Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/19/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/18/04--Canada; Thursday 2/19/04--USA

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Jen and Lexie are standing in the waiting room of the hospital when they hear Patrick scream. Lexie runs in to check on him and when she comes back the look on her face makes Jen think that Patrick is dead and that she killed him.

Nicole goes into her bedroom and tells Jan that Victor is finally dead and to wait for her in her room until it is safe to get her out. In the hallway outside Nicole’s room Brady asks Nicole to call the police and when she asks him who he thinks killed Victor he admits that he doesn’t know.

At Tuscany Shawn tells Belle that he is going to tell his mother his theory about Marlena being the serial killer. Belle tells him that if he makes that call she will break up with him.

While looking at Shawn and Belle fighting Marlena tells John that she thinks that their problems are causing Belle too much stress. John tells Marlena that Shawn thinks she is the serial killer and she faints, John catches her just before she hits the ground.

Outside the hospital Hope is attacked and she throws her attacker over her shoulder and onto the ground before she pulls her gun on him. Only at this point does Hope realize that the person who grabbed her was Bo who is there to surprise her for Valentine’s Day.

Lexie tells Jennifer that Patrick is fine he just has a sprained back and some bruises. Jen goes into Patrick’s room and he tells her that the sprained back couldn’t have come at a worse time because he was just accepted to the US soccer team and now he may never play soccer again.

Back at a Tuscany Belle asks Marlena if she is OK and Marlena says that she is shocked at Shawn’s accusations. Shawn admits to Marlena that he does think she is the killer and he also believes he can prove it.

In the upstairs hallway of the Kiriakis mansion Brady talks himself into believing that Victor’s death was an accident but he still wants the police to be called to rule out foul play. Jan, who is listening on the other side of the door to Nicole’s room thinks that she has to get out of there before the police get there. When Brady starts to go into Nicole’s room she stops him.

Jennifer apologizes profusely to Patrick and he gets a mischievous grin on his face; he was kidding about the US soccer team. He tells her that he uses humor to lift his spirits when he’s in pain. When Jennifer acts relieved he asks if she really cares or if she just thinks he won’t sue her now.

Brady asks Nicole why she doesn’t want him going in her room and she says that she just doesn’t want to be left alone. He goes into her room anyway and Nicole follows him; while he calls John Nicole looks around to see if she can find out where Jan has hidden herself. Brady leaves a voicemail for John and then notices something black sticking out from under Nicole’s bed.

Marlena asks Shawn how he could believe she was the killer, he says that he doesn’t think she is capable of killing in cold blood and he is till struggling to figure it all out. Belle tearfully explains to Shawn that her mother is the best person she knows and that she saves lives she doesn’t take them. Shawn tells her that his feeling this way hurts him too but he can’t ignore the facts. John tells Shawn that he doesn’t want to continue this conversation and Shawn walks over to the bar. Belle tells Marlena that she is the best person she knows and that she couldn’t get along without her. Marlena tells Belle that she is so proud of her and she is sorry Belle’s Valentine’s Day ended up like this. Belle cannot figure out why Shawn would say those horrible things about the best mother in the world and she tells Marlena that it is the most insane thing she’s ever heard. Marlena holds back tears as she watches her daughter walk away.

Jennifer is standing beside Patrick’s bed and she asks him if he is going to sue her. He tells her that it was just an accident and he is just happy that she is not hurt given her condition. When Lexie comes into the cubicle Patrick asks if can leave yet and Lexie says that there is a problem.

Nicole tells Brady that it is just an old pair of shoes under the bed and she asks him to leave so she can change. He questions her motives because she just said that she didn’t want to be alone but Nicole says that she is fine alone in her bedroom she just didn’t want to be alone in the hallway so close to Victor’s body. Nicole shoves Brady out of her room and locks the door; she then pulls Jan out from under her bed. Nicole compliments Jan on the way she killed Victor because she made it look like an accident and as they are trying to figure out how to get Jan out of the house Brady bangs on the door and asks Nicole who she’s talking to. Jan and Nicole each cover the others mouths with their hands.

Marlena, Belle and John talk about how Belle should deal with Shawn’s accusations and John suggests that Belle rethink her relationship with Shawn. When Belle asks him if he thinks she should break up with him John just gives her a look that says well what do you think.

Jen asks if Lexie’s tests turned up anything new with Patrick and Lexie tells them that the problem is that Patrick doesn’t have any insurance. Patrick offers to pay with a credit card and asks Lexie for his jacket. When he realizes his wallet is gone Lexie goes to ask the paramedics that brought him in if they’ve seen the wallet. With Lexie out of the room Patrick tells Jen that he is new in town with no family and no place to stay and that he doesn’t know what he’ll do if he can’t find his wallet. Lexie comes back to tell Patrick that no one has seen his wallet and Jen offers to pay his hospital bill because she is the reason he is there and offers him her guest apartment above the garage to stay in for a couple of days. Lexie just looks at Jen with a worried look on her face.

