Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/16/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/16/04--Canada; Tuesday 2/17/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas and Sami are kissing and half-undressed. Sami tells Lucas to make love to her and they both take their shirts off. Lucas tells Sami that she is beautiful and she tells him that she’s been waiting for this moment her whole life.

Jen, Hope and Lexie are eating pizza and celebrating Valentine’s Day together when the doorbell rings and it is Celeste. She tells them that she’s had a premonition involving the three of them.

The light come back on at the Kiriakis mansion and Brady tells Nicole that he going to go tell Victor that they are free. The locksmith comes upstairs looking for Nicole so that he can be paid, when she pays him the lights go off again.

Jan throws the CD player in the bathtub and Victor is electrocuted. Jan tells Victor’s lifeless body that Nicole better keep her promises or she will fry in the electric chair.

John calls Tech and tells him about the flower delivery to Tuscany. He tells Marlena that he will get to the bottom of everything that’s been happening if it’s the last thing that he does.

Belle and Shawn argue about Shawn accusing Marlena being the killer. She tells him to take it back and he won’t, saying that he can and will prove that Marlena is the killer.

Jan leaves the bathroom, locking the door behind her and hides under Victor’s bed when the lights go off. Brady grabs a flashlight and goes to look for Victor. When Brady goes to look in the bathroom Nicole sees Jan on the floor and yells for Brady to stop.

Marlena asks John where Shawn and Belle are telling him that if the killer is making threats then no one is safe. John goes to look for them and overhears Belle telling Shawn that there is no way her mom could be the serial killer.

Sami stops Lucas from kissing her saying that she feels dizzy and like she’s suffocating. She then notices that her clothes are off and slaps Lucas across the face.

Hope, Lexie and Jen ask Celeste what her premonition is and Celeste tells them that she sees new wedding rings for all three of them.

Kate asks Marlena when the terror will be over and Marlena tells her that it will get a little better everyday. Marlena is actually thinking about how Kate deserves to die.

Belle tells John about Shawn’s accusations and John tells Shawn that he is out of line. When John tells Shawn that he will never prove Marlena’s innocence Shawn asks John if he’s hiding anything.

Nicole tells Brady that Victor likes to soak in the tub and he wouldn’t like to be interrupted and he should just go fix the circuit breaker. When Brady leaves she tells Jan to get out but Jan won’t leave until Nicole keeps her promise to help her get Shawn. The lights come back on and Brady asks Nicole who she’s in there with.

Shawn tells John that he is ignoring facts about Marlena and John tells Shawn that he never wants to hear him talk about this again. John tells Belle that everything will be OK as long as they stick together as a family. When John goes back into Tuscany Marlena asks him what’s wrong.

Lexie and Jen both say that they will never marry again and Hope tells Celeste she is already married to Bo. Celeste tells Hope that she doesn’t see Bo in the picture.

Lucas tries to explain to Sami what’s been happening between them but she won’t believe him. She takes off back to the campsite on her one good ankle telling Lucas to leave her alone.

Hope asks Celeste if Bo is OK and Celeste tells her that she can’t see Bo at all. Hope calls Bo’s ISA contact.

Brady bangs on Victor’s bathroom door and when there is no answer and he finds out the door is locked he tells Nicole to call the locksmith back. Brady goes downstairs saying that he will climb the trellis into the bathroom window. When Brady leaves Nicole hides Jan in her bedroom.

Lucas tells Sami that he wants to get her head looked at at the hospital and they arrive back at the campsite. When Sami realizes all the tents are gone she starts screaming for Will. Will shows up and tells them that the tiger was spotted so they are all going back home. He wants to know where they’ve been and why Sami is crying.

Hope is relieved when the ISA agent says he will get a message to Bo. Hope and Lexie tell Jen they have to leave to get to work and Jen has to go pick up Abby from a party.

Belle and Shawn continue to argue about Marlena. Belle tells Shawn that if he really loves her he won’t tell anyone about his suspicions.

John tells Marlena that the murder case is bothering him he asks her what’s next and she looks at him with a puzzled look.

Phillip gives Kate a picture frame that holds a picture of Him, Lucas and Will.

John talks to Marlena about the awful moments they had when they found out their friends were dead. As he talks Marlena picks up a knife and remembers killing Roman. John says that he was trained to think objectively and he looks directly at Marlena who questions why is looking at her like that.

Sami tells Will that she’s just tired and looking forward to getting back to her own bed. Will asks Lucas and Sami if they remembered it was Valentine’s day and while she says that Valentine’s is just a commercial holiday she remembers Lucas telling her that she was beautiful.

Shawn looks for Belle outside Tuscany.

Kate thanks Phillip for her gift and then sees Roman’s ghost.

Marlena asks John what’s wrong and he tells her that he remembers what it was like to be on the suspect list and she tells him that she never believed that he was the killer and she never believed that he would intentionally hurt her.

Nicole hears Brady scream and call for her help in the bathroom. When she lets herself in she screams, “oh my god he’s dead.” Brady puts his ear to Victor’s chest and tells her that Victor is not dead.”

Hope gets a call from the ISA and they tell her that they don’t know where he is.

Jen turns on the car radio and hears her and Jack’s wedding song. She imagines being with him and she tells him that she will never get married again no matter what Celeste says. When she backs up the car she hits someone.

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