Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/2/04

Days of Our Lives Update Monday 2/2/04--Canada; Tuesday 2/3/04--USA

By Naomi
Pictures by Juanita

Jennifer and Julie have accepted a dinner invitation to Mickey’s. Before they go to the door Julie tells En that she wants to get the scoop on Bonnie. They are both surprised when Bonnie opens the door with Mickey.

Sami continues to kiss Lucas in front of Kate and Will. Will is excited and Kate and Lucas question what the motive is. Kate says that if Sami doesn’t tell her what’s going on she’ll have her arrested for assault. Will looks questioningly at his Grandma Kate.

Celeste and Lexie go into Marlena’s office. Marlena says to Celeste that she understands that Celeste believes she carries the identity of the killer deep within her subconscious and offers her help. Celeste says that Marlena is the last person she wants help from.

En and Julie sit down with Bonnie and Mickey. Julie thanks them for the invitation. Bonnie offers them a drink, which En quickly refuses because of the pregnancy. Julie also refuses saying how odd it was to be offered alcohol in that house. Mickey explains quickly that Maggie never allowed it. Bonnie goes on about how many people the tiger attacked and Julie quickly comes to Horton’s defense saying that he was drugged. She explains that Doug is out searching with animal control. Bonnie goes to the kitchen to get appetizers and turns on some loud country music on the way.

Will asks Kate why she would have Sami arrested. Kate says that she wasn’t serious that she just was shocked. Sami explains the kiss by telling everyone what happened earlier in the day during the tiger attack. Will is extremely excited and Kate is angry.

At the hospital Belle asks Shawn to take her home and make love to her.

Celeste says that she doesn’t want Marlena’ help because it is too dangerous for the people who know who the killer is. Marlena says that it certainly is. Celeste gasps and says she sees it and she is looking at Marlena. Marlena asks Celeste if she would like a shot to come her down and Celeste says that she needs to keep her wits about her. Celeste is staring at Celeste and when she asks her why she keeps looking at her like that Celeste says, “no, it can’t be true.”

Kate questions Lucas about Sami’s story and he admits to kissing Sami. Will can’t contain his excitement. Sami said that she kissed Lucas again to see if there were real feelings involved and Lucas asks her what the verdict was.

Mickey asks En how she’s feeling and En says that she is feeling good. Nothing has changed about the risks of the pregnancy but she knows that Jack is watching over her. Julie turns off the music saying that it gives her a headache and Mickey goes to the kitchen to check on Bonnie.

Shawn says no to Belle explaining that he doesn’t want their first time to be because of anything but them. The two of them go to find Marlena and John to say goodbye.

Celeste says that she sees death and the killer. She will strike again. If Celeste names the killer then she will come after her. Marlena picks up the letter opener from off the desk.

Will asks Sami to answer he wants to know if she has feelings for his dad. She tells them that she doesn’t know and tells him that it is getting late and that he should go to bed. Will tells them that he couldn’t sleep with all the excitement of the parents hooking up and he also has a report due for school the next day.

Julie thinks that Bonnie is taking over Mice’s life. Bonnie comes back with chips, dip, and lemonade. Julie burns her mouth on the salsa, which Bonnie had added some extra jalepenos to she then takes a drink of lemonade and realizes that it is spiked. Mickey reaches for the dip but Bonnie feeds him a chip instead. Julie changes the subject by asking what he is going to do with Tuscany. Mickey says that he doesn’t know but Bonnie pipes up and says that she knows exactly what they should do with it.

Lexie asks Celeste if she knows who the killer is. Celeste turns and looks at Marlena and says that she doesn’t. Marlena returns the letter opener to her desk. Celeste gasps again and says, “It’s Marlena, I see death all around her.” As Celeste is making this revelation Belle and Shawn walk in. Belle wants to know why Celeste sees death all around her mother.

Lucas takes Will back to his apartment and leaves Kate in Sami’s apartment. Will tells Lucas that he knows Sami is into him.

Kate suggests that Sami leave town for Will sake. Sami brings up Kate’s mothering skills reminding her that she was a whore so that she could send Lucas to military school. Kate is afraid of what Sami will be like now that Roman is gone. Sami tells Kate that is she wants Lucas she will have him.

Lucas walks in and informs them of Tony’s death. Sami starts accusing Kate of being the killer and Kate leaves. With Kate gone Lucas asks Sami what was really behind that kiss.

Bonnie tells Mickey, Julie and En that Tuscany should converted into a country bar complete with a mechanical bull. En and Julie both agree that Maggie would’ve disliked that idea. Mickey is concerned that no one will want to go back to Tuscany since Roman’s death and he doesn’t know who will run it now that Maggie’s gone. When Julie volunteers to run Tuscany Bonnie almost chokes on a mouthful of chips. Julie starts talking about her experience running Doug’s Place and Bonnie whisks Mickey into the kitchen to help with dinner.

Celeste says that she doesn’t she Marlena dying just death all around her, hovering over her. John insists on moving back into the penthouse immediately and Marlena will have none of it.

Belle calls Celeste crazy and a liar. She hugs Marlena and begs her to let her dad move back in. Again Marlena refuses. Belle starts crying and Marlena takes her to the bathroom to get splash some water on her face.

Julie asks En is she believes her now. En insists that Bonnie is just helping Mickey through a hard time that she is not a gold digger.

Upon taking a whole roast pig out of the oven Bonnie sees Julie’s face transposed over the pig’s face. Julie is saying that she will run Tuscany and keep that Tammy Wynette wannabe out of Mice’s life. Bonnie shoves an apple into the pig’s mouth to shut it up.

Marlena and Belle talk in the hall and Marlena assures Belle that she will be safe although she can’t make any promises about anyone else.

Back at Micey’s Bonnie is licking her fingers and saying that that was the best roast pork she’d ever had; she has a full plate of bones to show it. En and Julie don’t have a single bone on their plate. En offers to clean up and Mickey goes with her. Mickey tells Bonnie and Julie to talk. Bonnie says she would love to get to know “Jules” better.

In the kitchen En tells Mickey that she wants to update her will and Mickey says that he will take care of everything.

Julie tells Bonnie to leave Mickey alone. Bonnie is about to retaliate with some name calling when En and Mickey come back in the room so she pretends to burst into tears instead.

John apologizes to Celeste for Belle’s behavior saying that she’s just afraid. Celeste says that Belle has every right to be afraid. John is disappointed when Celeste says that she can’t tell him any more about the killer.

When Lexie asks Celeste whom the next victim will be Celeste says that even the killer doesn’t know but that it won’t be long until death is at Salem’s door once again.

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