Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/11/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/11/04--Canada; Thursday 2/12/04--USA

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Nicole tries to stall Brady from entering the mansion and he wonders what she’s afraid of seeing when she goes in. When they walk in they see Victor lying dead on the floor and Jan is standing over him with her hands covered in blood. When Jan sees them she blurts out the whole story to Brady about Nicole setting everything up. Nicole can only shake her head no.

Bonnie and Shawn are outside Tuscany and Bonnie asks Shawn if they could expand the guest list a bit so that she can show Mickey that she can run the restaurant.

Belle is inside Tuscany talking to Julie and Doug and they are excited about planning their party at Tuscany for that evening and Belle says that it will be a great surprise for Shawn. Julie turns around and says, “What are they doing here?”

The clerk at Barren’s tells John that she sold a suit to Marlena. John asks Marlena why she didn’t tell him about owning the suit; she asks him if she thinks she’s guilty.

Lucas wakes up and realizes Sami isn’t there and he rolls over and goes back to sleep.

Sami is in a trap and hears a noise; thinking it’s Lucas she acts unafraid. Her tune changes quickly when she realizes the noise is the tiger that is still on the loose.

Lucas hears Sami’s screams and gets up to look for her.

Julie, Doug, Belle, Phillip and Tek all work together to decorate Tuscany for Julie’s upscale Valentine’s party. Belle tells Phillip that it will be a big surprise for Shawn.

Shawn and Bonnie bring in the decorations not knowing that everyone else is there. Bonnie hangs a set of horns on the wall and they go to the storage room.

Belle and Julie come back in and Julie wonders where the horns came from and takes them off the wall.

John tells Marlena that he is not accusing her of anything but is worried about her. Marlena assures him that the killer will not hurt her. When he asks why she just smiles.

Brady and Nicole come into the study and Nicole seems less than happy to see that Victor is actually still alive; she was just daydreaming. When Nicole e-mails Jan and asks her why Jan responds by saying that she can’t kill Shawn’s grandfather. Nicole tells her that is she doesn’t do it she will never have Shawn. Nicole tells Brady she is exhausted and she doesn’t care what kind of work he and Victor have to do she wants to go to bed. Jan sneaks back out of the closet in the foyer.

Bonnie and Shawn come in and Bonnie wants to know where her horns went so she leaves the room looking for them. Julie gives the horns to Tech and tells him to throw them out. Bonnie sees Tech carrying the horns and chases after him.

Shawn runs into Phillip and thinks that Bonnie must’ve called him. Phillip is confused when Shawn says the party is a surprise for Belle. Bonnie brings the horns back in and takes Julie’s linen napkins and tablecloths away. Doug comes in with silver vases and takes the horns out again.

John is now at the penthouse with Marlena and he wants to take a look at her suit. Marlena is sure that if he sees the suit he’ll know she’s the killer.

Sami yells a warning to Lucas just as he sees the tiger.

Victor and Brady continue to work besides Nicole’s protestations as Jan sneaks even closer. Nicole finally talks Brady into going to bed and they go upstairs without Brady noticing Jan. Once in Nicole’s room Nicole starts getting undressed.

John tells Marlena that he can’t find her suit and she gets it from under her trench coat and shows it to him being very careful to hide the missing button. Just as John goes to take the suit from her his phone rings and it is Tech. John shares the information with Tech and tells him that he’ll meet him at Tuscany.

Lucas sees the tiger and runs off. Sami thinks he’s leaving her there to die and she faints and hits her head. Lucas comes back with firecrackers and sets them off to distract the tiger and then jumps in the hole to rescue Sami.

Marlena says that there is a spill on her coat and she’ll have to take it to the cleaners. She lets John know that she has a headache and she wants to lie down. When John leaves Marlena picks up a pair if scissors. Belle arrives at the penthouse just as John is leaving and tells him that they need his help at Tuscany. He tells her that he is heading there and that she should go upstairs and sees her mother.

Nicole and Brady get into bed; Nicole is fully undressed and Brady still has his jeans on.

Jan stands behind Victor with the vase raised and then changes her mind again. When she puts the case back the doorbell rings and she hides in the closet again. Shawn is at the door and he tells Victor that he needs a favour to make Belle’s Valentine’s Day perfect.

Lucas wakes up Sami and she can’t remember where they are. He tells her and she want’s to go find Will. She starts freaking out because she thinks she’s lost her wedding ring believing that she and Lucas are married.

Bonnie says that her horns are gone again and runs out just as Julie comes in with table cloths and has the boys take more of Bonnie’s tacky decorations away. Bonnie comes back and has Phillip change from Julie’s décor to hers then leaves. Julie comes back in and has him change again.

Belle tells John to try and bring Marlena to Valentine’s dinner and he leaves to take the button to Tech.

Victor takes Shawn into the living room.

Nicole e-mails Jan and finds out that Shawn is there.

Victor guesses that Shawn wants to borrow his limo for the evening and tells him that he will stock it with chocolates and romantic music. With overhearing this Jan decides to kill Victor as soon as Shawn leaves.

Lucas doesn’t get a chance to tell Sami they are not married before she tells him how much she loves him.

When Nicole gets a message from Jan saying that she will kill victor now Nicole says, “hurry up and do it.” Brady asks her what she’s talking about.

John tells Julie about the button and she says that the only woman she knows who was wearing that suit at the circus was Marlena.

Bonnie and Julie finally figure out that they are both there and what has been happening all evening with the decoration and get into quite a tiff. Julie pops Bonnie's balloons with the horns and Bonnie hits Julie in the head with a sticky arrow from her cupid statue. When Phillip asks Doug if they should step in Doug says that he doesn’t want to get caught in the crossfire.

Belle walk into Marlena’s room and sees her cutting up her suit with a pair of scissors.

Lucas asks Sami if heard her right and she says, that she does loves him and that she always will.

Nicole tells Brady that her she was dreaming of him and must’ve been talking in her sleep.

Bonnie and Julie continue to fight and Julie chases Bonnie out of the room with her own horns.

Shawn gets a bad feeling about Belle and John tells him that Belle is safe because she’s with her mother. Shawn still looks worried.

Belle asks Marlena what she’s doing and d while Belle looks at the suit jacket Marlena grabs a knife out of her purse and tells Belle that it will all be over soon.


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