Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/6/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 2/6/04--Canada; Monday 2/9/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Sami tells Lucas they are going on Will’s camping trip to prove to him that they are normal parents.

Shawn and Belle see the poster warning People to beware of the tiger, which is evidently stilled on the loose. Belle questions Shawn decision to go back to the big top saying that she is worried that the killer may return. Shawn tells him that that is what he is counting on.

Jan is following Shawn and Belle. She has flashbacks about drinking with Nicole to getting what they deserve.

Nicole handcuffs herself to Brady  in order to give herself a foolproof alibi.

Celeste apologizes to Marlena for intruding on her private time saying that she doesn’t even really know if she knows who the killer is. Marlena says that she will dig deep into Celeste’s subconscious and uncover the name of the killer so she will be put away for good. When she touches Celeste, Celeste gets a frightened look on her face and sees the tiger. Celeste asks Marlena if she will wind up dead.

Sami makes the arrangements with Will’s teacher for her and Lucas to go on the camping trip. Will gets home and wonders what’s going on because both his parents are smiling. When they tell him that they are coming on the trip he doesn’t look happy.

John reassures Celeste that she is safe. Celeste is still worried but Marlena promises to take very good care of her. Marlena suggests they use the sitting room off the bedroom and goes upstairs to prepare the room. John tells Celeste that she shouldn’t be worried because as soon as she names the killer he is going to take care of things himself.

Celeste tells John that he must hurry because she fells the killer closing in and she will strike again soon.

Marlena removes a knife from her dresser drawer and looks at her reflection in its blade.

Nicole gets a still protesting Brady to help her make a drink. Henderson and Victor walk in with heavy-duty bolt cutter but they do not cut through the titanium alloy of the handcuffs.

Shawn and Belle return to the bigtop to look for clues about the killer. Shawn climbs the catwalk and Belle remains in the centre ring.

Sami and Lucas tell Will they are excited about the camping trip but Will is worried that they will be up to their old tricks and doesn’t really want them to come. When they promise to be on their best behavior he gets excited and everyone packs for the trip.

Celeste tells John the killer is very near.

Marlena puts the knife behind the pillow on her bed.

John asks Celeste how it is possible to feel the killer when it is just the three of them there. She says that she doesn’t know but she knows the killer is close.

Marlena goes downstairs to get Celeste. Celeste looks worried but goes upstairs and John waits downstairs. The doorbell rings and John answers to find Nicole and Brady at the door. Brady had come looking for John hoping that he could remove the handcuffs. John tries unsuccessfully to pick the lock and tells Brady again that he should have been careful of Nicole’s traps. Nicole acts insulted and tells Brady they are going shopping. When they leave John remembers Celeste’s feelings and figures that the killer must be Nicole because she was close at the time.

Marlena tells Celeste to sit sown. Celeste gets chilly so Marlena goes to turn up the heat. Marlena prepares Celeste to look evil in the eye.

While Nicole is dragging Brady around shopping she gets a message from Jan on her PDA. Jan tells her that she won’t go through with their plan. When Nicole threatens to tell Shawn that Jan is stalking him Jan quickly jumps back on board. Nicole tells Jan to meet her there in 10 minutes.

Jan leaves the big top and Belle hears her leaving and calls for Shawn. He is about to come down when he spots some fabric stuck on the rail of the catwalk. Someone sneaks up behind Belle and she turns around and screams. Shawn quickly grabs a rope and swings down on top of the person in the dark hooded sweatshirt.

Sami, Lucas and Will arrive at the campsite and meet Will’s teacher. When Sami realizes that she will have to share a tent with Lucas she gets very loud about not agreeing with that sleeping arrangement. Will watches with a worried look on his face.

John talks on the phone with Hope and tells her what going on with Celeste and that he is heading over to Victor’s. He turns on the security system as he leaves.

Celeste wonders what the beeping is and Marlena tells her that it was just John leaving and now they are completely alone. After Celeste is deep in a hypnotic trance Marlena asks her if she can see the killer. Celeste says that she can’t see enough to make out a face. When Marlena asks her if she can see anything else Celeste’s eyes pop open and she gasps.

Lucas and Sami continue to argue about the sleeping arrangement when a woman named Pam (guest star Sharon Osbourne) comes up and asks if there is a problem. Pam, the phys Ed teacher, offers Sami a place in her tent. Lucas asks Sami why she’s embarrassing Will like this and she see Will’s friends giving him a hard time. Sami thanks Pam for her offer but agrees to sleep with Lucas. Lucas and Sami go off to pitch their tent and agree to meet Will back at the campfire.

The person that Shawn tackled in the sweatshirt works for the circus and he threatens to call the police. Shawn tells him that they are with the police and the roustabout tells them they can look around as long as they are careful.

Brady and Nicole are in the women’s fitting room and Brady is wearing a pink frilly eye mask and Nicole gives him some earplugs. Nicole then gets another message from Jan telling her she’s there. Jan asks for the key and Nicole passes it to her under the door of the fitting room.

Celeste says, “How could you do it? Hoe could you murder all those people? Whoever you are.” Celeste tells Marlena that the killer is wearing a blue jacket and Marlena stands up to remove her blue jacket from the top of the dresser. She notices a hole in it as she does so.

Shawn shows Belle what he found, it is a piece of blue fabric with a button it.

Celeste says that she has seen the jacket before and she knows whom it belongs too.

Sami and Lucas finally get the tent up long after all the kids have gone to bed. Lucas suggests a kiss and Sami quickly brushes him off by saying that she wanted to go to sleep and if anything slithered into her sleeping bag she wouldn’t hesitate to cut it’s head off. Lucas turns out the lantern. A snake slithers into and up Sami’s side of the tent.

Shawn is climbing down the ladder when we see a black gloved hand undo a slipknot. He yells for Belle to look out as something is falling down towards her.

Nicole and Brady leave the store together.

‘The security system at the Kiriakis mansion makes a beeping sound and all the lights go off. Victor shouts out, “who’s there” as he hears a noise and he grabs a gun from the end table in the living room.

Celeste tells Marlena that she knows whom the jacket belongs too. Marlena asks her to name the killer but Celeste can’t. Celeste begs for Marlena to erase her memory. She’s sorry about being a coward but she never wants to know the identity of the killer, she doesn’t want to die. Marlena kneels in front of Celeste with a knife and says, “I will make sure that you never utter the killer’s name.”


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