victor that even though they weren’t close he will work with his mother and father to find his killer and when they do she will pay with her life no matter who it is. Shawn hasn’t noticed that Marlena is now standing behind him.

Nicole tells Jan that Shawn is in the house and Jan goes to leave Nicole’s room to find him. Nicole stops her reminding her that if anyone sees her they will figure out she is the killer and then Shawn will never want her.

Henderson comes into to Victor’s bathroom to talk to Bo and tells him that there were strict orders to always plug the CD player in away from the tub and that Victor was very careful about that. This information cements Bo’s opinion that someone murdered Victor.

Lexie arrives at Jen’s house to inform her about Victor’s death and to check on the status of her houseguest. When Jen tells her that everything is fine Patrick walks by shirtless and thanks Jennifer for making him fell so at home and then he takes a seat in the living room. Jen helps Patrick on to the couch and asks him if he needs anything. When he says that he’s fine Jen goes to show Lexie out. Lexie warns her again about having a stranger in the house and is shocked to find out that Patrick knew Jack. While the two girls talk by the front door Patrick picks up a newspaper clipping about Jack’s death and says, “It’s true what they say, it’s all in the timing.”

As Jan relaxes on Nicole’s bed after being told to lock the door and not let anyone in she imagines a shirtless Shawn coming into the room and throwing her down on the bed while kissing her. She tells herself that Nicole has a surprise coming because she is going after Shawn tonight.

Shawn and Belle stand by the fireplace in Victor’s living room and Belle tries to comfort Shaw n over his grandfather’s death. He tells her how much he loves her and she says that she loves him too but can’t be with him unless he admits that her mother is innocent. When he can’t do that Belle walks away. Marlena is standing behind that and she thinks to herself that Shawn is becoming a problem that needs to be dealt with.

At the front door that police officer that was searching the house tells Bo that there was no one else in the house and he leaves to check on the other officers. John tells Bo that when he stopped by earlier Victor told him that he thought Nicole was the serial killer and that if anything suspicious was to happen to him that they shouldn’t look any further than Nicole. Right at this moment Nicole comes down the stairs in her black dress and thanks Bo, John and Hope for coming to see her at this sad time. Bo tells her very quickly that they are not there to offer her any condolences and when she questions why not Bo tells her that his father’s word is good enough for him and he arrests her for Victor’s murder. Brady is standing by watching this entire scene with a troubled look on his face.

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