Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/10/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/10/04--Canada; Wednesday 2/11/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Shawn arrives at his Uncle Mickey’s and is surprised when Bonnie answers the door and Mickey isn’t there. When Shawn tells Bonnie he’s thinking about Belle she asks if he’s “knocked her up.”

Mickey looks around Tuscany, which has been closed since Roman’s murder. Julie and Doug meet him there, they are there to do inventory and figure out what to do with the stored food. Julie asks again if Mickey will re-open Tuscany and let her run it. Mickey just looks at her.

Brady and Nicole come into the study where Brady wants to go over the plans for the new opera house again. Nicole sends a message on her PDA.

Jan receives the message while sitting at the Cheatin’ Heart. The message reads for her to do what she agreed because time is running out. Brady has read the message over Nicole’s shoulder as she typed it and wants to know who it is to and what it means.

Lucas starts kissing Sami and wants to make love to her. Sami tells him no but then gives in and they continue kissing.

Marlena tells Celeste she is going to erase her memory and raises the knife behind her head. Right then John bursts in and yells, “stop”, this interruption brings Celeste out of her trance. John asks Marlena what she’s doing with the knife and she responds by saying that he thinks he already knows and she won’t hesitate to use it if she has to.

Mickey says that he can’t think straight about the restaurant right now and that there is just too much pain but he does appreciate Doug and Julie’s help. He reminds them that Valentine’s Day was his and Maggie’s anniversary. He leaves Doug and Julie with the keys and heads for home.

Julie and Doug agree that Mickey needs to be alone right now. Julie hopes that Bonnie doesn’t throw herself all over him again.

Shawn tells Bonnie that he did not get Belle pregnant she was almost killed at the circus tent and he isn’t sure if it was an accident or the killer. He lets Bonnie know that he wants to take Belle to Tuscany for Valentine’s and he wants to see if Mickey will give him the keys for the night.

Sami stops Lucas again saying that they can’t continue. Lucas lets Sami know that he’s fantasized about making love to her a thousand times and when she admits the same they continue kissing.

Celeste jumps up from in front of Marlena and John tells Marlena that he thinks she has the knife to protect herself. Marlena goes along with that story and asks him why he came back. John then tells Marlena and Celeste about the button that was found at the circus tent. John wants Celeste to hold the button to see if she gets any visions.

Victor leaves the room to make a phone call and Nicole tells Brady that the message he read was to her lawyer. Victor is in the foyer talking to his lawyer, telling him that if he should die Nicole is to get nothing and his safe is to be opened in front of Bo because Bo is his next-of-kin and a member of the police force.

Sami tells Lucas that he was better than any fantasy she’d had and he tells her that he has one more fantasy that he wants to make come true. Lucas then asks Sami to marry him and she says yes just before she wakes up and realizes the whole thing was a dream.

Marlena tells John that his idea is crazy but he wants to try it anyway. Celeste tells John she needs to take the button out of the bag and Marlena again argues that she can’t do that because it is evidence but John agrees anyway. Celeste says, “I can see it” and John asks her who the killer is.

Bonnie tells Shawn that she will help him get the keys from Mickey. When Mickey gets home and finds out what Shawn is asking for he has a flashback about his and Maggie’s Valentine’s/Anniversary dinner there the year before so he says no.

Sami leaves the tent with Lucas sleeping and goes to sit by the campfire she hears something and figures it is more snakes.

John asks Celeste who the killer is again and Celeste tells him that she can’t see the killer’s face but she knows the suit. Celeste knows the suit is from Bondar’s department store and then John calls Tech and gets him to have a clerk from women’s wear sent to meet him at Bondar’s. He tells the women to get ready because they are going shopping for a killer. Marlena makes sure that he doesn’t see her blue suit in the closet and she checks to make sure she has her gun in her purse before she follows them out.

