Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/17/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/17/04--Canada; Wednesday 2/18/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Still at Tuscany John tells Marlena that he would never kill her and he wraps his arms around her. At the same time he can’t help but think of all of Shawn’s accusations and that there might be a time when he has no choice.

Shawn finds Belle outside Tuscany and he tells her that he is worried because she may be in more danger than anyone because she is closest to the killer if he is right about the killer being Marlena.

While talking to Phillip at Tuscany Kate sees Roman’s ghost appear and she gets a peaceful, happy smile on her face.

Mickey walks into to Tuscany and before he can get his coat off Bonnie is all over him. She runs off to get him a hot toddy and Maggie appears before Mickey who looks like he can’t believe his eyes. While Mickey strokes Maggie's face Bonnie looks on quizzically, as she can’t see Maggie and wonders if there is a full moon or something.

In Victor’s bathroom Brady tells Nicole that Victor is still alive and she cannot quite hide the disappointment on her face. When Brady asks for her help to lift Victor out of the tub she tells him that if he touches Victor he’s dead. Brady responds with a questioning look on his face.

Hope is walking to her car outside Jen’s house and gets a call on her call phone. She is distraught when she finds out that Bo’s ISA contact does not know where he is.

Jen goes to back out of her driveway in her car and hits a man walking by. She looks completely shocked and upset when she realizes what she’s done.

Nicole tells Brady that if he tries to lift Victor out of the tub that he might be killed because of the electricity and she tells him to go turn off the breaker and she will call 911. When Brady leaves Nicole picks up the phone and dials 911 but her finger is still on the disconnect button of the telephone. She makes her pretend phone call and hangs up the phone with a devilish smile on her face.

Jennifer jumps out of the car and has flashbacks of going over the cliff in her car when the bridge was out after the explosion caused by Rex’s diamond making laser. The man she hit is unconscious on the pavement with Lexie tending to him and Hope calling 911 for help.

Still standing outside of Tuscany Belle and Shawn continue their heated discussion about whether or not Marlena could be the killer. Shawn tells her that he wants to be wrong but he still believes she is in danger.

Mickey talks to Maggie’s ghost at the front desk of Tuscany and he has a flashback of being there with her last year during their anniversary on Valentine’s Day. Maggie lets Mickey know that she is always close to him.

Roman wishes Kate a happy Valentine’s day and she tell Phillip she needs some time alone as she leads Roman out on to the terrace. She holds the door and moves her hand as if she’s escorting someone out the door and Phillip watches with a strange expression on his face.

John tells Marlena that he wants to take her somewhere but won’t tell her where it is she just needs to trust him; with tears in her eyes Marlena agrees to go anywhere with him.

Kate and Roman dance out on the terrace to the music that was played as their first dance at their wedding. He tells her that he dies a very happy man and he never wants anything to take the joy of their wedding day away from Kate. She tearfully tells him how much she loves him and that she is always thinking of him. Roman tells her that he has to go and but he will be back. John and Marlena come out onto the terrace just in time to hear Kate say, “oh Roman, why did you leave me here.” Marlena has tears in her eyes.

Brady removes Victor from the tub and he and Nicole perform CPR on him. Victor starts to come to and tries to say something, it sounds like nic but Brady tells him to not talk and just to concentrate on breathing.

Lexie tells Jen and Hope that the man lying unconscious on the pavement will be OK and Jan gets a far off look in her just before she faints. Jen remembers Jack saving her from the car wreck she had before when she was dangling over the cliff edge and says, “I’m coming Jack.” Lexie tells Hope they are losing her.

Maggie asks Mickey about the new decorations at Tuscany and when he explains that they were for a special party but he will put it back just as she left it she tells him that he doesn’t have to make a shrine to her. Maggie had just hoped that if things had to change that they would be for the better. Bonnie comes up and gives Mickey his drink and calls him sweet cakes. Maggie questions this term of endearment and Mickey tells her that Bonnie has been taking care of him. Maggie then notices the alcohol in Mickey’s drink and gives him a bewildered look.

Belle yells at Shawn that she doesn’t want him to try and prove his accusations and when he touches her cheek she brushes his hand away roughly telling him not to touch or talk to her until he takes back all he has said about her mother.

