Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/9/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/9/04--Canada; Tuesday 2/10/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Lucas and Sami wake up and Sami realizes there is a snake in her sleeping bag.

Shawn is climbing down the ladder from the catwalk when someone undoes a slipknot. He shouts for Belle to look out as something falls towards her. Belle covers her head and screams.

Brady and Nicole continue to fight about being handcuffed together in Brady's room. She tells him to relax and enjoy it. Brady says he is bigger and stronger and he will do whatever he wants.

Victor hears a voice, 'Don't even think about it Vic.' John grabs Victor from behind and tells him to not move a muscle.

Marlena asks Celeste if she is sure she wants her memory erased. Celeste says that she feels guilty. The truth is like a disease and she is frightened. Marlena tells her that she has every reason to be frightened. Celeste does not want to miss her grandson growing up like she missed her daughter's childhood, she thinks Marlena is the only one who can help her.

Shawn pulls Belle from under a sandbag that fell on her and she is fine. Jan is lurking around the corner and says that she will find a way to kill Belle once and for all. Belle is worried that the killer saw them find the button and tried to kill her.

Brady tells Nicole that he won't be hitched to her for life and that he is bigger and stronger than she is so he will do whatever he wants while they are chained together. When Nicole tells Brady that the handcuffs came from an adult store Brady makes a comment about her history in porn. A struggle of words and wills ensues and they end up landing on Brady's bed and rolling on to the floor.

John releases Victor and tells him that he was proofing how easy it was to break into the mansion. John tells Victor that he wants to know about his and Tony's collaboration and he wants to know who the killer is.

Marlena says that she knows a way that the terrifying thoughts and premonitions will leave Celeste forever, Celeste gasps and says that the killer is thinking about her, she knows she's there. Marlena reassures Celeste but Celeste says she can see a blade and a gloved hand. Marlena tells Celeste that she will make sure she has no more nightmares; she'll rest in peace.

Lucas tries to get rid of the snake with Sami freaking out all the while. Lucas tells her that the snake isn't poisonous but it bites him as he throws it out of the tent and he gets dizzy and passes out in Sami's lap.

Belle borrows Shawn's phone to call her dad and Shawn sees someone hiding behind the bleachers. Belle and Shawn go after Jan not knowing it is she.

Celeste tells Marlena to stop, that Marlena will die no matter what anyone says or does.

Victor tells John that he is utterly convinced that Nicole is the killer but when John asks for proof he just says, 'Mark my words, if anything happens to me it's Nicole.' John gets a 911 page from Belle and leaves.

Brady and Nicole get off the floor and when Nicole asks if Brady really believes she could be a killer he says that nothing would surprise him right now. Brady tells her that he is sorry for not being a very good friend. He is hungry and Nicole decides that with a can of tuna, a can of lentil soup and a bag of croutons she can make Brady dinner. Brady ends up wearing the can of tuna.

Jan runs through the backstage area of the circus. Shawn and Belle see her shadow behind a curtain and Shawn barges through with a baseball bat only to find a circus clown. Not realizing the clown is Jan they let her go. Just before the clown (Jan) leaves the area Belle yells for her to wait a minute.

Marlena figures if she is going to die anyway that everyone has died in vain and that she should just end it once and for all.

Sami cries over the dying Lucas until she realizes that he is faking it to see what she would say. They hear a noise outside the tent and Sami thinks it could be tiger so she checks the zipper on the tent.

Belle thinks the button they found may have come from the clown costume. They realize it didn't and the clown (Jan) goes on her merry way. Belle thinks the button could have come from a Basic Black outfit because she finds it so familiar. John arrives and when they show him the button he says, 'oh my God.'

Marlena says she has too much to live for and Celeste repeats her. Celeste then sees Belle, Shawn and John and tells Marlena they are very close to the truth.

Nicole cuts off Brady's shirt and they get undressed to have a shower. Brady blames Nicole for dumping the tuna on him saying that this was her plan all along. While in the shower they hear a sound. Brady assumes the sound is a car backfiring and Nicole assumes it was a gunshot so they rush out of the shower.

Sami wakes up Lucas to ask if there are any other blankets, she's thrown hers out because the snake was in it. Lucas says he will share his with her and after much argument Sami curls up with Lucas in his sleeping bag.

Victor is on the couch with his head resting on the back of the couch and he has a bullet hole in his head. Nicole starts shouting, 'free at last, free at last.' And she and Brady kiss. Nicole is jarred from this daydream as Brady gets s the front door to the mansion open. They find Victor in the same position on the couch but when Brady yells his name he wakes up. Victor says that he has been looking for a way to get the two of them separated. Victor notices that the two of them are wet and Brady tells him they went for a swim.

John looks at the button and says that he also thinks there is something familiar about it. He then gets a look of recognition over his face and tells Belle and Shawn to not tell anyone about this, that it is a matter of life and death and then he races out.

Marlena asks Celeste if Belle, Shawn and John know who the killer is. Celeste tells her it is unclear and Marlena starts yelling at her about her stupid premonitions. Marlena tells Celeste that no cares about her visions or premonitions and she knows a way that no one will ever have to hear them again.

Sami thinks there is another snake in her sleeping bag until she realizes it is a snakelike body part of Lucas' so she starts yelling at him about Lorena Bobbitt. Lucas wakes her up and tells her she was talking in her sleep. Instead of telling her what she was saying they get into a pillow fight and the tent collapses on them. Will is standing outside the tent holding the snake from earlier and says to it, 'Way to stir things up for my mom and dad, job well done.'

Brady looks at a picture of Chloe while Nicole types a message to Jan on her PDA. Nicole wants to know why Jan's job wasn't doe today and it better be done tomorrow or else. Jan figures that her job for Nicole will just be practice for when it really counts.

Belle is shaking and Shawn puts his arms around her. She wonders if John knows who the serial killer is and is worried that nothing will be OK.

Marlena goes toward Celeste with a knife and says, 'it's finally time.' John bursts through the door and sees Marlena with the knife pointing at Celeste and yells, 'Stop!' Marlena just looks at him with a blank stare.

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