Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/4/04

Days of Our Lives Update Wednesday 2/4/04--Canada; Thursday 2/5/04--USA

By Naomi
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Both Sami and Lucas dream of being together. Both dreams start off very sexual but Sami’s dream ends with her hitting Lucas in the head with a frying pan and Lucas’ ends with him hitting Sami in the face with a cream pie. Lucas wakes up when he hears Will screaming.

Shawn & Belle are lying in her bed discussing the events at the circus. Shawn says that all they need is one little break and the killer will be behind bars.

Brady tells Victor that Nicole hasn’t come home yet. Victor tells Brady that Nicole killed Tony and he has the proof that she was in his cubicle. Nicole is listening in the hall.

Kate says that she would’ve done anything to save Roman’s life and that she thinks they deserved a life together. Marlena thinks that Kate didn’t deserve Roman and that she’ll never get her hands on John. Kate tells John that she thinks Marlena has lost her mind. Marlena looks shocked.

Lucas comes into Sami’s apartment and finds her and Will on the couch. Will is crying from a nightmare he had. Will says that he knows they like each other even if they won’t admit it.

Brady wants to go to the police and turn Nicole in but Victor figures she’d lie her way out of everything. He won’t turn her in until there is nothing she can do to save herself.

Kate says to John that Marlena must be crazy to have turned her back on him. John says that he will be keeping an eye on her whether she likes it or not. Marlena realizes that she can’t trust John and if she confesses to him he will turn her into the police and Kate will move in on John. They hear a noise in the outer office and John goes to investigate

Belle can’t believe the killer is still on the looses. Shawn tells her not to worry and says he has something to take her mind off the killer. He leaves the bedroom.

Jan digitally superimposes her face over Belle’s face on a picture and then rips up another picture of Belle.

Victor closes the safe in the living room and leaves to make a phone call. Brady says he is off to bed but when he leave he sees Nicole heading up the stairs and drags her into the living room. He tells her that he knows she lied and that he won’t believe her stories anymore. He storms off to his room to call Chloe.

John searches the office and sees the door to the stairwell closing. Marlena runs down the stairs and hides behind a stone pillar. When John gets down to the bottom of the staircase he hides on the other side and says, “You might as well give up, you’re not going to get away.”

Nicole goes after Brady saying that he can’t abandon her. He is tired of all her lies and tells her that it is too late, he wants nothing to do with her anymore. He leaves the room. Before Nicole gets to leave Victor comes in and tells her that she will soon be on deathrow. Nicole takes her purse and storms out.

Shawn comes back into Belle’s room and gives her a diamond cross pendant that was his grandmother’s. He tells her that the cross goes with the wedding dress. Belle asks if this means they are engaged and Shawn says that they are engaged to be engaged.

Sami spills warm milk on her and takes off her robe. Lucas comes out from Will’s room and tells her that Will is fast asleep. Lucas wants to know if Sami is angry with him for coming over again in his underwear. She says no and they both give each other a good once over. He goes to leave and she says, “don’t leave, I need you.”

John jumps around the corner of the pillar and Marlena is gone so he heads back upstairs. Kate hears another noise and leaves her office to investigate. John comes up behind her and covers her mouth to keep her quiet. When John goes to search his office he emerges with Marlena and asks her what the hell she is doing there.

Shawn and Belle kiss. She says that she finds it hard to think about their future because of Celeste’s premonition about her Dad killing her Mom. If their marriage could end in murder what hope is there for anyone. She doesn’t know how she would go on if anything happened to her mom or dad. Belle is not sure if she is ready to make a commitment to Shawn.

Jan kisses a picture of Shawn and Nicole barges in. Nicole wants to know if Jan is completely crazy because if she is she can’t use her. Jan says to Nicole that she knows that Nicole is desperate and that she wants Brady.

Brady is talking to Chloe on the phone in his bedroom when she asks about Nicole he just tells her that he has decided to stay out of it from now on.

John asks Marlena what she’s doing at the office and she says that she was looking for him. She wanted to apologize for the way she acted earlier. When she asks him what’s going on he says, “nothing, except the fact that I could have killed you tonight.” Marlena gives him a frightened look as a response.

Sami tells Lucas that she’s sick and tired of the games they have been playing and then she starts to cry. She asks Lucas why he’s being so nice to her she thought he hated her. Lucas says that he doesn’t hate her.

John tells Marlena that everyone is on heightened alert because of the attacks and he could of hurt her without knowing it. Kate tells them that she is calling it a night and she leaves. Marlena notices Kate’s mascara on John’s shirt and asks him what’s going on between him and Kate.

Shawn tells Belle that their love is meant to last forever and they have already survived some rough patches. Belle brings up Jan again and says that she is glad that Jan is long gone she wouldn’t be able to handle it if Jan came back to town.

Jan and Nicole talk about their plan to help each other get what they want. When Nicole finds the pictures of Shawn that Jan has hidden she asks her what her plan is to get Shawn back.

Brady is still talking to Chloe and reassuring her that he is not a target for the killer. As he hangs up Victor walks in and tells Brady that he should just concentrate on Chloe and forget about Nicole.

Jan tells Nicole that she is just going to wait for the right time and let Shawn know that she’s back in town. Jan figures when Shawn knows she’s there he’ll dump Belle and come running to her. Nicole tells Jan that she is living in a fantasy world.

Lucas tells Sami that he doesn’t hate her. Sami tells Lucas that she doesn’t know how she would cope if they ever lost Will. They are in a scantily clad embrace when Kate walks by. The door is still ajar so she can see them.

John tells Marlena that nothing is going on between him and Kate, he was just comforting a friend who has lost her husband. Marlena tells John that she has something to confess to him.

Kate turns away from Sami’s door in disgust. Sami thanks Lucas for being there and they kiss again. Kate says that she will put a stop to that for good.

Shawn suggests to Belle that they forget about Jan and he puts the cross around Belle’s neck and promises to always fill her life with happy memories.

Jan says to Nicole that Shawn belongs to her and always will. Nicole says that if Jan listens to her then they will both get what they deserve.

When John asks Marlena what her confession is she apologizes for coming at all. John says that he is glad she came and that she means everything to him. While John holds her she has flashbacks about the killings.


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