Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/12/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/12/04--Canada; Friday 2/13/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Lexie and Jen reminisce about happier times with Jack and Abe. They are sharing Valentine’s Day together. Jen shows Lexie a Valentine that Abby made for her and the baby. Lexie seems upset that Jen invited Hope to come over and share the evening with them as well.

Hope calls and leaves a message for Bo. She is worried because she hasn’t heard from him in a long time. Hope is trying to figure out a connection between all the victims of the serial killer. She suddenly turns to the board and says, “Oh my God.”

Brady falls asleep and Nicole looks at her PDA awaiting a message from Jan. Nicole then figures out that Victor may try and cut her out of his will. Victor turns around and says, “what the hell are you doing.”

Shawn asks John where Belle is because he is worried about her. John tells him that she is with her mother. John gets phone call from Hope telling him she has figured out a way to name the killer.

Belle asks Marlena why she is cutting up her suit. Marlena tells her that she wasn’t supposed to see that and she hopes that someday Belle will forgive her and that she never meant to hurt her.

Lexie tells Jen that even though Hope doesn’t know where Bo is right now and Lexie knows where Abe is she’s pretty sure that Hope wouldn’t change places with her. She thinks that either Bo or Hope should quit the force and be home with Zach. When Jen goes to show Lexie the video of Abby’s school play it ends up being the video from her and Jack’s wedding.

John and Shawn show up at Hope’s office and Hope give’s John a piece of paper. When he asks what it is she tells him that the name of the killer is on it.

Belle tells Marlena that she knows she wouldn’t hurt her on purpose and she wants to know what's going on. Marlena tells Belle that she ahs done unspeakable thinks and that Belle will end up paying for them.

Nicole thinks about the fact that she wouldn’t mind being poor and hungry if she were next to Brady all the time. She rolls over and tells Brady she loves him; he responds in kind and they begin kissing.

Victor’s lawyer is delivering the new will to Victor, which leaves Nicole nothing. Jan overhears Victor telling his lawyer, “That bitch is dreaming up ways to kill me even as we speak.”

There are 12 names on Hope’s list including Mrs. Horton, Marlena and Julie. Shawn demands to be let in on the investigation and much to Hope’s chagrin John agrees. John says that he will not have another person he loves sacrificed to this maniac.

Belle asks Marlena what she’s done that is so terrible there is nothing she can’t tell her. Marlena says, “maybe it’s time for me to confess.”

Brady says, “I love you so much Chloe” and Nicole realizes he’s asleep he then says, “kiss me Nicole” so she does. When Brady wakes up kissing Nicole he wonders what the hell is going on.

Victor tells his lawyer to shred all other copies of his will and that he’s leaving Nicole a one-way ticket to hell. They hear beeping and Victor yells for whoever’s there to come out.

Shawn goes to check his messages and John tells him that he will give him a ride to Tuscany. When Shawn is out of the room Hope tells John how worried she is about Bo and that she can’t get a hold of him. John is hoping that Belle will talk Marlena into going to Tuscany.

Shawn calls Belle's and is worried when she doesn’t answer. Belle doesn’t answer because she tells her mom she is more important right now; she wants to here everything she has to say. When Marlena says that she has to confess Bell tells her that she knows she’s the serial killer and that she is going to kill her next.

Lexie and Jen talk about how hard it is to get through the holidays without their husbands and Jen tells Lexie how angry she is with Jack and Abe for continuing the investigation even when they begged them not to.

Jan e-mails Nicole again and tells her that the lawyer is there so the killing will have to wait. Victor and his lawyer figure the noise they heard was one of Nicole’s electronic devices and they continue their conversation about the will. Jan has a fantasy that she sees Shawn there and wonders how she can get rid of the lawyer in order to kill Victor. Victor tells his lawyer that the only copy of the will is to be kept in his safe at home. If something is to happen to him the safe should opened in front of Bo and there is also a videotape and a file for the police in there. Victor also wants Brady to be shown the videotape and the file.

Brady rolls over and Nicole’s PDA goes off again. He doesn’t believe her story about it going off by accident and takes it from her. Brady wants to see whom all these messages have been from.

Lexie and Jennifer continue talking about how much they miss their husbands and how hard it is without them. Hope is now outside Jen’s house and her phone rings, it is Bo but she can’t hear him on the other end.

Victor’s lawyer wants to take a copy of the will to his office but Victor refuses. He tells his lawyer that Bo is the only one with the safe combination other than himself.

Jan sees Shawn in her imagination again and tells him that she has to kill his grandfather in order for them to be together. Imaginary Shawn tells her to go ahead and make him proud.

Nicole tells Brady that she will give him the handcuff keys if he gives her back the PDA. At this point Brady is far more interested in the messages and torturing Nicole than getting out of the handcuffs.

Belle screams at Marlena, “You’re a killer” over and over again but it is only in Marlena’s imagination. Belle tells Marlena that it is OK to ahead and confess and that she will understand. Belle tells Marlena that she knows why she was cutting up the suit; it’s because she’s guilty. The phone rings again and this time Belle picks it up. Shawn tells her that he has a bad feeling that she is in trouble and she has to answer the phone when he calls. While Belle is on the phone Marlena has flashbacks of Belle as a baby and argues with herself over whether or not to kill Belle.

Belle tells Shawn that she is trying to talk her mom into coming with her to Tuscany.

“Kill her”, says the voice in Marlena’s head.

Belle turns around to face her mother and screams.


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