Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/5/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 2/5/04--Canada; Friday 2/6/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Sami comes out of her room and sees clothes strewn all over the floor and Lucas sleeping on the couch in his underwear.

Nicole is walking through the park talking aloud about taking Victor down and making Brady happy when she run’s into Jan. Nicole says, “there’s the little wench who is going to help me get what I want.”

Brady comes into Victor’s office to talk he wants Victor to turn Nicole in if he really thinks Nicole is the serial killer.

Celeste wakes up to Abe’s ghost. She’s asks if she’s dead and he says that she’s not dead yet but if she doesn’t name the killer others will die. He shows her a coffin.

Lexie is in her office looking at a picture of Abe there is a knock at the door and John comes in. He tells her that he’s worried about Marlena. He thinks she’s feeling guilty.

Marlena is at home dreaming of killing Abe saying that she is sorry aloud in her sleep.

Sami still sitting on Lucas lap. He says, “Good morning gorgeous.” She wants to know why he stayed there and goes to make coffee. Lucas starts kissing her and she says that she wants him. They clear off the counter and start going at it. Lucas snaps Sami back into reality and they and they are both standing in the kitchen fully dressed. He goes to leave and Sami tells him not to go.

Celeste asks Abe why he is frightening her. He says if she doesn’t name the killer she might be safe but others will die. She needs to make the choice to either reveal the name and became the next target or let more people die.

Lexie and John talk about Marlena feeling guilty because she’s a shrink. He tells Lexie that Marlena doesn’t want him at the penthouse because of Celeste’s prediction. She says that losing Abe was just devastating and John tells Lexie that she is his hero for dealing with all these deaths on the front line.

Marlena is still dreaming and remembers killing Jack. In her sleep she yells out an apology to Jennifer.

Lucas questions Sami wanting him to stay. She says that she’ll make a proper breakfast for him and Will and Lucas goes to get the paper. Lucas comments that they are acting like Ozzie and Harriet. Sami slips into another daydream where she is the quintessential fifties TV mom. There is a bluejay on the windowsill, she pours Lucas his coffee and Will comes to the breakfast able talking about his school science project. The bluejay pipes up that she and Lucas are more like Ozzy and Sharon than Ozzie and Harriet and Sami’s daydream turns into Lucas being Ozzy Osbourne and Will being Jack Osbourne. When she comes to she is angry and starts fighting with Lucas again. He says that he’ll make breakfast because he’s a better cook than her anyway and Will comes out of his room overhearing that his Dad stayed the night.

Victor tells Brady that he wants irrefutable proof that Nicole is the killer even if that means waiting to catch her red-handed.

Jan tells Nicole that she doesn’t want to help her anymore that she will get Shawn on her own. Nicole will not accept that and grabs Jan’s arm.

John tells Lexie he’s going to the penthouse to check on Marlena and she says that she is going to check on her mother as well. Lexie asks John what he thinks will happen to Celeste if she reveals the name of the killer John replies by saying that she already knows the answer to that question.

Celeste tells Abe’s ghost that there is a huge difference in knowing what the right thing to do is and actually doing it. He shows her horrible scenes of what will happen if the killings continue and tells her that is what will happen if she doesn’t reveal the name of the killer. Lexie rushes in hearing her mother crying and says, ”Abe.”

Marlena is still dreaming of all the killings and crying out in her sleep. When John hears the crying he rushes in. She sits up and says that she has a confession to make and that she didn’t mean to let all those people die.

Victor tells Brady that he is having Nicole followed so they will be able to stop her before she actually kills again and then they will have their proof. The phone rings and it is Nico telling Victor that they’ve lost Nicole. Victor assumes she off planning her next murder.

Jan says that she’ll do whatever Nicole wants as long as she doesn’t end up in jail. Nicole tells Jan that if she doesn’t do what she’s told Nicole will keep Shawn away from her forever. At this comment Jan attacks Nicole.

Lexie asks Celeste how the glass on the family picture got cracked and why Celeste is so upset. Celeste tells Lexie that Abe was there and what he had said and what he had shown her. Celeste says that she has to do whatever she can to remember the killer’s name and reveal it. Abe appears again.

Will says that he knew Sami and Lucas were getting back together; he assumes that Lucas is moving in and calls the landlord to sublet Lucas’ apartment. Lucas takes the phone and tells Will that everyone is staying where they are. Lucas finishes making breakfast. Sami is putting Will’s lunch in his bag when she discovers a note about a class family camping trip. Will says that he wasn’t going to tell them about it.

Nicole tells Jan that she’s lucky that she doesn’t kill her. Jan agrees to stick to the deal and they drink to getting what they deserve.

John holds Marlena’s hand and asks her what kind of confession she needs to make and he realizes that she is still asleep. He wakes her up and tells her that she was talking in her sleep. Marlena looks worried and asks John what she was saying. John tells her that she said that she was responsible for all the killings.

Brady and Victor can’t find Nicole. Victor tells Brady that he is the killer’s next target. Nicole rushes in and says to Brady that he ill be the one to stop her.

Lexie can’t see Abe even though Celeste is insisting he is there. He tells Celeste that it would be too hard for Lexie to see him again. Celeste tells Lexie that she is going to be the next victim as Abe’s ghost walks through her. Lexie is now satisfied that Abe was there because she felt his presence and decides to call Marlena to get help.

Marlena tells John that she is responsible for the deaths because she couldn’t get Maggie to remember the identity of the killer. John assures her that when he gets his hands on the killer she won’t be breathing for long. The phone rings and John picks it up. Lexie is calling to see if Marlena can see Celeste right away. Marlena tells them to come over immediately.

Marlena goes to take a shower and John goes to wait downstairs. Once John has left the room Marlena says that this will be the end of Celeste.

Will says that he didn’t tell Sami and Lucas about the camping trip because he would rather go with a normal family. Will leaves for school and Sami starts crying and saying that they are horrible parents.

Nicole tells Brady that she needs him to be her 24-hour alibi and handcuffs herself to him. Nicole tells Brady and Victor that she will stay like this until her name is cleared.

Lexie and Celeste show up at the penthouse. Lexie’s pager goes off and she has to leave. As she leaves she says to Marlena, “take good care of my mother.” Marlena says, “I’ll take very good care of her.”


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