John asks Kate if she is OK while the three of them are standing on the balcony and Marlena has a flashback of killing Roman. Kate goes back inside and Marlena asks John how she could let these horrible things happen to the people she loves and she tells him that it is all her fault.

While Jen lies on the grass outside her house Hope tells her to keep fighting. Jen hears Jack’s voice telling her to wake up and be strong for their daughter Abby and at his urging she opens her eyes.

Brady looks relieved as he tells Nicole that Victor will be OK and Nicole goes into the hallway under the pretense of getting more blankets for Victor. Jan comes out Nicole’s bedroom and meets Nicole in the hallway; she tells Nicole if she doesn’t keep her promise of helping her get Shawn they will both go to jail. Back in the bathroom Victor is still lying on the floor and he keeps saying Nicole’s name. Nicole comes in to the bathroom with more blankets and a worried look on her face as she realizes that Victor is trying to tell Brady that she’s responsible for his accident. Brady doesn’t believe Victor’s accident to be an accident at all, he believes it is the work of the serial killer.

In the emergency room Jen is in a hospital bed and is worried about the man she hit. Lexie is checking her chart and Hope gets called out to a phone call at the nurses’ desk. The man that Jen hit is brought into her cubicle in a wheelchair and introduces himself as Patrick. He has found out that Jen is expecting and tells her not to worry about him just to concentrate on her baby. Lexie tells the nurse to take him back to his cubicle and that she will be to check on him in a minute. When Patrick is alone he makes a call on his cell and says, “Damn it” and, “Where is she?”

Still on the balcony at Tuscany John asks Marlena why she keeps blaming herself. She tearfully explains that if she could have made Maggie remember who the killer was then no one else would’ve had to die. John reassures her and asks her again if can take her to a special place. Marlena and he reminisce about the night she left for Colorado to see Eric and they begin to dance as they did that night, Marlena says that she can even hear the music. She feels like she used to before it all started. When Marlena looks over John’s shoulder she sees Roman dancing with Kate and Maggie dancing with Mickey right there with them on the terrace. She tells John it is like magic, he has turned back the clock and made everything all right again. When Maggie and Roman disappear Marlena starts crying harder and buries her head into John’s chest saying how much she misses her friends.

Belle comes back into Tuscany and Phillip notices that she looks upset and has been crying. When he asks her what’s wrong she tells him that she can’t talk about it but she puts her arms around him just in time for Shawn to see them together as he walks back in.

Maggie tells Mickey that she isn’t disappointed in him that she just wants him to be happy and to not sit around and pine for her. She kisses Mickey and tells him she will always be near and then disappears. Bonnie comes back up to Mickey and admonishes him for not having taken a sip of his drink. She then feeds him a chip with dip on it that she made just for him.

Victor is lying on the bathroom floor saying, “Nicole” over and over when he stops breathing again. Brady starts performing VPR again and Nicole calls 911 to see what is taking so long. She acts surprised when the operator tells her a call was never registered and she demands they run every red light on the way there. Nicole turns around to find Brady sitting there no doing CPR anymore. Brady tells her that it is too late that his grandfather is dead. He begins to cry and puts his head on Victor’s chest.

Patrick gets a call on his cell phone and says, “you won’t be able to reach me” and “don’t threaten me.”

Hope walks out of the front doors of the hospital and is grabbed from behind by someone wearing black gloves when she begins to make a call on her cell.

Phillip walks up to Kate at the hostess desk of Tuscany and tells her that he and Kate are leaving before dinner is served. Bonnie is sad because she just wanted to make everyone’s Valentine’s Day happy and she failed miserably. Her eyes light up though when Mickey tells her that she made his Valentine’s Day happier and he would like to dance with her. While they are dancing Bonnie notices the rift between Shawn and Belle and tells Shawn to ask Belle to dance because sometimes love doesn’t need any words.

When Shawn does ask Belle to dance she tells him she doesn’t want to talk to him. Marlena and John come back in from the balcony and Marlena sees Belle and Shawn fighting. When she asks John if he’s knows what the fight is about he tells her that Shawn thinks she is the killer. John looks surprised at the way Marlena begins to stare at Shawn after that.

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