Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/13/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/13/04--Canada; Monday 2/16/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Sami tells Lucas she loves him; she still thinks they are married. She wants him to make love to her; Lucas resists but eventually gives in.

Nicole tells Brady that she’ll give the keys to the handcuffs if he returns her PDA; when he wants to know why he should give up the PDA she kisses him.

Victor congratulates himself on out smarting Nicole and heads upstairs to take a bath.

Jan tells “imaginary” Shawn that she has to kill Victor if they want to be together and he tells her to go ahead. Jan then picks up the vase and follows Victor up the stairs.

Phillip brings Kate to Tuscany for Valentine’s dinner but she does not want to go in because of all of her horrible memories there. Phillip tells to dwell on the happy memories of the wedding and not what happened after.

Shawn calls Belle again to see why she isn’t at Tuscany yet and to find out if Marlena is coming. While Belle talks to Shawn Marlena argues with herself over whether or not to kill Belle while having flashbacks of Belle being a baby. When Belle turns around to face Marlena she screams.

Kate asks Phillip why he invited her and he tells her that he just wants to help her move on with her life because her grieving is taking over her life. Kate tells Phillip that she will kill whoever killed Roman and Marlena.

Shawn and John talk about Marlena feeling guilty about not being able to get through to Maggie before she was killed. John tells Shawn that Marlena has been acting weird ever since Abe was killed.

Belle screamed because Marlena had fainted. When Belle comes back with a glass of water for Marlena she sees Marlena standing there with a knife and asks her what she’s doing with it.

Lucas and Sami continue kissing and Sami wants Lucas to make love to her. Lucas tells her that he can’t because they are not nor have they ever been married. Sami doesn’t believe him and tells him that no matter what she knows that she loves him and she can tell that he loves her.

Brady stops kissing Nicole and says to her that Victor is right she’d use her body to get whatever she wanted. Nicole slaps Brady for this comment and acts hurt by what he said.

Victor is in the tub listening to classical music on the CD player that is plugged into the socket on the counter.

Back at Tuscany Kate agrees to go in and have dinner with Phillip after apologizing for breaking down.

John sees Kate arrive and he tells her about the button that was found. Kate hopes that this will finally catch the killer and she tells John that she will kill whomever killed Roman and Cassie. Kate then tells Roman that she’s surprised that Sami and Lucas aren’t there, as she still believes Sami is after Lucas.

Shawn tells Phillip that he knows Belle is with her mother but he still feels that she is in danger.

Marlena tells Belle that she keeps the knife in her drawer for protection. Belle believes her and invites her to Tuscany for Valentine’s dinner. At first Marlena refuses but when Belle threatens to stay with her and cancel her plans with Shawn Marlena agrees to come along. They hug and Marlena sees blood all over her hands.

Lucas admits to loving Sami but is still hesitant to make love, when he steps away from her he falls off a cliff.

Nicole tells Brady that he made her feel like two cents with the comment he made and that he is just like his grandfather. She tells him to go ahead and read her messages if he didn’t trust her and he changes his mind because he feels so guilty. The phone rings and Brady picks it up to find out that the locksmith has figured out a way to open the cuffs. He tells Nicole to get out of bed and get dressed because they are going downstairs to wait for him.

Victor opens his eyes and sees Jan standing in his bathroom with a vase in her hand. When he asks her who she is she says that she is his worst nightmare.

Victor recognizes Jan as “that troubled girl” from Phillip’s highschool and guesses that Nicole has sent her to kill him. When she tells Victor she doesn’t want to kill him but has to if she is to get Shawn he figure that Jan wants to kill Shawn as well.

Marlena and Belle arrive at Tuscany and when John starts talking to Marlena Belle goes to see Shawn. John tells Marlena that he would like to take her mind off her troubles for one night.

Phillip gives Kate a large gold flower box explaining that he didn’t buy them, there is a box addressed to every woman at Tuscany.

Shawn tells Belle that he is relieved she is there and she tells him about Marlena cutting up her suit and keeping the knife in her drawer for protection.

John takes Marlena’s mind off her troubles by dancing with her. When Belle sees this she and Shawn starts dancing as well. All the time Shawn can not keep his eyes off Marlena and he keeps going over her strange behavior in his head.

Sami yells for Lucas and says that she couldn’t live without him. She hears him climbing up the cliff and helps him over. They start kissing again and Lucas says that now that their feelings are out in the open he wants them to be one happy family with the two of them and Will.

Nicole and Brady go into the living room with the locksmith. Nicole is not happy when she doesn’t see a dead Victor on the floor and she wonders what Jan is up to. The locksmith has designed a special key and believes he will be able to get the cuffs off.

Thinking that Nicole is paying Jan Victor offers her double until he realizes that Jan thinks Nicole will help him get Shawn to love her if she kills him. Victor warns her that Nicole is just using her and Jan throws the CD player in the tub.

Lucas and Sami continue kissing and he starts to undress her. She asks him again to make love to her.

The locksmith gets the cuffs off Brady’s wrist and they see the lights flicker. Brady assumes it is a power surge and Nicole gets a smirk on her face.

Jan yells at Victor that Shawn is hers and not Belle’s and if she thinks what she did to him was bad just wait to see what she’ll do to Belle.

Shawn keeps going over Marlena’s strange behavior in his head while dancing with Belle. Kate opens her box of flowers and starts screaming when she discovers that they are covered in blood. Belle’s flowers are also covered in blood. When Shawn sees Marlena’s reaction he tells Belle, “I know who the killer is, it’s your mother.”


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