Brady continues to pound on Nicole’s bedroom door and she hides Jan in the closet. From outside the room Brady tells her that he has called the police. Nicole comes out of her room changed into her sweats and tells Brady that she wishes that he’d waited to call the police because they something important to do before the police arrive.

John tells Belle that he wouldn’t tell her what to do but she should think about what kind of relationship she will have with someone as suspicious as Shawn. Over at the bar Shawn calls Hope and leaves her a voicemail saying that she should come to Tuscany right away because he has new information about the killer. Unbeknownst to Shawn Belle is standing right behind him and she tells him that she can’t believe that he just made that phone call.

Lexie asks Jen to see her outside for a moment and the two of them go out to the waiting room where Lexie asks Jen if she’s lost her mind because she is taking a strange man home with her. Jen tells Lexie that she is a very good judge of character and it is her fault that Patrick is in the hospital so she is taking him home and there will be no changing her mind. Jen goes back into Patrick’s cubicle and although he resists at first it doesn’t take much from Jen to persuade him to come home with her.

Standing outside the main entrance to the hospital Hope tells Bo that she will have Tech assemble the up to date serial killer case file and put it on his desk. When she picks up her phone to make this call she notices that there is a message. When she plays Shawn’s voicemail on the speaker phone she and Bo take off to Tuscany.

Brady and Nicole tell Henderson about Victor’s death and Brady offers him a drink because he is visibly upset. Nicole tells him to suck it up because there is so much to do and she asks him to inform the rest of the staff. When Henderson hears Brady speak of the police he asks if Victor could have been murdered and if he was then could the killer still be in the house. Brady reassures him that any killer would be long gone and Nicole thinks, “She’d better be.” Jan sneaks out of Nicole’s room and into the hallway.

Picking up his jacket off the floor John asks Marlena if she thinks this will spell the end for Belle and Shawn. She tells him that she doesn’t know but comments on how it sounds like that is what John would like.

Belle tells Shawn that she thinks he is just a pig headed accuser and she can’t believe in his gut instincts anymore after he has accused Rex, Cassie, Tony and now her mother. Belle wants to know that if she is next on his list of suspects once they prove her mother innocent.

Jen and Patrick arrive at Jen’s house and she shows him around. When Jen turns to get the keys to the upstairs apartment Patrick puts his hand on his back and doubles over in pain. Jen runs back to him and puts her arms around him for support.

In the study at the Kiriakis mansion Nicole pours herself a drink and when she turns to face Brady she see Jan running towards the front door and she drops her drink on the floor. When Brady questions Nicole’s nervousness she breaks down in tears saying that at one time she and Victor did love each other and she doesn’t know how it got so bad. Jan is about to go out the front door when sirens sound and Brady says, “The police are here.” Brady turns away from Nicole to face the front door.

John puts on his jacket and suggests to Marlena that he take Belle home. Marlena tells him that it should be Belle’s choice if she leave with him or not. Bo and Hope arrive at Tuscany just as Belle is telling Shawn again that her mother can’t be guilty. Bo asks John about the new clue and John tells him that as soon as they find the match to the fabric and button they found they will have found the killer. Hope then asks about Shawn’s voicemail message and Shawn looks hesitantly at the people around him.

Patrick tells Jen that the pain in his back was just a spasm and he lowers himself gingerly onto the couch saying that there will no stairs for him for a while. He asks Jen for a cup of cinnamon tea with a little honey and she rushes off to the kitchen. As soon as Jen is gone Patrick jumps up from the couch and goes through Jen’s wallet after finding it in her purse.

Bo asks about the new information about the killer and before Shawn can open his mouth John tells Bo that Victor was feeling threatened by Nicole and that she is the number one subject. Shawn says that that is one theory but before he can say anything else John’s phone rings and it is Brady telling them about Victor’s death. When John is asked if it was the serial killer he says that he doesn’t know and Marlena thinks, “that is not possible.” The whole group consisting of Belle, Shawn, Bo, Hope, John and Marlena all head to the Kiriakis mansion.

Seeing flashing lights outside the front door Jan backs away as if she doesn’t know where to go next. Brady heads towards the door to answer it and Nicole stops him and sees Jan run back upstairs behind Brady’s back. Nicole tells Brady that she knows he is going through a tough time and that if he needs anything she will be there for him. Jan hides back in Nicole’s room and sees the police cars outside from Nicole’s window. She says that if the police catch her she will take Nicole sown with her. Brady brings up to Nicole how everything worked according to her plan because she was still handcuffed to Brady when Victor died so if he was killed she has a perfect alibi. Not liking Brady’s tone of voice Nicole acts hurt by his suggestion. Brady tells her that the police will search the house from top to bottom and the truth will prevail. This statement worries Nicole because she knows that Jan is still in the house and that if caught she will tell the police everything.


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