Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/30/04

Days of Our Lives Update Friday 1/30/04

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Belle and Shawn hear a TV report telling them about Tony’s attack. They show a tape of the entire attack on the news. Across the hall, Rex and Mimi watch the news report and hear that Tony has gone into cardiac arrest. Rex blames himself.

Belle wonders if they will be the next victim. She worries about Celeste’s prediction that John will kill Marlena. She wants Tony to name the killer so that everybody will stop thinking it’s her father, especially her mother. Shawn reminds her that Tony said it was a woman, that would rule out her father. When the killer is caught, Belle wants her to suffer for what she’s done to her family.

Lexie can’t understand why Tony went into cardiac arrest. She thinks something agitated him. Celeste thinks it’s the killer.

Brady, Nicole and Victor watch as the medical team race to Tony’s side. Victor asks what Nicole did. He insists she is the killer. Nicole denies having anything to do with Tony’s relapse. She denies ever going in Tony’s room. Victor goes to see what Tony’s condition is. Nicole wants Brady to decide who he believes.

John stands by Tony’s side, begging him to reveal the killer. Tony remembers what Marlena did to him. Lexie wants to administer a shot of adrenaline which will give him time to name the killer. Tony agrees, while Marlena nervously watches. Lexie injects him. They ask who the killer is. He looks at Marlena. John assures him Marlena is there for him and waves her closer to Tony. He gets more agitated as he continues to remember what Marlena has done. Tony can’t talk, but says to himself “John, it’s your wife, Marlena.” Celeste tries to get Tony to talk. If he can’t talk, can’t he give them a sign? He grabs Marlena’s hand.

Mimi tries to convince Rex to go to the hospital, but he thinks it’s too late to make it up to him. Rex wishes he had trusted Tony. Mimi reminds him that they all thought he was guilty. She tells him she loves him. Rex tells her she’s the only family he has left.

Marlena tries to get Tony to name the killer. Tony thinks to himself “It’s you! I want to tell them you’re the killer.” Marlena tells Lexie his grip is getting weaker. Tony goes into cardiac arrest.

The doctors feverishly work to save Tony’s life. John writes down his thoughts and wonders why Tony grabbed for Marlena. She has an idea. She tells him that people often remember their past just before they die. He was remembering his old feelings for her. John thinks she’s probably right.

Lexie tries to save her brother, but he dies. Lexie tearfully tells everyone Tony is dead. Marlena comforts her. After they leave his room, Tony sits up. “Damn you, you won’t get away with this.”

Celeste hears Tony calling her name. She goes to Lexie’s office to rest. When she arrives, ghost Tony is waiting. He’s no longer scratched up and bleeding. He’s appearing to her for one reason – to stop the Salem Stalker in her tracks. Celeste, with Tony’s assistance, must bring this ruthless killer to her knees.

Marlena wants to know why Lexie ordered an autopsy and toxicology report. Lexie wants more information about why her brother went into cardiac arrest. Marlena thinks it was because he was mauled by a tiger, but Lexie thinks it’s more than that. It was as if his body was reacting to a deadly toxin. They think it’s a possibility that the killer poisoned Tony, after he got to the hospital. Victor overhears it and is sure the killer is Nicole. He looks in Tony’s room and finds Nicole’s barrette next to the bed. He has proof she was there.

Belle and Shawn have a pillow fight. Suddenly they hear noises through the vent. Mimi and Rex are having sex, complete with the groaning and moaning sounds. Shawn and Belle start kissing. Belle says she’s ready. They remove their purity rings and make love. Belle snaps out of her fantasy, only to hear more sounds from Mimi and Rex’s love fest. Shawn’s cell phone rings. John tells him about Tony’s death.

Nicole tells Brady she’d give up the Kiriakis fortune if she could be with a man like him.

Marlena comforts Lexie. She feels terrible for all the tragedy Lexie has gone through. First her husband and now her brother. If there’s anything Lexie needs, Marlena’s there for her. Lexie decides to assist in the autopsy. She wants to find out how the monster killed her brother.

John wants to talk to Marlena. Tony’s death won’t be the last and he thinks Marlena knows who the next victim will be. Marlena thinks it sounds sick, how would she know? John remembers how she used to do psychological profiles for the police. She agrees. John wants to talk about their marriage, but she just walks away.

Celeste asks Tony how she can fight the serial killer. He’s not asking her to wrestle her to the ground. He wants Celeste to expose her. Celeste doesn’t want to know who it is. Every person who has figured it out has died. Tony tells her she already knows who the killer is. She just has to connect the dots. Marlena walks outside the office and hears Celeste talking to Tony’s ghost.

Rex decides to ask for Tony’s forgiveness. Just as they leave for the hospital, Shawn and Belle bring them the news of Tony’s death.

Victor tells Brady and Nicole that Tony is dead. Nicole was sure Tony could clear her. Victor laughs, that she killed him. She denies it and continues to deny she was in Tony’s room, until Victor shows her the barrette she dropped. Brady asks if she lied. She admits she did, but she didn’t kill Tony. Brady doesn’t believe her, as Nicole runs off in tears.

Lexie brings John the results of the autopsy. She tells him he won’t believe what she found.

Celeste tells Tony she doesn’t want to die. Theo needs her. Tony assures her she won’t die, as long as she uses the information she already possesses. He tells her to reach inside and look within. Tony leaves. Marlena knocks on the door. She asks if Celeste is alright, she heard her talking and sounded upset. Marlena asks if she’d like to talk about it. Celeste doesn’t think Marlena will believe her, but Marlena is more than willing to listen.


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