Victor comes back into the study. Nicole gets another message and she tells Brady it’s from her brother Brandon. Nicole is really talking to Jan and asks her if she is going to kill Victor or not because if she doesn’t do it tonight Nicole will tell Shawn that Jan has been stalking him. Nicole figures that by the end of the night she will be very rich and merry widow.

What Sami heard was Lucas coming out of the tent not snakes and she yells at him for scaring her. He tells that he wants to take her in his arms to keep her warm and she refuses saying that she doesn’t want any favors from him. When he offers to get firewood to re-build the fire Sami insists on doing it herself.

Nicole tells Brady that she is bored and she makes him take her for a drive. When they leave Victor picks up the phone to call the locksmith again telling him that he wants those cuffs off tonight.

John, Celeste and Marlena arrive at Baron’s and Marlena recognizes the clerk that meets them there as the person whom she bought the suit from. Celeste finds the same suit on the rack and the clerk informs them that it was a Bondar’s exclusive and they only ordered 12 and now they only have the one left. John asks for the list of all the women that bought the suit and tells Marlena that he feels like they will be locking up the killer tonight.

Shawn asks Mickey why he can’t use Tuscany and Mickey has another flashback of he and Maggie. Mickey tells Shawn no because there are just too many memories. Bonnie convinces Mickey that Maggie would have wanted Tuscany to be shared and that his and Maggie’s memories would this way become a legacy of love for the younger generations. With that Mickey agrees to let Shawn use Tuscany.

Nicole and Brady end up at the Cheatin’ heart where Brady orders a coffee and Nicole orders a double vodka. Nicole explains again to Brady that they will be cuffed together to until her name is cleared as the serial killer.

Jan lets herself into the Kiriakis mansion and turns the alarm back on with the key and code given to her by Nicole. Jan notices Victor working in his study and picks up a crystal vase in the foyer and sneaks up behind him. She smashes the vase down on Victor’s head and Victor lays slumped over his computer keyboard. This must’ve been a daydream because Jan is still standing in the foyer looking in at Victor. She wonders if she could really kill him and figures she must if she wants Nicole’s help in getting Shawn. She then turns suddenly as she hears a key in the lock behind her.

Nicole tells Brady that she wants to dance and given their present circumstances he has to agree. Brady stands on the dance floor while Nicole dances in front of him and takes great pleasure in grabbing his rear.

The Bondar’s clerk gives John 5 names of women that bought the suit with credit; three are from out of town, one seems to be Hope and one is a woman from the hospital board. They seem to have struck out but John asks the clerk to try and remember if sold any for cash and who to.

Sami falls in a very large hole while looking for firewood. It seems to be a trap for some sort of large animal.

Julie tells Doug that she should throw a special invitation only Valentine’s dinner to show Mickey that she can run Tuscany and to beat out Bonnie in the process.

Mickey agrees to let Shawn use Tuscany but tells him that he doesn’t have the keys right now because Doug and Julie are there taking care of some business things. Bonnie doesn’t like the sound of Julie being at Tuscany one bit and when Mickey goes upstairs to get the spare set of keys she offers to help Shawn plan his evening with Belle. Shawn doesn’t seem interested in Bonnie’s help but she is gone before he can say no.

While Nicole and Brady continue to dance he gets a page and tells her that the business day in Europe has started and he has to go home to send some faxes. He doesn’t care whether she wants to go home or not and he drags her out. Nicole hopes that Victor is dead and Jan is gone by the time they get home.

Henderson comes into the study and asks Victor if he needs anything before he retires for the night. Victor asks Henderson to just turn out the lights on his way out.

Jan comes out of her hiding spot and finally picks up the crystal case of the table in the foyer and sneaks up behind Victor with it.

Lucas is starting to worry about what is taking Sami so long to come back with the firewood.

As Sami starts trying to climb out of her hole she sees the tigers shadow and hears a growl.

Celeste suggests they all go home for the night she is getting a terrible headache she then leaves the store. Before Marlena can convince John to leave the clerk comes back and identifies Marlena as one of the people she sold a suit to.


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