Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/29/04

Days of Our Lives Update Thursday 1/29/04

By Yvonne
Pictures by Juanita

Jan fantasizes about kissing Shawn in the kissing booth and pushing Belle out of the way. When Shawn and Belle return home from the circus, Jan continues to spy on them. She doesn’t intend to let them make love. She watches as Belle gives Shawn a message. She fantasizes about giving him her own message and how hot it would be. She watches reality when Belle and Shawn kiss. Jan smiles, thinking of the things she’s going to teach Shawn.

Victor tries to find info on Tony’s condition. He’s sure Nicole is going to be nabbed as the killer. Brady assures her that won’t happen. They will find the killer. Nicole disagrees. She’s sure Tony will wake up and name her as the killer. Brady thinks she’s paranoid. Nicole fills her in on the deal between Victor and Tony. She’s being framed and there’s nothing she can do about it. Brady intends to prove her innocence, but she says she’s not entirely innocent. She says she’s guilty of turning Victor against her. He did love her once, but she had an affair with Colin Murphy. She knew it was wrong and ended it, but Colin blackmailed her. She paid him so he wouldn’t destroy her life. She did love Victor once. She was looking for one last fling and it was a terrible mistake. Not only did she loose her money, she lost her job, her dignity and her heart. She insists Victor shot Colin to warn her of what he’d do to her if she didn’t fulfill her wifely duties. She tells him that the safe is filled with evidence Victor planted framing Nicole for Colin’s murder. Brady is shocked at what his grandfather did and wonders how she lived with a threat hanging over her head. Brady intends to stop his grandfather. Nicole breathes a sigh of relief. One down, one to go. She will take care of Tony no matter what she has to do.

Hope and John comfort Celeste, who nearly passes out. Celeste tries to convince them and Lexie that Tony is going to die. They insist that the killer can’t get to Tony. He will recover. Hope says Tony is as safe as can be. Celeste reminds them that police protection didn’t help the others. John and Hope go to check on Tony. Celeste lies down and Lexie goes back to work. Celeste falls asleep. She dreams that Tony calls her into his hospital room and he’s ready to tell her the killer. When she turns around, she’s facing the killer, complete with hockey mask. The killer holds a scalpel. Celeste screams for help. Tony sits up screaming that it’s not a dream. The killer is here. In a matter of minutes he’ll be dead. Celeste wakes up. She runs out to warn someone, but the door is locked. The lights go off and the window blows open. Celeste cries for Tony.

The killer flashes a badge at the cop guarding Tony. He lets her in. She stands by Tony’s bed as he wakes up. He looks at her. He knew it was her. Marlena prepares a syringe. He’s too smart for his own good. He’s beaten death so many times, but now he’s out of luck. She advises him to prepare to meet his maker. Marlena wonders if Tony wants to know why. She says their beloved Cassie had the same question as she was pleading for her life. Marlena is impressed that Tony figured out it was her. He would have caught her, if it wasn’t for his big top ego. He’s just like Stefano. He tries to reach for the nurse’s call button, but she pushes it away. Nobody is going to stop her, not even his heroic half-brother John. Suddenly, they hear John ask the guard how Tony is doing.

Tony tries to make noise, but can’t. Marlena tells him it’s no use. Nobody can hear him. The guard tells him a doctor went to see Tony, but he didn’t get her name. John goes in to check, but Tony is alone. Tony reaches out for John, but he can’t speak. Marlena stays hidden. John asks Tony what he wants. Lexie and Hope run over. Lexie pulls John away. She won’t let him upset Tony. Hope thinks it would be a good idea to have a list of authorized visitors.

Marlena goes back to Tony’s side. She’s ready to get on with it. She gets the syringe ready, but says it won’t be half as much fun as watching the tiger tear him apart. She laughs. She puts a drug in his IV. She explains that it will slowly paralyze him and it will be excruciatingly painful. The drug will collapse his lungs and stop his heart, but it will leave enough blood and oxygen so that he’ll know every second that he’s in the process of dying. Marlena laughs. She will make sure he never comes back to Salem. He spits in her face. She tells him the Phoenix has risen before, but will never rise again. She injects the IV. She tells him to go to hell and then kisses him.

Hope and John review Tony’s visitor list. No one, who isn’t on the list, will get to Tony. Hope suggests he checks on Belle. She’s pretty upset about the break up of his marriage. John worries that if Tony doesn’t name the killer, Marlena will still think he’s the killer.

Flowers are delivered for Tony, as Marlena sneaks away. Tony makes a last attempt to get help, but he can’t move or speak.

Brady confronts Victor. How could Victor do this to Nicole? Brady tells Victor that Nicole told him everything. How he killed Colin and doctored the evidence to make it look like Nicole did it. Victor wants to put a stop to this once and for all. He calls for Nicole but discovers that she managed to elude the police and leave through the service entrance. He’s sure she’s on the way to kill Tony. Brady isn’t buying it. Victor goes to stop her. Brady follows.

Celeste tries to use the phone for help, but the phone is dead. Evil is trying to keep her prisoner. She looks at a picture of Lexie with a skeleton. She tosses it to the ground. Lexie comes in, but Celeste tells her the killer has struck again. It’s too late. Her brother is dead.

Marlena switches back to her regular clothes. When she leaves the medicine room, John is there. He asks where she’s been. She was in the chapel, praying for Tony.

The guard outside Tony’s room is distracted by a phone call. Nicole sneaks into Tony’s room. She asks if Tony plans to name her as the killer. She swears it’s not her. Something drops from her purse. She wants to know who the killer is, but Tony can’t speak. He starts to get agitated. His heart monitor starts to beep. She realizes this can’t be good, so she gets out fast. A code blue is called.

Everyone surrounds Tony’s bed. He’s gone into cardiac arrest. Lexie doesn’t understand how this could happen. He was in critical condition, but he was stable. It’s just a matter of time. John pleads for Tony to tell him who the killer is. Marlena races to Tony’s side. He looks over at her. Tony starts going downhill. There’s one last chance to delay thins so Tony can tell them who the killer is, but Lexie needs consent from the next of kin. She would qualify, but she’s the doctor. As his brother, John gives consent. Lexie orders the drug. Marlena angrily says it’s a mistake, they shouldn’t be doing this.

Victor and Brady see Nicole at the hospital. What was she doing there? She denies going to see Tony. Brady asks why she’s there. Victor accuses her of trying to kill Tony. Nicole tells them nobody can prove she did anything.

Marlena tells them it’s unethical to delay his suffering for any reason. Lexie tells her Tony has been trying all day to tell them who the killer is, he would approve. She asks Tony and he nods. John pulls Marlena aside. He understand her position, but justice must be served. They must find the killer. The drug is injected. Lexie asks who the killer is. Tony stares at each one of them. He looks at Marlena last.

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