Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 1/27/04

Days of Our Lives Update Tuesday 2/3/04--Canada; Wednesday 2/4/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Julie tells Bonnie to leave Mickey alone and Bonnie bursts into tears. Mickey goes to comfort her and Julie tells him that Bonnie has him wrapped around her little finger and if he falls for it he’s a fool.

Lucas asks Sami about the kiss; was she trying to freak out his mom or does she have real feelings for him.

Kate is working at her office and is pondering the Lucas/Sami situation. She figures that Lucas is falling for Sami and then seems to get some kind of idea on how to take Sami down.

Marlena and John arrive at the penthouse. He insisted on bringing her home against her wishes. He wants to check out the house to make sure everything will be all right and she freaks out screaming that he needs to get out and just leave her alone. When John says that he just wants to make sure that she’s alright Marlena responds by saying, “Don’t you understand, I’ll never be OK, I’m the killer.”

John says tells Marlena that she means she might be the killer’s next victim and he puts his hand on her shoulder. Marlena jumps out of the way and tells him not to touch her. She assures him that she won’t be killed and pushes him away. She yells for him to leave her alone and runs up the stairs. John leaves slamming the door behind him.

Kate wants to prove that Sami is the killer in order to keep Lucas away from her.

Lucas questions Sami; he wants to know if she really loves him. She asks him if he has romantic feelings for her.

Bonnie cries that she would never take advantage of Mickey and Mickey defends her. Bonnie tells everyone that she is leaving but not without cleaning the kitchen first. Julie tells Mickey that he has changed so much since Maggie died and not for the better, mentioning his currant outfit of jeans, western shirt, cowboy boots and bolo tie. Mickey says that he doesn’t want to fight and Jen agrees with him.

Sami tells Lucas that she does not know if her feelings are strictly physical or more romantic.

Kate hears a noise outside her office and grabs a vase of her shelf. As the door opens she swings and John grabs the case out her hand. She explains that she hasn’t been sleeping well since Roman died and John says he’s the same since Marlena kicked him out. She suggests Sami as the killer to John and she says that it can’t be.

Marlena is at the penthouse flipping through a scrapbook of all the articles about the serial killer. She then has a flashback about killing Roman she says aloud that he never should’ve married Kate that that was his fatal mistake.

Jen tells Julie to calm down that she’s upsetting Mickey. Julie then notices that Maggie collection of figurines is gone. Mickey tells them that Bonnie put them away for safe keeping and Julie accuses her of pawning them. Mickey says that Bonnie would never do something like that. Bonnie is listening in the kitchen and has a flashback of pawning the figurines.

Kate and Roman talk about the killer, John thinks it was Nicole and Kate brings up Sami again.

Sami admits she is physically attracted to Lucas and she wants to know if he feels the same way about her.

Marlena continues to flip through her scrapbook and comes across a picture of Celeste. She says, “If Celeste realizes I’m the killer then she’s dead just like anyone else who gets in my way.” She then walks up to a picture of John and picks it up. There is blood dripping on it.

John insists that Sami is not the killer, the killer if far to smart and organized plus the fact that Sami was attacked herself. Kate then tells John about Sami kissing Lucas earlier. He tells her not to worry that Lucas is immune to all of Sami’s tricks by now. Kate is worried that Lucas’ need to give Will a home with two parents will be enough to make him fall for Sami.

Lucas tells Sami to not toy with Will’s emotions. Sami tells Lucas that Will needs to be with two parents who love him and Lucas agrees. He asks her if she wants them to be a couple.

Marlena is pressing a scalpel into her thumb, which is causing the blood to drip on the picture. She is shocked and then says, “John, I can’t lose you. You’ve been so good to me. I have to stop all the killing.” She says that she has to find John and tell him because he is the only one who will understand.

Bonnie searches her purse for the pawn ticket. Julie tells Mickey she loves him but she can see how vulnerable he is and if she can see it so can others including Bonnie. She doesn’t want anyone to take advantage of him. Mickey tells them that Bonnie is just helping him through a transition and when he feels better he won’t need her as much anymore. Bonnie overhears this and comes into the living room and asks to speak privately with Mickey for a minute.

Julie tells Jen that Bonnie is a snake and Jen tells Julie that she has gone too far.

Sami reminds Lucas of her past and how she had such painful teenage years because her mom didn’t love her dad and how she doesn’t want Will to go through that pain. She sends Lucas home but he won’t go until they finish their conversation and he gets some answers.

Jen tells Julie that she is stressed out but that is no reason to take it out on Bonnie. Julie says to Jen that she never meant to upset mickey so much. Jen tells Julie that sometimes it is so hard to just get out of bed in the morning that you need something to keep you going and that is what Bonnie is doing for Mickey.

Mickey apologizes to Bonnie for Julie’s behavior. She says that his family is ready to put him in a rocking chair even though he is at his prime. She wants to know if she should come back the next day or if he’s too afraid of what his family will say.

Lucas again asks Sami how she feels. When she says that she still doesn’t know he suggests they try another kiss to see.

Kate and John talk about how evil Sami is how good Marlena and Roman are. John tells Kate that Marlena is going to help Celeste with hypnosis to see if she can recall the face of the killer. Kate wonders if she could’ve done something to prevent Roman’s murder. When she starts crying John puts his arms around her to comfort her not realizing that Marlena is watching them from the doorway. Marlena thinks, “even John betrays me.”

Julie tells Jen that she respects her decision to carry the baby and then says that maybe they she find Mickey a new housekeeper.

Sami pushes away from Lucas saying that she can’t keep kissing him. They start yelling again and Sami tells him that kissing him was like kissing a dead Mackerel and she needs to go brush her teeth. Lucas leaves but when he is the hallway he turns to look at Sami’s door. Sami comes out of the washroom and stares at her door from the other side.

Marlena listens to John telling Kate his theory about the killer. He suggests that the killer maybe though her man was being stolen or she was being betrayed.

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